Obadiah 21, The Delivers shall go up in the Mount of Zion(pillar of fire) and Judge the Mount of Esau

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Yesterday as providence would have it i was looking up hairy(Translated he-goat, number 8163 Strong's Hebrew Dictionary) this morning i was inspired to see that the Esau ( is translated is rough handling, 6215 In Strong's Hebrew Dictionary) hence, the he-goat runs rough shod over others and curses others there by cursing the one who curses others, Mount Esau is also mount Ebal is the one the curse is put upon in Deuteronomy 11:29, unlike the Messiah who reigns by reasoning with others Isaiah 1:18 God says come let us reason together though your sin be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be as crimson. Remember all God asks is to turn to him and live by his reasoning and by that means blessing and in blessing you are blessed, for his reasoning are breath and they are life he is Mount Zion the foundation of his truth about the Old Testament, 1 Timothy 3:15 God who is the pillar and foundation of the Truth also is in Deuteronomy 11:29 the Mount Gerizim that blesses by his reasoning, now in Zechariah(2148, the Breath Giver has Remembered) 14:4, he stands on the Mount of Olives and it was split in two[Rock of Ages Cleft for me] remember his resurrection being proclaimed at opening up the Mount of Olives or Blessing for all and dividing the nation that had the reasoning of God(2nd Timothy 3:16 every God-Breathed Writings, Young,s literal translation) in a riddle that one sees the mirror image and that mirror was distorted until we have the eyes of his reasoning to see the riddle was about him, his sheep and the he-goat, Satan(Adversary) and those who follow him who think that dominating force will bring about the reign of God or the Kingdom of Heaven(Zechariah 4:6 tells the the truth not by force, nor by power, but by my Breath[reasoning] said the Breath giver of Hosts), now in the Passage in Obadiah 21 was being was being illustrated by the Messiah in Matthew 25:32-46 we see what begin at Pentecost and continues even now when we judge ourselves by whether we are sheep or goat by whether we hear to be merciful and not sacrifice or run rough shod over others and sacrifice them for gain.

We have much to be thankful for Strong and those who labored in producing the dictionaries and number codes so that we can correct for the error caused by(source, 1973 Encyclopaedia Brittannica)the early church fathers in trying to make the old testament a history book in their fight against Gnosticism rather than as the Messiah said, it testified of him, this error caused the translators to not translate the words like Esau, Israel, David and so forth going against putting it in the language of the poor, so all could judge it for themselves, by the reasonings of the Messiah.

Remember previous to this i had on linked Esau(rough handling) to the passage in the Proverbs 18:23 the poor useth entreaties, but the rich answereth roughly, as illustrated by Matthew 12:7 I desire mercy not sacrifice if you had known what this means you would not have condemned the guiltless and thru verse fourteen continued but as they were leaving the Pharisees took up council against Him how they might destroy him. Look in Daniel 8:5-8, of Daniel's depiction of the He Goat, See John 11:49-50, Caiaphas the High Priest that one man must die lest the nation and his horn of vision as the high priest that year then you see after he is not the high priest in Acts 4:6 where they are Annas is high Priest, Caiaphas, John and Alexander, four little horns.

We have seen evidence that the spirit of the rough handling he-goat in Germany where the rich corporations put Hitler and the Sheep the trade unionists, socialists, Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies all these poor handled roughly by those that go another way than the reasonings of the Ram who teaches us to lift up those persecuted deliver the captives.

Thanks to the Teachers who started me to check out the Promise Land, Joe Barlean, Robert D. Brinsmead and Geofferey J. Paxton. Joe Barlean was an air conditioning man who introduce me to justification by Faith, Brinsmead was an Austrailian Avocado Farmer quit lecturing and went into politics after he thought about whether one could trust in a God that demanded a sacrifice for sin. Geoffery J. Paxton is an ordained Anglican clergyman. Mr Paxton is the Theological Director of the Theological Education Program of of Australia. He taught me Christ focus was on the needs of the other(therefore since he is the express of God is so) and gave insight to Revelation as a Symbolic Book about the Life of Jesus in symbolic language including his death and resurrection and pentecost where the reasoning of Christ was given to all in the vernacular of all who heard so they could share in the blessings of the life of the Messiah, he didn't fill out this all but pointed the way as one of the Guides to the Heavenly Jerusalem that is free from any who seek to dominate and rob the poor, but where all are centered on the needs of all others. The latter two lectured in Seminars that i went to and books that i read the rest was in following Joshua(Yahshua Translated from hebrew from 3091 number in Strong,s concordance Jehovah[reference to 3068, then to 1961 then compare with 1933 to breathe i.e. to give breath to, Breath Giver in light of John 6:63 where he says the flesh profits nothing only the breath causes to live, and my reasoning is breath and it is life.) the saved breath giver, now in the Psalms 22:12, KJV, we find the bulls of Bashan beset him round about, Bashan is 1316 using this number reference to Gesenius Lexicon and one finds is sandy soil, remember where in Matthew 7:26 house built on sand, the foundation of these bulls is sand their justifying themselves so at pentecost they were washed away by the torrent of a flash flood of reasoning that came from the Messiah sent by his father, as he said to those bulls when they questioned him he answered hereafter he would becoming in the clouds of heaven from the right hand, and as for the saying in Psalms 22:12 depicting the Cross and the bones were Church high jacked by those justifying themselves rather than trust in God's Justice the Resurrection all looked forward to resurrection that was the Hope of Israel and The Messiah says I am the Resurrection, he is man living to his Neighbor, We follow him living to our neighbor and are concerned with well being of all the plants and other living organisms if we are truly following him if not we are deceiving ourself and not following and are not the sheep but the goats! Be charitable, Love to All

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Jul. 8, 2011 12:07 pm

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