Hands-only CPR psa by Hollywood's Vinnie Jones, and another by Ken Jeong: keeping hearts beating to the tune of "Stayin' Alive"

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"Call 911. Then press Hard and Fast to the beat of Stayin' Alive."

"Hands-only CPR ... it ain't as hard as it looks ...
No kissin' , you only kiss your missus on the lips !!"


While there is still some debate about which method of CPR is best, there seems to be agreement in both circles that hands-only CPR can be learned and utilized by people who would be reluctant to employ the mouth-to-mouth breathing technique. Surprisingly, someone has found something useful to do with one of the most annoying disco tunes ever. The beat of The Bee Gee's disco hit "Stayin' Alive", featured in the 1983 film "Staying Alive" starring John Travolta, just happens to be perfect for teaching someone the timing for chest compressions used in hard and fast hands-only CPR.

The CBS Evening News with Scott Mason had a segment tonight that included a British public service announcement starring former soccer player and current Hollywood tough guy Vinnie Jones demonstrating hard and fast hands-only CPR (yeah, I know, "football" player to most of you outside of the U.S.). Vinnie, according to the CBS news segment, learned first hand the importance of CPR when his wife's heart stopped beating after child birth. She was revived by the quick acting medical staff, later underwent a heart transplant, and is doing just fine now.

The psa was made for tv by the British Heart Foundation, so the emergency response number is given as "999", rather than the "911" used in the U.S. The psa is rather funny at times, but it does a great job of getting the point across : Call 911. Then press Hard and Fast to the beat of Stayin' Alive ! Some of the comments on the youtube page for the psa point out success stories using hands-only CPR, and others continue the debate.

In addition to Vinnie's work, I include a link below for a youtube video page that plays "Stayin' Alive" (and displays the lyrics) for those of you who want to practice ... the hard and fast hands-only CPR, that is, not your dance moves ... put down the white suit, guys. I actually sat and listened to the song once all the way through (once, that was enough for me, for now), and read the lyrics as they were displayed, trying to get a feel for the beat. In the past, I have wondered what the heck the BeeGee's were singing, but never found an excuse to look it up until now.

I have watched Vinnie's psa about 8 - 10 times, mostly while writing this (you gotta admit, Vinnie's got an accent, and I wanted to quote him accurately), and have laughed every time. As funny as it is, it is informative. Parents with teens or young children may find Vinnie's psa and the "Stayin' Alive" link below a fun way to teach them hands-only CPR. Teachers may also find a way to have fun teaching hands-only CPR to their students (oh no, I just had a vision of gym teachers or health teachers dancing into their classrooms to the sound of "Stayin' Alive", dressed as ... I think you know who !). Teaching this technique to kids is a good idea, since some day your children might find themselves in a situation where someone is in need. If you have not been trained in hands-only CPR, just watching Vinnie and remembering his tips may be enough for you to help keep someone stayin' alive until help arrives.

If you or someone you know has success using the hands-only CPR technique Vinnie is demonstrating, you can let Vinnie Jones and the British Heart Foundation know, and thank them for this message.

As Vinnie says,
"Call 911. Then press Hard and Fast to the beat of Stayin' Alive ...
Worried that you'll hurt'em ? ... Better a cracked rib than him kicking the bucket !"

Vinnie Jones' hard and fast Hands-only CPR

"Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive"

Vinnie Jones shows how hard and fast Hands-only CPR to Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees can help save the life of someone who has had a cardiac arrest. The Hollywood hardman is starring in a British Heart Foundation TV advert urging more people to carry out CPR in a medical emergency.


Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees (lyrics) :



Find out more at : http://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/life-saving-skills/hands-only-cpr.aspx

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Hard and Fast - CPR advice


Vinnie Jones’ hard and fast Hands-only CPR

Funny CPR PSA push hard push fast! - YouTube

On Twitter : #hardandfast

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Hard and Fast CPR and First Response Training - Education ...

HANDS-ONLY CPR - American Red Cross

New CPR Rules: Push Hard, Push Fast

Hands-Only CPR

Find a CPR Class - American Heart Association

American Heart Association : http://www.americanheart.org/

Jul. 7, 2011 12:13 pm


While editing the original post, I ran across the following link for a similar hands-only CPR campaign in the U.S. by the American Red Cross featuring actor and comedian Ken Jeong that I had forgotten about. After watching the first video, some of you may be asking "How in the world could he forget this ad ?". I'm asking myself the same question; I guess I'll have to watch the ad again to help answer that question ... I have a feeling that after watching this one 8 - 10 times I still might not know the answer, but of course, I'll try.

Learn Hands-Only CPR on the body you want your hands on


Jul. 7, 2011 12:13 pm

I was curious about whether the ads featuring Vinnie Jones and Dr. Ken Jeong (yes, he is really a physician in addition to being an actor and a comedian) for hands-only CPR have been effective in saving lives. I went on google to find out, and it did not take long to get an answer. These articles about success stories and tips for using the technique are just a few examples of many that are out there. The first item is about Dr. Alson Inaba, M.D., associate professor of pediatrics at the John Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa, in Honolulu. Dr. Inaba is the one who, with the help of one of his medical residents, was inspired to teach people to do hands-only CPR to the beat of "Stayin' Alive". I chose the next three because they are from the U.K, where the ad featuring Vinnie Jones was produced.

Stayin' Alive with Hands‐Only™ CPR (Online Bonus) : Heart Insight

Vinnie Jones' Staying Alive advert is safe - Telegraph

Vinnie Jones demonstrates how to save lives to the beat of Stayin ...

British Heart Foundation - Hands-only CPR FAQs

Star Local News > Plano Star-courier > News > Stayin' Alive: Hands ...

Ken Jeong suits up in new “Staying Alive” video for American Heart ...

(part of this item is a fund raiser : http://www.crowdrise.com/HandsOnlyCPR )

Hands-Only CPR More Effective than Mouth-to-Mouth: Dr. Amer ...

other stories and links for hands-only CPR : http://tinyurl.com/7wwzdma

Jul. 7, 2011 12:13 pm

R.I.P. Robin Gibb .

Robin Gibb, member of the Bee Gees, dies after battle with cancer


Jul. 7, 2011 12:13 pm

Until this week, long time Major League baseball umpire Jim Joyce was probably best known for a blown call at first base that cost Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game in 2010. The events at the ball park on Monday evening may help change peoples memory of Joyce. He used CPR to help save the life of Arizona Diamondbacks employee Jayne Powers, (an employee of the club since day 1) who had suffered a heart attack in a tunnel leading to the playing field after walking laps around the stadium before the game.

In an interview on the Today show this morning, Joyce stated that he had learned to perform CPR to the tune of .... "Stayin' Alive" !


{ note : in several of the news items referring to the incident, reports stated that Powers had suffered a seizure ... in the Today Show interview, she stated that she was told the event was an erratic heartbeat that caused her to go into cardiac arrest. }

Joyce : "... There's also one thing i like to convey to everybody out there, cpr can be learned by anybody and it only takes one time. even if you never use it again but that one time, it might be the most important time in somebody's life."


This video is from the Arizona Diamondbacks web site :

Joyce recognized for his heroics





Jul. 7, 2011 12:13 pm

Surprisingly, someone has found something useful to do with one of the most annoying disco tunes ever. The beat of The Bee Gee's disco hit "Stayin' Alive", featured in the 1983 film "Staying Alive" starring John Travolta,

First of all, this is a great post and I hope at least one person's life is saved. I know I'll remember it if I ever find myself in that situation.

Now then, who has the nerve to call a song "one of the most annoying disco tunes ever" when clearly this person never experienced the disco era? NO ONE SAW THE 1983 SEQUAL!

It's not even the most annoying disco tune on the soundtrack, nor the most annoying disco tune BY THE BEE GEES on the soundtrack. The former is "A Fifth of Beethoven" and the latter is "You Should Be Dancing." IMHO

Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

That is good, it is also important to do as Vinnie showed but US didn't and that is clearing the airway in the downed victim. The US quit emphasizing it when samaritans were placing a hand under the neck and yanking the throat up too harshly. I don't know if anyone was paralysed, but the risk was there. You can just place a hand on the forehead and two fingers under the chin, I think that's what Vinnie did.

btw Lonely Days was a great drinking song, reverb attempts were fun back in the day, too

One more PSA, if you're young enough and so inclined, getting typed and in a donor data base for marrow transplants [leukemia treatment] can be done with a simple saliva test now. I was on a flight next to a nurse that had just harvested some in the cooler she was carrying. We talked and she explained it. I sought to join the list when I got home, but the age cutoff was 35 because it can weaken your immune system. My blood type is O negative, which is pretty versatile. Plasma was my regular donation years ago.

Harmony in seventy

douglaslee's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

My, how times have changed!

The Bee Gee's "Stayin' Alive" just came on the radio, and instead of getting up and changing the channel as I used to do, I smiled and started tapping my foot, and then eventually nodding my head to the beat ... practicing my tempo, if you will.

And I thought of this post.

And smiled some more.

Jul. 7, 2011 12:13 pm

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