patient protection and affordable care act

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any thoughts pros and or cons on obamacare?

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Nov. 10, 2011 12:26 pm


The expansion of Medicaid eligibility in many (but not all) states has no doubt helped many people who otherwise could not afford health care. Uninsured people who are not eligible for Medicaid had to buy their own health insurance, and many received subsidies to help pay for it. Congress required that policies cover certain services which not every person needs, and so people sometimes have to pay for coverage that would not apply to them. But all insurance would cover services that not everyone will use. Another part of health care reform was to put into a place a system of monitoring health outcomes for people on Medicare, especially those who have to be hospitalized. It is to the financial advantage of hospitals to do the best possible job of treating Medicare patients, because there could be a penalty if patients have to return for another hospital stay for the same condition in a certain number of months from the initial stay. Some free preventative services were added to Medicare. These might be somewhat advantageous and helpful, but there are still financial problems to both Medicare and to some Medicare beneficaries who could stuck with a large bill without realizing it. Medicare doesn't cover optical or dental, and many beneficaries probably go without needed care. Many people with private insurance plans on the exchanges have such a high annual deductible that their insurance will never pay anything toward their medical bills. Some companies are withdrawing from the exchanges because they were not set up to offer coverage that would be profitable to them. The companies are having difficulty attracting enough younger, healthier customers who would not cost as much to insure as would older and sicker people. Some people have opted to pay a fine rather than to buy insurance.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

What Do Democrats Really Want?

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