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If you are watching The Big Picture from overseas - leave a comment here & where you are. Keep it short as it may end up on Your Take/Mt Take.

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm


Hello Thom and Louise Hartmann: Yes, I have been watching and listening to Thom Hartmann's TV and radio show on RT and on iTunes for years in the U.S. and now I watch from Merida, Mexico. I am here for health reasons because I can not afford health care in the U. S. I am trying to live on $600 a month. Back home, one major illness would have bankrupted me. Here in Mexico, I have seen several emminently qualified doctors and gotten excellent care. Some doctors even make house calls. Thom's shows are my lifeline to my country. Because of Thom and others, I have become a news junkie. Watching the news on U.S. politics is like watching an impending train wreck, it is horrible and riveting at the same time.

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Sep. 26, 2011 9:22 am

American working in South Korea. A wealthy booming country with medical for all. Ships are lined up to ship exports. Our taxes support 25000 US troops to protect them. A bottle of California wine sells for 4 times what it sell for in USA.

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Nov. 24, 2010 3:45 am

Hey I've been listening since the dark days of the Bush admin. I found you guys on the workers radio or what it was called just before Bush got re selected for a second term Oh yeah, I live in Norway but I haven't had a chance to see the TV show but listen a little bit of the live show and also I catch the repaet the next day. I want to ask Thom about FATCA. Here is a link:


Brian W.

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Apr. 19, 2012 2:05 am

What it looks like from the article and from personal experience, only small sums will be flagged. The multimillion dollar accounts will get a pass.

I am in Sweden and listen and watch from my internet service. We have RT on our parabola service, too, but I hadn't seen Thom on the RT schedule. We used to have fox on our parabola provider, and it listed the shows as prat shows. No, not prat as in comedy prat falls, but in Swedish prat is talk. Fox could be both, mostly comedy imho.

I used to listen to the show live and archived in White Rose records.

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

I Moved From The U.K To America Back In December 2011. On Neumerous Trips To U.S Before I Moved I Listened To Thom On Chicago's Progressive Radio, In The Car. Recently Found His Daily Show On RT And My Wife & I Watch It On Cable Every Night At 10.00pm.

Superb Show And Extremly Thoughtful And Passionatly Presented. Pleasure After Wartching The Screaming And Shouting Fests That Pass For 'News' Shows On Other Channels. The Big Picture Every Night Is Worth Paying The Comcast Cable Bill Every Alone Month For.

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Jun. 2, 2012 5:14 pm

Hi Louise I am in Edinburgh in Scotland .I try and catch up with the big picture when I can.I have read almost all of Thom,s books and The last Hours of Ancient Sunlight would be great reading for all secondary school children as its a consciousness raiser and that is the most important thing we could do right now raise consciousness to change consciousness ,after all we are all on the same team.

I hope you are keeping well and looking after yourself ,humanity sends it,s love to you ,keep up the amazing work/joy that you do and Thom thanks you are my hero and inspiration ,in time the world will recognise that true visionary,s and master teachers are here to help us all and to me you are one of them.

Humanity has not much time now to get it right on this planet and I think you know that, life will still go on with or without humanity but the key lies in creating a new cultural story for our children and in a generation this could change everything.

A new cultural story that we are all one and there is enough .it would be great if you had Neale Donald Walsch on your show to give a different perspective ours is not a better way just another way a little humility logic to heal and let people understand that the problems we face are all spiritual .

Keep on guy,s

Sorry I forgot my name is Stephen mills

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humanitys team
Dec. 24, 2010 3:53 am

I,m an overseas viewer from Scotland, UK. I love the Thom Hartmann show as it is the only media outlet that gives you the ugly truth about politics. If i was an American i would be scared of Romney becoming president. In the UK we are governed by The Conservative Party who are the english cousins of the Republican party as they are a party of rich politicians funded by the rich and only interested in helping the rich. If Romney wins, America will look like the UK. The Conservatives method of cutting the deficit is to start at the bottom with the poorest with savage budget cuts, years of austerity, taking away welfare benefits from the ill and disabled and forcing them back to work against medical opinion. Privatising the NHS by bringing in big companies to provide medical services at a cost rather than free healthcare, taking away workers rights to make it easier for employers to fire employees without fear of being sued by employee at an employment tribunal and bringing in new laws to weaken the unions to stop the unions encouraging industrial action or helping their members fight for their rights.

Sorry my message wasn't shorter but i had a lot of frustration to vent as we are helpless to do anything until next election in 2 years time and we have no media attacking the government's policies like Thom's show. Keep informing the people.

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Sep. 8, 2012 3:12 pm

My Mistake. I apologize. This was intended for the previous post. I do not live in Britain. I returned to this and discovered that I really was not responding to the previous person sited here. I spent some time writing this so I will leave it if not offensive. However, In the future I certainly will not leave message here. I am getting use to Thom Hartmann program website and also somewhat website illiterate but learning real fast.

I am not that familar with Bristish media. However, I do know that Rupert Merdoc owns a huge part of American and Bristish media (correct me if wrong). I can't believe that then in 2003 Prime Minister Tony Blair I believe after reading Z Magazine that Blair in 2003 replaced the top editor for the BBC for ranting over the Downing Memo and Blair having not waited for a final UN resolution on Irack invasion. (George Orwell who I believe worked for the BBC when writing his book 1984 the 1930's would have had a "field-day" so to speak on that one were Orwell to be alive now to know it). Well there so no subsitute I know of for Thom Heartman that would be British operated (consider to novice source being myself here I am an average bloke of Cockney house of comons--to add some humor here). I was impressed by the Newspaper the Guardian. I'll never forget reading an article from THE London GUARDIAN with my mother and her then boyfriend in 1983 that explicitedly stated that with the collape of the then cold war back in 1983 that terrorism would be the next form of exploited fears for the military-industial-complex,Idoeological Hegemony. I know that according to Noam Chomsky in Manufacturing conset their is a section with Naom Chomsky standing at a Newspaper Kios in New York City and himself (the media critic of corporately run media) stated that THE FINANCIAL TIMES is the paper the financiers read since its the only paper in USA that tells the truth so that as I interpret from what Chomskty eludes to the Edward Barnas{ian} (FATHER OF SPIN IN RISE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS INDUSTRY) 'spin-mister' like media know which figuratively speaking 'black curtains" to move and hide behind like a marrianette stage so to speak.

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Jul. 25, 2012 10:41 pm

I think that envestments now only work for the mega wealthy. The rest of us are sometimes suckered into buying envestments and are ususally screwed. This seemst to not only be ture on wallstreet but also with peoples pentions and general retirement benefits. The mega wealthy want us to invest so that they can gamble with our money and never risk their own. The perfect example of this to me is this clip from south park:

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Jul. 31, 2011 11:12 am

If anybody wants to know what America would look like under a president Romney you only have to look at the UK. The government are all millionaires, funded by tax exile billionaires. Only people they stand up for are the rich. We've had 2 and a half years of austerity cuts with no growth and a double dip recession because the the more cuts they make the more people are losing their jobs and the government have had to borrow £10 billion to balance the books this year. Now the government want to cut another £16 billion over next 3 years from welfare benefits to make up the shortfall. The govenment say its not fair to punish the rich for being successful by taxing them more but okay to take welfare benefits off the poor and needy. They want to end the public sector by making it one big private sector. We already have private companies running our roads, trains, prisons and now they want private companies involved with policing and the NHS. This government are even sacking thousands of armed forces jobs and want to replace them with reservists. This government will take money from any department they feel like and to hell with the consequences, but under no circumstance will they go after the rich. The public sector unions are already planning strikes and if the the government refuse to change their ways by punishing the poor its only a matter of time before you see Greek and Spanish types street protests in the UK.

john67's picture
Sep. 8, 2012 3:12 pm

Last nights debate showed Romney has no ideas of his own. Romney spent the whole debate accusing Obama of being weak on foreign policy, making America look weak but when asked what he would do he said he agreed with everything Obama has done. After that poor display by Romney he is the only person looking weak.

john67's picture
Sep. 8, 2012 3:12 pm

Hi Thom and Louise, I'm an overseas viewer of The Big Picture from The Netherlands. (Dutch citizen) I've been watching the show just a couple of months. Discovered it while on holiday in the US when Thom appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher. Since then I try to catch up with Thom whenever I can.

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Nov. 7, 2012 1:36 pm

Listening to your program daily from Brasil, SA. I am semi retired here. Very disappointed in the background check fail. We have a very large gun manufacturer here in Brasil and the US called Taurus arms. If you go to the site here in Brasil, you will find the process of purchasing a gun here. Now some may call Brasil a third world country, but Brasil is much more progressive than the US in many ways. The process is as follows:

1. Go and take a firearms course for the specific weapon you are going to purchase(there is a handgun only restriction for civilians).

2. Go to the store to purchase your weapon. The store then holds your weapon.

3. Send the federal police the gun registration form filled out by the gun store and yourself. Send the federal police a document stating why you require the gun. Send the federal police proof of no criminal background. Send the federal police proof of residence like a phone or power bill. send the federal police copies of your social security card. Send the federal police proof of voter registration, as it is mandatory to vote here. Send the federal police proof of employment. Send the federal police an approved psychological exam by a practiioner of more than thre years that you are fit mentally to own a weapon. Send the federal police proof of a 60 dollar fee payment. Send the federal police the firearm course approval you took for your specific weapon prior to purchase of weapon.

4. Wait...may take as long as a few months to get your approval. Take your registration approval from the federal police and go get your gun.

So this is a third world country...just a side note, I can drive into a gas station and buy gasoline, electric, gas(propane), alcohol to fuel an automobile.

simoes12's picture
Mar. 3, 2011 7:16 pm

Gonna take my guns away, Really? To take my guns away, congress would have vote on it. This same congress voted to allow criminals and murderers to buy guns from gun shows. They voted down a bill that would give veterans jobs. A bill to take your guns away, Really? Your Walmart University diploma is hanging crooked. Final note about about lowlife senators, someone needs to follow their careers after they leave politics. They just passed their job interview for their next job with the gun lobby.

wowman's picture
Aug. 25, 2010 8:42 pm

Amercian living in St Petersburg Russia

Thom, love your show and being one of the few radio talk hosts who dares to keep a rational open mind, and encourages listeners to do the same. I heard most of the program segment with Prof. Steven Cohen and was shocked by what I heard. Shocked that any western media interview would ask an expert on the subject of Russia, Ukraine and the cultures, for the facts. No where else would that be heard in the US. Doctor Cohen was 100% right, Russia and Putin are the subject of a strange and fully-disconnected-from-reality propaganda campaign. I see nothing in the western press, forums, blogs or TV talking heads that suggests any of the strident opinion comes from actual experience. I have been here 11 years but followed events and visited often for decades before that. Russians and Americans have a lot more in common than anyone in the west would believe, with a lot of common history. In fact Imperial Russia and the early US were very close, as close as US and England are now, with trade and common diplomatic policies. Franklin in London, Jefferson in Paris and John Quency Adams in St Petersburg were the first ambassadors to those important countries to the young country.

I am quite concerned that there is a strong, bone-headed rush to name Russia as an enemy and all the dangers that that brings needlessly. That would force Russia to become more isolationist and nationalistic, and more sensitive to the constant encroachment onto Russian traditional sphere of influence. Putting eastern looking missle systems almost on the border was a serious thread and in violation of several treaties with Russia. Now, supporting anti-democracy minority in Ukraine to topple the elected goverment where hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens live and where almost everyone has relatives in both countries is a serious unnessessary mistake. It will create a civil war betwween the western funded radicals and the majority who voted for the current administration.

I would like to invite you and Louise to come see for yourself. Do a week of shows here, interview locals and American expats, talk to people who actually know what is going on and find out why we like it. Besides, Here in St Petersburg, we have wonderul museums, ballet, art, music and vibrant social scene. Visit a gay club. See the wide range of opinion and public discourse on TV and press and internet and compare to the claims in the west about an oppressive environment. I can send visa invitations and show you around, hang out at an English pub and chat with the young adults who are not shy about voicing their opinions and are very well informed. They also speak English quite frequently. Both Russian and Americans would be better if this phony cold war from the west is nipped in the bud. Maybe the optimism young people have here would rub off on the depressed young of the US who contemplate a worse future than their parents had. Median family net worth in the US keeps dropping, about $35,000 while Australians enjoy a median net worth of $188,000 and Russian families now have passed Americans in that metric.

Keep up the good fight

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

Dear Louise:

The book:

Synopsis, the bottom line:

Dear Louise: Please review the following book and this site for Thom thank you. Yesterday, February 20, Thom brought up the Journal of Epidemiology and food safety. I was unable to zero in on the exact article on line, however, being a two-time survivor of ovarian cancer, I am very interested in this subject.

Almost twenty years ago I was fortunate enough to have read this book and I was able to make life-changing decisions due to the “science” in this book. Please give this information to Thom. It should be a part of his permanent library if it is not already.

Thank you so much.

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

Have you heard about this?

Now online - EU negotiating texts in TTIP

May. 30, 2014 11:24 pm

I may not really be overseas, but I live in the land of denial.... Oklahoma. I feel in many ways that the south and southern midwest are not really an active part of our great union, but the cancer within the country.

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Apr. 16, 2012 7:20 pm

Trump Is Using Racist White People To Make The Rich Richer

There is this whole mythology that Donald Trump came to power because 53% of white women voted for him, because 66% of white working men who didn't have a college degree voted for him.

That may be, but those are not his constituents. Those are his suckers. Those are his rubes.

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