Step 1: Precinct Committee Chairman, Step 2: Organize Groups, Step 3: MEDIA COVERAGE

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Thom, you were talking today about the idea of infiltrating the Democratic Party through the Precinct Committee Chairman process like how the Concord Project did. Well I think that is only one of the steps to successfully infiltrating and taking over the Democratic Party and another is organizing through media, and that’s what the Tea Party did with Fox News because if it wasn’t for Fox News promoting the Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity Tea Party movement, the Tea Party would not have gotten all those radicals elected. We need to organize through media and that means getting people like YOU (Thom Hartmann),

and Rachel Maddow, and Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Bill Press, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller, Mark Thompson, Mike Malloy, Cjenk Ugar, and whoever else we can get to help get organized and get the word out.

And that also includes getting people like Richard Trumpka, Howard Dean, Van Jones from Rebuilding the Dream…and everybody else…we have to organize and become united! I think Van Jones has gotten a good start in getting some of these groups together but we need all of us to be on the same page! Do we give it a name, like the Progressive Unity Movement or something like that? If not, how do we get all these people and groups together and get this process started? Let’s get a plan together, let’s get all of us to organize together to start a movement cause it needs to happen and it needs to happen NOW!

Do you Thom or does anybody else have any good ideas on how we can get all of us together and organized? Should all these groups and organizations join the Rebuilding the Dream movement with Van Jones and hope it gets media coverage?

We have too many groups and all of us are not uniting, and more importantly we are NOT getting the media coverage which is probably the most important, so more and more can join and add momentum to the movement. We need to get organized, we need to become united, and once we have that, we need the media coverage because without it, we are shadows in the dark.

Gabriel in Flagstaff, AZ

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Nov. 4, 2010 7:14 pm


We need to turn our disgust at triangulation into renewed efforts to get more progressives into the Democratic party. The real reason we were unable to take advantage of our majority last time was too many ConserviDems, and let's remeber that the biggest losers in the last year's House elections were the Blue Dogs. Let's make sure that progressives with our values run and win over opportunists who just want the best way to get elected.

1. Make sure you get Current TV - that may end up being our answer to Fox. (My cable system actually got the DVR auto-record for Countdown working this week! Still not working for MSNBC). Get Thom Hartmann's podcast if you can't listen to his show, and get educated.

2. Google 'Concord Project precinct' and watch their videos, as Thom suggested this morning. Better yet, go to and get some free progressive political training Educate yourself about local races and districts, and get involved.

3. When a local candidate's office contacts you, or you go to their web site and check them out. Consider visiting their local campaign headquarters and talking to the person running things there. If they are on the progressive side, or have a chance to win, offer to volunteer. I've been doing that for years. One ex-Assemblyman who I met while doing this, and who I barely knew, suggested exactly what Thom said today - join the Democratic Central Committee. Wish I had, now I will. (My cousin once volunteeered in a Mayoral campaign for the guy she thought might win, was asked to head the industrial commission of Boston, and built the Faneuil Hall Marketplace project, a national model for revitalizing run-down industrial areas - she did have a degree in City Planning).

4. If joining the Central Committee or becoming a regular volunteer for a campaign is too much for you, at least get on your County Committee's e-mail list, read what they are doing, and join in when you can. Likewise for the state party.

5. Network. Do you remember those old e-mail groups from the 2008 Obama campaign? They are still available at Join some in your area, and use them to find out what others are doing, find things to support, and promote what you are doing. Set up a folder in your e-mail with rules to route these e-mails, so you can review them quickly.

If enough of us look at Obama's triangulation as a betrayal, that is the real victory for the far Right. We need to look at it as a necessary tactic to assure that the better of the parties stays in power, given the losses in 2010, and an opportunity to find and run people we can run and support as Democrats are in place all over the country. We need to keep the hope of 2008 alive for 2012, and make sure the disgust most people feel at the Tea Partier's willingness to trash the Country to get their way is not forgotten by next November.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


You make some great points. Let's create a national committee that will be the warehouse for gathering contact names for the regions in the USA. Then set up regional sub committees in those regions that filter the info from the committee and the people that want to become activist in joining the precinct organization for our progressive causes. Yes, there will need to be sub-sub committees in the larger metropolitan areas of our nation but with virtual web interactive communication it is not at all impossible.

The problem I see is the intitial start up. Maybe Thom can be the national committee and we can have people send in essays on how they would like to participate and build from there.

The first thing we need to do in our agenda is make sure we push for the electorate to become registered for next years election by December of this year.


Jul. 13, 2011 1:52 am

See point #5 in my last post.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Thom - Thanks so much for all you hard work. Watch you and Amy Goodman every day.

Will follow your advice re precinct committee chairmanship. ALEC Exposed featured on your show and in The Nation illustrate just how naive Democrats have been. The Democratic Party needs to get organized NOW.

It was a wise marketing move for Republicans to steal the name - Tea Party - such a fun yet powerful name for their descructive and deceptive organization. We could steal the name back and return it to its original meaning.

I am going to contact Van Jones @ Rebuilding the Dream and Russ Feingold @ Progressives United asking what they think about establishing a Democratic Tea Party. 1. The present Tea Party is Republican and would be forced to admit so. 2. The Democratic Tea Party would restore the hijacked, original Tea Party's intentions i.e. to help the American people and not multi-national corporations. 3. Media has been overwhelmed and seemingly infatuated with the (Rebuplican) Tea Party, I see no reason why a Democratic Tea Party shouldn't receive the same amount of reporting. 4. Democratic Tea Party could support an agenda from all or most progressive groups which are fractured and/or disorganized.

What do you thnik? I think we need to do something drastic.

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Carolyn Page
Aug. 8, 2011 8:55 pm

So I've been working the precinct angle for a couple of years now. If you guys are interested in helping us build a national movement for progressive engagement in the county party executive committees, please check us ou:

The Union Of Progressive Precinct Organizers
On Facebook:

The Progressive Precinct Project

We are doing a 'flash-mob' style event to educate progressives about the power in the county party executive committees.


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Progressive Pre...
Aug. 10, 2011 10:13 pm

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