The Phony On Kony And Other Possible BS

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I am certain that most of you have also received this, but for those who have not—I have just read an article Top 10 Ways to Tell Kony Is Phony. Here are 3 paragraphs from the beginning of the article:

Quote Bruce A. Dixon, Black Agenda Report, 03/17/12: Thanks to relentless promotion by corporate media, government, celebrities and politicians of both corporate parties, along with right wing church groups and foundations, the Kony 2012 video has "gone viral." Viewed on YouTube more than a hundred million times by now, it paints a vivid and simple picture, clear enough, its narrator says, for a five year old. But is it real, or is it propaganda, and for what purpose?

Social Media Scam Alert: Top Ten Ways to Tell Kony is Phony

Joseph Kony, the Invisible Children YouTube video tells us, is a bad guy in Uganda. He's a lawless warlord leading something called the Lord's Resistance Army, which kidnaps, enslaves and murders innocent children by the tens of thousands. We're never told exactly why, as corporate media simply paint Africa as a hellish and inexplicable place where things like that just happen. The Ugandan government, the video tells us, would gladly shut Joseph Kony down and bring him to justice if only the US would provide the advanced weapons, sophisticated tracking gear, military training and the boots on the ground to help get it done. To make this happen, all that Kony 2012's promoters ask of us is to help spread "awareness" of Uganda's "invisible" child soldiers by facebooking, tweeting and repeating the Kony 2012 video, and by emailing influential politicians and the one-name celebrities like Oprah, Bono, Rhianna, Cosby and Lady Gaga (OK, Lady Gaga is two names) to whom they listen. The Kony 2012 video aims to bring this criminal child-enslaving Ugandan warlord to justice by enlisting tens of millions of us little people in making Kony's name an odious household word around the planet, after which Washington DC will stretch forth its military arm to bring Joseph Kony, alive if possible, before the International Criminal Court for trial and punishment.

Almost everything is wrong with this simple picture, from the missing histories and the hidden motives of storytellers and players to false statements of processes and problems real and unreal on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, Kony 2012 is not a search for justice. Kony 2012 is a corporate-style PR and psy-ops campaign, a cynical hoax engineered to justify US and Western military intervention to control the incredibly lucrative oil, mineral, water and strategic resources of the heart of Africa. The kind of social media activism the video promotes is calculated to make Americans feel good about themselves for "spreading awareness" of child soldiering when they're really spreading racist ignorance and disinformation, building a disinformed public consent for ongoing, open and direct, as opposed to covert and indirect US military intervention in Africa. "Don't study history" the video's makers tell us - "make history!" But the history that a lied to and disinformed public makes is bound to not be pretty...

A few days ago I saw a video of the President giving a toast to the non-present Queen at a state dinner, apparently given since David Cameron and his wife were visiting the US.

I couldn't help fearing what exactly was meant when Obama first quoted Winston Churchill, as Churchill "spoke to his new American partners" after the US had finally been pulled into WWII by the Pearl Harbor attack: "I will say that he must indeed have a blind soul who cannot see that some great purpse and design is being worked out here below, of which we have the honor to be the faithful servants"—and then the President made his toast, finishing it with "to the great purpose and design of our alliance. May we remain now and always, its faithful servants. Cheers everyone."

After reading the Kony article this morning, I am further wondering what "hidden motives" that I am not given the honor of being made openly aware of, prompted the President's toast and the BFF party atmosphere it brought in. Just exactly what is the great purpose and design of our alliance, and why should we hope to remain now and always, its faithful servants?

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Nov. 3, 2011 7:45 pm

GOP Tax Myth & Junk Economics

If there's one thing all Republican politicians are really good at, it's straight-up lying through their teeth about how their tax cuts for the rich are actually tax cuts for the middle-class.

Reagan did it, George W. Bush did it, and now that he's officially unveiled his own so-called tax reform plan, Donald Trump is doing it, too.

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