need help with reply to Republicorp

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A somewhat long winded, propaganda filled run on statement on facebook. I think it's full of crap, and I'd request one of you fact filled, eliquoent writers to help with reply... Here it is...

Under Bush: Debt increased 1.6 Billion dollars A DAY.
Under Obama: 4.1 Billion Dollars A DAY. (this was new spending, it was not residue from Bush)
I wish people would get their facts straight - then maybe we could solve the Actual problems,... instead of the government issued ones people keep swallowing.

The only way is a Balanced Budget Amendment - forcing the Government to balance and stop running debt, and to stop printing too much money.

This happened to Germany in the 1930's - the outcome was not good.The last two years are more pertinent than thirty years ago. And in the last two years - the economy has gone to hell (comparatively, it's still pretty kick-ass). But the foreshadowing of bad winds looms with the mad methods we are seeing from the current administration.

They have no plan, the only plan Obama ever proposed was so embarrassingly ridiculous it got a unanimous rejection from his own Democrat controlled Senate. Wassup wi'dat?

The reason they have never proposed a budget - is because they DON'T WANT ONE.

If they had a budget - they would be forced to heed it, and they don't want to heed it, they want to deplete the value of the dollar, as Soros did to the Bank of England in the early 90's.

You buy into that rich/poor/us/them reject everything that binds families and makes nations strong line being promulgated by Obama and the Media - and you are as good as a prisoner of the war. You will eventually develop Stockholm Syndrome (if you haven't already) and believe your captors are your saviors.

Obama and company are not saviors, they're the modern equivalent of Bolshevists.

I didn't just start following this stuff because John Stewart's writers noticed it. I've been watching this for a long time. Bush grew government like a drunken Democrat, and pissed off a lot of conservatives - and they had every right to be pissed, of course there was the issue of the Middle East and the near collapse of the airline industry due to 911, then the threat of Saddam burning the oil fields - again (the real threat of Saddam Hussein in whose case the weapon of mass destruction was a blue-tip match).

But because your first comment automatically resolves to blaming FOX, you basically forfeit any objective opinion - though you try not to show what smacks of class conflict, internally. Maybe you grew up without money and resent those who have it, or perhaps you had it and feel guilty. But you want to blame somebody for the current mess, and because I suggest it's the fault of the intentionally budget-averse Obama administration - you attempt to denigrate me by accusing me of sitting around watching FOX News all day. That's a laugh.
For two reasons:
1) FOX News is the #1 News source in the country, and watched by more Democrats than all the other outlets combined.
2) People who "claim" to be "intelligent", somehow juuuust can't seem to understand the difference between a News program and an Opinion & Editorial based program. (There is a difference, that's why there are - hellooo 2 different names for them).

The out-of-control-spending under Obama, is undeniable. More than ANY other President in US History. Look it up. And though Reagan had to borrow - it was because a lot of things were left to deteriorate under the previous administrations, and by 1980 the country was still fighting a cold war, and the country was still reeling from Viet Nam, and the oil embargoes, and all sorts of other problems. Reagan raised the debt limit many times - did it get anywhere near what it ballooned to in the last two years?


The Reagan era led to the most prosperous quarter century in history. Bush 41 blew it by trusting the Dems who promised Tax Cuts in exchange for raising the debt limit - which they never made good on, and cost him the 92 re-election bid. Reagan fell for it too, they promised to cut taxes and not raise them in exchange for Reagan making concessions - they lied to him. His biggest regret about his presidency was having believed they would make good on their word.

Now Obama asks the same thing...again. The boy who cried wolf.
Can HE be trusted? Of course not.

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Jul. 28, 2011 8:24 am


The author of the above right-wing rant is all over the map, jumping from one unsubstantiated assertion to the next in a disjointed and unorganized hodge-podge of paranoid delusions and unhinged irrationality. He/she sounds to me like someone with serious mental issues that require professional help. I would not advise engaging in discourse with such a person, save perhaps if you band together with concerned friends and family to perform a group intervention aimed at getting him/her to check into a mental facility.

Best of luck to you,


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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

First of all…. They are Counting on the Fact that Most People’s Fluoride Saturated Brain-Cells…will Not Remember that The Great Deceiver….GW Bsh….

Kept the Cost of the Wars that he Started.. OFF of the official Budget.

Don’t you Remember?....every six months after the Invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq…. He demanded an “Emergency Appropriations Bill” … of 200 BILLION DOLLARS or more…every Six months… to Fund the Wars….. “off the Books”… the ‘Budget’.

So you can Add to that chart a HALF TRILLION DOLLARS to Bsh’s DEFICIT spending for EACH YEAR after 2002...

Obama…. Being more fiscally Honest…. Has INCLUDED the Cost of Bsh’s Wars in His budget…. Which is Why it is So in the Red….

The Heritage Foundation is COUNTING on the Fact that Most People are Too Lazy….. and so unInformed by their Corporate Controlled Media…. That they will simply Swallow their Spin… and Not know the Whole Picture……

HERE is the Bigger Picture regarding the Deficit…..

The Top Income Tax Rate for Millionaires in the 1950’s was 91%

It was BoomTime in America…. The Eisenhower Government built the Massive Highway System across the Country …to EVERYONE”S Benefit…..

In 1975 ….Nixon lowered the Top Rate for Millionaires to 74%....(and allowed Gasoline to go from 25 cents a gallon to $1.50 a gallon).

Ronald Reagan inherited a Deficit of about $800 Billion….

Reagan Lowered the Top Income Tax Rate for Millionaires from 70% to 36%..(…while Reagan DOUBLED the FICA payroll Taxes on the Middle Class)…

….Then Reagan spent THREE TRILLION DOLLARS on Credit……Running the Deficit from Less than One Trillion…. To over Four Trillion Dollars

By the Time the 12 Years of Reagan--papaBsh was over… the Deficit was Five Trillion Dollars…..when Clinton took over....Clinton/Gore actually Reduced the Size of Government by over 33%.

The Democrats under Clinton raised the Top Income Tax Rate for Millionaires.. and Billionaires now….from 36% to 39%.

Gingrich screamed bloody murder that this would cause the Biggest Depression in History… did Not….the Clinton Years was BoomTime…


By the Time of the Clinton year of 1997…..

.... the Debt Ceiling was 5.9 Trillion Dollars

…..1998…. the Debt Ceiling was 5.9 Trillion Dollars

….1999….. the Debt Ceiling was 5.9 Trillion Dollars

….2000….. the Debt Ceiling was 5.9 Trillion Dollars

…2001……. the Debt Ceiling was 5.9 Trillion Dollars

…Yes…. Clinton raised the Top Income Tax Rate for Millionaires.. and Billionaires………by just THREE percent…


…and Handed GW Bsh a BALANCED BUDGET…


How did the Debt Ceiling grow from 5.9 Trillion… to 12 TRILLION DOLLARS… in just 8 Bsh years….. after it had stayed the Same for FIVE YEARS STRAIGHT???…and the Debt was Projected to be COMPLETELY GONE… by 2010…….


First… Bsh Lowered the Top Income Tax Rate for Millionaires.. and Billionaires … (his Base… as he said)…from 39%... to 35.5%....

(They promised that the Bsh Tax Cut for Millionaires would End in Ten Years…. ....They LIED)…They just Renewed them...

… They gave a Trillion Dollar Tax Break for the Wealthy….(said it would Create Jobs… it did Not…the Country lost FIVE MILLON JOBS under Bsh)

…Then they Started a 2 TRILLION DOLLAR WAR in Afghanistan…without Paying for it…

…Then they Started a 2 TRILLION DOLLAR WAR in Iraq… based on False ‘Intelligence’….. without Paying for it….

....…Then they had a Half-TRILLION DOLLAR Giveaway to the Drug Companies with ‘Medicare Part D’… without Paying for it….

…Then the Republicans gave A Half TRILLION Dollars…. $600 to Every Taxpayer in America…..Before an Election…. without Paying for it…

..ALL of This came after Bush DEREGULATED Wall Street….and Gutted the S.E.C…..which Set-Up a TRILLION Dollar 'Bailout' (Heist) of the U.S. Treasury…...without Paying for it....


When Reagan became President….Corporate Taxes were covering 30% of the Federal Budget….

Today…With their Loopholes…and their Off-Shore Mail Boxes….. Corporate Taxes cover only 6% of the Budget…..(and for that 6%....They are Calling all the Shots…)

Bsh …and the Republicans…. Took the country’s debt from 5.9 Trillion.Dollars. to 12 Trillion… in Eight years…..with a yearly Budget Deficit of a Trillion Dollars. THAT is what Obama inherited….

..and Now the Republicans are Blaming Obama for the Debt???...

.and are Threatening to Not raise the Debt Ceiling… and CRASH the Economy…..Destroy the Value of the Currency… which would Lower America’s Credit Rating…and Raise the Interest Rate Payments of the Country by over $100BILLION a Year???…..

....while the Republicans REFUSE to raise the Top Income Tax Rate for Millionaires.. and Billionaires ….by even ONE percentage

…and the Republicans REFUSE to close the Loopholes that allow Billion-Dollar Corporations to PAY NO TAXES AT ALL…..

…and REFUSE to stop Ten Billion Dollar tax-payer subsidies to Oil Companies…Each already Profiting 40 Billion Dollars a year….

….and Instead…..want to DESTROY Social Security and Medicare to Pay for the Huge Debt that THEY CREATED….

This is TREASON against Americans.

……again…. It is So UnChristian…so DisHonest…so antiAmerican…. It is Disgusting

So REGARDLESS of what the Deceitful Republicans say….

……Bsh SPENT 6 TRILLION DOLLARS… on CREDIT……in 8 years……

…will Obama beat that in Two Years???.......No Way……

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Jul. 6, 2011 3:24 am

First I'll eat my own:

"Clinton raised the Top Income Tax Rate for Millionaires.. and Billionaires………by just THREE percent…"

The top marginal tax rate in 1992 was 31%. Clinton raised it to 39.6%, not including his removing the Medicare cap, which would be an additional 3.9%. That is at least 8.6 percentage POINTS, or more than 27 PERCENT.

"Reagan Lowered the Top Income Tax Rate for Millionaires from 70% to 36%." No, Reagan lowered the top marginal tax rate to 28%. Seriously, people, this shit is easy to look up.

"which Set-Up a TRILLION Dollar 'Bailout' (Heist) of the U.S. Treasury." Someday we'll be able to quantify this figure - and it's a helluvalot more than $1 trillion.

"The Reagan era led to the most prosperous quarter century in history." I don't know what time frame he is using: 1981-2005? 1983-2007? Remember 1981 and 1982 pretty much sucked economically. In either case, is he suggesting that the explosion in real estate and Wall Street wealth from 2002 to 2005 or 2007 was not phony? Recall the Dow Jones Industrial Average was unchanged from something like 1997 to 2009...

Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Ronald Reagan increased the size of government by at least 40%. Forget tax rates. Forget whether the budget is balanced or not. Look at the size of government. Look at government spending. That is the true indicator of the tax burden. Every President over the last 50 years increased the size and scope of government. Clinton presided over the Iraq embargo which killed 500,000 people. Bush I illegally invaded Panama and Iraq. Clinton illegally attacked Bosnia and killed people in that aspirin factory in Africa. Bush II illegally invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Repubicorp is right about some things but his partisanship is blinding him to the wrongdoings by "his people'

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Thank You Childoggie... I Love Fact checkers...None you pointed out seems to Negate their Point… Clinton raised the Top Income Tax rate for Billionaires by 8.6 percentage points? Didn’t cause a Depression like GingRich said it would… Clinton BALANCED the Budget.

Was there a Sudden Shortage of Billionaires during the Clinton Era??

Reagan Lowered the Top Income Tax Rate for Millionaires from 70% to 28% ?? then Proceeded to Increase the Deficit by 400 % from less than One Trillion…to over FOUR TRILLION Dollars

Everyone Keeps talking about the Tax Rates for Millionaires, Billionaires, and (sometimes) Corporations….. Nobody talks about the EFFECTIVE Tax Rates for these Rich People and Corporations… because after All of the Loopholes and Offshore Tax Havens ..THEY AREN’T PAYING HARDLY ANY TAXES AT ALL…all while Hannity Screams at the High Tax Rates...the Lowest in the Industrialized World.

Yes, is Not only RepuliCorp we have to Worry about...also DemoCorp....what do They have in Common?....the (interNational) CORPORATIONS that are Pulling the Strings of Both a 'Punch & Judy' charade of a deMockracy. Enjoy the Show as they Dismantle the Middle Class and Safety Net.

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Jul. 6, 2011 3:24 am

See these articles by James Fallows in The Atlantic:

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm
Quote WebMonster:

Yes, is Not only RepuliCorp we have to Worry about...also DemoCorp....what do They have in Common?....the (interNational) CORPORATIONS that are Pulling the Strings of Both a 'Punch & Judy' charade of a deMockracy. Enjoy the Show as they Dismantle the Middle Class and Safety Net.

It really is depressing but this seems to be the truth.

Dominic C
Jun. 27, 2011 10:39 am

Remember. Money is speech. Bribery is not only legal, it is required. Some saints survive, but the average politico knows that it is not only what is given to him/her, it is what is spent against them. Unless one has been established in a district like Mr. DeFazio, millions dumped by Rightwing nuts can get a kook elected.

I think sometimes that the Obama flaw is believing in America and trying to keep our faith in the system alive. If he reveals the actual corruption and the powers who limit his ability to do the right things, and if he makes them the enemy instead of just the problem for compromise, he destroys our belief in our country and our fellow citizens. At least, I think that is what concerns him.

If that is his focus, he will not hear the pressure from the Left as "friendly" or making him do the right thing. We want the crimes exposed, prosecuted and judged. We want a healing beyond covering over what is wrong. Can Obama go there?

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

There's a 1 in 20 Chance of the Apocalypse. Shouldn't We Act Now?

A new study published in Science argues that we as a civilization need to move "rapidly" -- as in almost immediately -- towards a carbon emissions free future if we are to have any chance of holding off runaway global warming:

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