Sane conversation about abortion

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Sane conversation about abortion

I don't see how there can be a debate about defining life. Corporeal life is a binary state. You are either alive or you are not! Once an egg is fertilized, it is a life. Any attempt to define life by establishing an alternate time frame, e.g., the third trimester, is simply arbitrary! Why not define life as a person who is able to procreate? Why not define life as a person who is able to comprehend written and/or oral language? Why not define life as a person who meets specific criteria for anatomical beauty?

And to the scientists who are debating this issue, human life is in a constant state of motion guys! Every step in a person’s physical life is determined by the previous step. Therefore, a person cannot exist as a fully-grown adult unless he or she has once existed as a just-fertilized egg. If you are going to say that we can terminate a just-fertilized egg whenever we feel it is necessary or convenient than you must say the same about a fully-grown adult.

I've never heard a sound argument for supporting abortion (barring the whole rape/incest/mother's health scenarios) and I’m posting this in order to hear some sound, informed, respectful opinions from pro-choice people. So PLEASE, let us not allow this conversation to devolve into an expletive laden, name calling, waste of time. And for those who respond, please read my ENTIRE post.

Hope everyone is well in Thomland!

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

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