What are those who have looked at the Old Testament as History and Science going to do in light of the critique, False Testament

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I was first turned away from looking at the bible as history of the Jews by an archaeology program where they had written records that the one who built the treasure cities were Egyptian religious devotees if I remember right it was in 1987, I was looking for evidence of this on the internet, I found it in a article By Daniel Lazare he denoted as the False Testament: Archaeology Refutes the Bible's(Old Testament for it is Jewish Archaeologist refuting the claim of those who followed the fundamentalist understanding of what Zion was, their blindness has cause much death and suffering from their ignorance of the fact as the Saviour say the Old Testament testifies of him in John 5:39. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:12 That the old testament is like looking into a mirror at an engima, for only beholding the words and deeds of him and judging the old testament to have been fulfilled by him, his followers and his adversaries in opposing him seeking to curse him whom God has Blessed for blessing even his enemies, bless and you will be blessed on the other hand if you curse(condemn others) you curse yourself, the Gospels, Acts and Revelation show forth this man who reveals the father and is the father of the multitude[Abraham translated] for if you are in the Saviour you are in the Bosom of the Father if not you are alone with that created by nature and the worker that you worship instead of being with those who value all that lives more than any possession for as in Lazarus and the Rich Man those that value wealth more than the creator of that wealth that which they think they have is as though it never was to those that see) Claim to History, I invite you read that article, you will see that there was no historical captivity of Israel, and as it said out of Egypt(iron furnace, remember the tribulation that the saved breath giver faced before he ascended into heaven) have I called my son Israel(translated, one who reigns as God[remember this God is the Advocate for those vilified by those who seek gain or fear loses, the fear that is of God is for the other not themselves as illustrated in Stephens Stoning in Acts 7:60, He was one of the Seven Shepherds in Micah 5:5, Pleiades in Job 38:31[Job translated means hated, and the Messiah{the Anointed} was hated without a just cause, also remember what the hated said in Job 1:21 naked I came out of the womb and naked I return, remember the hated returned the breath[his words for the good of us all with his forgiving us for not standing up for all the oppressed every moment of our existence, as the hated did in his ministry,] to the father on the cross without any clothes on ) So let us be like God and reason over these matters knowing the justice is as we deem those who are vilified and judgement we receive from deeming others remember the thief on the cross how he deemed the hated as having done nothing amiss, while the murderer railed upon the hated, remember where he said if I be lifted as the serpent as depicted in John 3:14, remember when any vilify the other, it is the same as putting hated one on the cross to torture and murder him afresh! Some I translated with the help of the Strong's Dictionary, when using the Strongs Concordance remember the Old Testament is the Hebrew Chaldee Dictionary, and the New Testament is Greek, if you want to get deeper you can pick up the Do it yourself Hebrew and Greek, I learn the Greek Alphabet while running on the jogging trampoline, remember none of the translations were fully translated for when one leave what one thinks is a name of a person or country you do not fully understand and remember they were scholars who did not fully understand what the Scriptures were about, it is no computer print out from one language to the other, take the word Esau it is translated rough handling, even this only part of the puzzle, one has to look to the proverbs 18:23 KJV where the poor useth intreaties and the rich answer roughly, then we see the fulfillment in the way the hated who was a poor homeless was answered roughly after he had I desire mercy not sacrifice, you would not have condemned the guiltless if you had know what this means Matthew 12:7-14 and also after in Luke Chapter16 where he had asked for those with excess wealth to share it that they be taken care of when they failed, you know the ultimate rebuff of those who are Esau in their torturing and putting the hated to death of it to get the sense of it, I have Liddel and Scott Greek to English from Oxford Publications, I have found the word Sisera meaning in Davidson,s Analytical Hebrew Chaldee Lexicon(Dictionary) it's meaning helps in the song. in the verse in Judges 5:20 the stars of heaven fought from heaven in their paths(the hated being the way)fought against the Battle Array(the forces of the money lovers who answer the poor roughly, remember in their seeking to curse the poor man they cast themselves out of heaven, the nails they drove into the poor man destroyed the ultimate power of those dominating others for we now drink of the cup he drank when we lay our lives down for others without harming, he faced his fears sweating drops of blood, by your sweat of your brow you shall live) as said in John 21:24-25 that which he fulfilled if listed singularly the religion of the day could not contain it, hence the need for new wine skins for the new wine Matt 9:17, Mk 2:22, 5:37, 5:38 another simile of the walls of separation of the moon(Jericho, the Jewish Religion) falling down this happened at Pentecost and was expanded when Peter saw the vision of the clean and unclean animals and people come knocking on the door from Cornelius in Act 10:10-48 you can read about it. Love unto all!

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Jul. 8, 2011 12:07 pm

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There is this whole mythology that Donald Trump came to power because 53% of white women voted for him, because 66% of white working men who didn't have a college degree voted for him.

That may be, but those are not his constituents. Those are his suckers. Those are his rubes.

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