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* Percentage of the current U.S. debt that was accumulated during Republican presidential terms: 71

* Portion of debt-ceiling elevations since 1960 that have been signed into law by Republican presidents: 2/3

* Percentage of profits American corporations paid in taxes in 1961: 40.6 *Today: 10.5

* Portion of the increase in U.S. corporate profit margins since 2001 that has come from depressed wages: 3/4

* Percentage of Americans who say they did not always have money to buy food last year: 18.2

* Estimated value of government subsidies that will go to the oil and gas industries between now and 2015: $78,155,000,000

* Percentage of millionaires who said in a recent survey that they are concerned about global unrest: 94

* Portion of America's college students who attend for-profit schools 1/10 * Portion of federal financial aid that goes to such schools: 1/4

* Percentage of reecently polled Americans who said they approve of God's job performance: 52

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Apr. 9, 2010 11:43 pm

There's a 1 in 20 Chance of the Apocalypse. Shouldn't We Act Now?

A new study published in Science argues that we as a civilization need to move "rapidly" -- as in almost immediately -- towards a carbon emissions free future if we are to have any chance of holding off runaway global warming:

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