If you’re homophobic – you might be gay

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A string of new physiological studies from several universities including the University of Essex in England and the University of Rochester find that, “Homophobia is more pronounced in individuals with an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex.” This latest study confirms a previous study done a few years back showing that men who harbored strong homophobic attitudes were also the ones most turned on by watching homosexual porn.

One of the co-authors of the new study – Richard Ryan – concludes, “These are people who are at war with themselves and they are turning this internal conflict outward.” Are you listening, Rick Santorum?

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Thom Hartmann A...
Dec. 29, 2009 10:59 am


The sweater vest is a pretty gay looking look. "Not that there is anything wrong with that."

There was a 1996 study that came to the same sort of conclusion.

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Jun. 4, 2010 12:12 pm

To use this spot to comment on the marriage issue, it seems that the argument form the opposition always revolves around the raising of children. So if marriage is for the sole purpose of raising children, then straight couples who either can't and or don't want to and are never planning on having or raising children, have no business getting getting married either. And while we're at it, ALL non christian marriages might as well not be recognized by the state either.

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Apr. 10, 2012 3:00 pm


Now that's out of the way...

Whenever I come across a subject that I can't understand... I usually try to understand it.

I do not "get" homosexuality. I am fascinated by the act. I have asked gays at work why they do it. NO ONE has ever given me a "straight" answer. (pun intended.)

I think we can all agree that mental emotions manifest themselves in a physical manner. I am stuck in traffic, I become anxious. I may bite my nails. This is a physical manifestation of an inner emotion. First you "think" it, then you "do" it.

So what is the inner emotion that manifests itself with the plunging of one's penis into another man's anus? What is that about?

It's supposed to NOT be "taboo" to commit the act of plunging one's penis into an anus. But it somehow IS "taboo" to acknowledge that someone likes to do it. What's that about?

I'm the weirdo because I don't get it?

I understand that humans can be born with both male and female genitalia. They're called hermaphrodites. So I believe since this condition can manifest itself outwardly, it only makes sense that it would manifest itself inwardly as well. But, at what percent of the population does this occur in? I don't think it's that much. 2%? 5% maybe?

It's obvious that there are much more homosexuals in American society than 2-5%.

What also isn't explained is the overt nature of said homosexuals. No one can look at me and sum up all of my sexual preferences, likes and dislikes, whether I am married or not. What my wife looks like. What sexual acts I like to do with her... nothing. No one can sum that up by merely looking at me or hearing me speak. Why is that? The answer is because I am not "putting" it out there! That's MY business what I do.

On the other hand, you can go to a fast food joint. You can immediately tell... through the speaker... if the voice on the other end is homosexual.

Is someone born with the "lisp". The "posture". The overdramatic flamboyancy. The long, manicured nails. Or... are they ADVERTISING their sexual desires? Are they putting themselves "out" there because they have an addiction? Should I ignore their advertising. Should I pretend not to notice? If I do notice the out of the way advertising... does that make me a bad guy?

I don't understand the attraction towards poop. I don't get it.

Let's say that I like to sexually gratify other men with the SNOT out of my nose. Let's call it... "A SNOT JOB!" Alright, let's say that me and others in the "Snot Job Community" don't like it when others think that it's weird that I like to use snot as a sexual stimulant. What I do in the privacy of my own home is my business! You shouldn't judge me! I like SNOT! You like POOP! To each his own, right?

No one should judge me on my sexual snot preference. If I decide to wear clothes that state my love of SNOT, if I start using mannerisms that openly acknowledge my love of SNOT... HOW DARE YOU LOOK DOWN YOUR NOSE AT ME! (Down your "nose"... get it?)

I think it's "weird" to stick one's penis into an anus. Anyone's anus.

I think that the act is an act of domination and an act of submission. It's an act of POWER and aggression. There is an INNER emotion that one desire's to dominate another human being and they act it out physically by sticking their penis into an anus.

I think the act is also an act of self loathing. I think it stems from an INNER desire not to exist and the physical act is to perform a sexual act that can NEVER result in procreation. If everyone was homosexual, human beings would cease to exist in about 70 years, right? So I don't think it's a stretch to think that the physical act of plunging one's penis into an anus of another man is a desire to act out an inner emotion that desires one's self extinction.

What's with women that are homosexual and their "Kagan" face? I don't understand that if a woman isn't attracted to a male... then WHY would she have a sexual relationship with a female who is trying to look like a male? What's that about?

I'm not saying that men are attractive... we're not. But why would a woman be attracted to a woman who goes out of her way to look like a man? What's that about?

So a woman isn't attracted to a man with a penis... but they are attracted to a woman, who looks like a man... then they strap on a FAKE penis and have sexual penetration with said FAKE penis. What's that about?

Now because I don't understand the act of homosexuality, does that infer that somehow, I am homosexual? C'mon! Where's the logic.

And as far as having an erection... sometimes I wake up with an erection! What does that say about me? Boing! When I was a teenager, I would get an erection riding the bus home with text books on my lap! The "wind" could give me an erection! I thought my Science teacher (Ms. Slaby) was attractive and would get an erection. I don't think the act of getting an erection is a statement of anything other than that. BOING!!!

I saw an episode of "TOSH.0" and they did the "gay" test. They took viagra, took off their underwear and wore sweat pants and watched a gay porn video. NONE of them got an erection! It was so funny and equally disturbing. I think this episode was as "scientific" as that study.

Crank science and whack conclusions.

("Snot jobs"... that's some funny stuff. I know "funny"... and THAT'S funny!)

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

You're not supposed to "get it" unless you are gay. I don't get it when I see a very large and overweight man frolicking on the beach with a beautiful woman either. I'm never going to "get it" unless I'm the one in love with that person. "Get It?"

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Jun. 25, 2011 7:53 am

No I don't get it.

But according to the study... you then secretly DO want to be with a very large overwieght person frolicking on the beach. "Get it?"

I also don't understand tattoos and putting hunks of metal in my flesh. I guess that I unconsciously WANT graffiti on my body and chunks of metal in my face.

I also find eating raw meat to be disgusting. So I guess that I unconsciously really desire some steak tar tar.

What a bunch of crap!

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

No, it would mean that I want to be with a very large overweight person if I claimed to find it disgusting. I don't claim to find it disgusting. I just don't get it. That is the difference. If you don't get the whole "gay" thing that doesn't mean you are a closet gay. If you claim to find it disgusting and hate gay people then you "might" be gay. At least that's what I get from the op.

Bush_Wacker's picture
Jun. 25, 2011 7:53 am

Wow, Fletch. I don't know where to begin. I suppose, in summary, I'd say I disagreed with the tone of your posts nearly completely.

The gist I get is that you think that because you can't come up with a "good" reason for people to engage in homosexual acts that these acts are a behavioral anomaly (abnormal) intended to compensate for something, some inherent deficit in them emotionally or hormonally. You say you don't understand the various details of homosexual sex and attraction and your questions to gay co-workers were insufficiently explained. And you think that the study would imply that you are gay for having those thoughts.

First of all, having questions about or not understanding others does not make you a homophobe. I believe homophobes are people who would say they are frightened of homosexuals or concerned about their culture "infecting" the good christian folk of this land. What I get from you is not fear but sexual ignorance and arrogance. As if, for others' actions to be legitimate, they have to be filtered through your ability to understand them and your personal sexual list of accepted acts.

Anal sex has been practiced by heterosexual couples as long as it has been practiced by homosexuals. I am not a gay man but I've had anal sex with more than one woman. Every functional human is equipped with an anus and it just makes sense that that orifice would not be excluded except by those who bring a load of dogma to bed with them. Anal sex is not only a male homosexual act. Many women enjoy it and I'm not judging them to be full of self-loathing. That's ignorant.

Every other sexual act between two women or two men can be essentially reproduced by heterosexual couples. Anal sex, sixty nine, strap-ons, you name it can be done by anyone. To say that these acts or those acts are "gay" but these others are not does nothing but confuse a really simple issue. Sex is not about procreation, except in a small minority of cases, and has nothing to do with marriage. Sex is a human bonding exercise that reduces stress and lets us know we're loved. And, even if you can't understand why person X is attracted person Y, whether they be same sex or not, it doesn't matter. If you don't see the attraction, don't fuck 'em.

There is a societal bigotry against some persons being attracted to others of the same sex. And, because the hatred that gay people face is so extreme and irrational, some gay people will pretend to not be gay rather than to face that bigotry. In the news recently, some of the most outspoken anti-gay personalities have been shown to desire homosexual sex for themselves. That is the truth. Other studies have shown that the most outspoken homophobes were more titillated by gay porn than those who are more tolerant in their rhetoric. People with tatoos don't come up against the entirety of the religious establishment the way gays do so your comparison, as such, is ridiculous.

Gay people face a lot of shit, Fletcher, and they don't need you to understand them. All they need from you is the understanding that they are human beings and deserve to steer their own sexual existences without anyone laying a bunch of religious dogma and assumptions upon their love lives. You don't have to "get" gay people any more than they have to "get" you having sex through a hole in a sheet, if you so desire. All any of us have to do is realize that our demons are OURS and we can't legitimize our own ignorance at the expense of others.

Just because you have been indoctrinated by a homophobic society does not make your fears normal or justified. Those fears make society and not gay people the problem. Please, don't be part of the problem by confusing their right to personal sexual autonomy with what you can comprehend.

D_NATURED's picture
Oct. 20, 2010 8:47 pm

I don't hate anybody.

As far as "not liking" gays, I don't dislike them. Since I love the arts, most of the artists are indeed gay. So many of the actors are gay. I wish I had the talent of "Prince" or could sing like "Rob Halford". I wish I had the talents of Elton John. I do not. I really wish that I did.

I don't like the act of anal sex. I think it's basically weird.

I find it odd that when a gay person is openly seeking you out (through their flamboyant advertising)... if you "notice", then the shift of awkwardness is supposed to be on the one who is noticing the act and not the one who is perpetrating the act. If I were a part of the fictitious "snot job community", and someone found that act of "snot jobbing" to be weird... I would understand that it's weird and that it would deserve an appropriate reaction.

I acknowledge that the homosexual condition does exist. It exist in nature. It only makes sense that it would exist in human nature as well. But at what percentage? It's my opinion that the current state of homosexuality is at a much higher rate than what would be normal.

I base this on the "on the low" culture that is SO prominent. I also base this on my own personal experience. I work with a lot of guys who commit the act of homosexuality who would pass a lie detector test if they were asked if they were gay and they answered "NO".

Do you hear me on this? There is a culture... an ever growing culture that commits the acts of homosexuality who firmly believe that they are not gay. It's not about being homosexual at all... it's about committing an antisocial act. It's more and more prevalent in churches, colleges, politics... in society at large.

Why is that? One major factor is the prison culture that we are currently under. These men get out of prison and reenter into society with their habits that they picked up in prison. There are more and more woman who are exposed to this very dangerous lifestyle without any knowledge or consent of their own.

I often see that parents are publicly reprimanded when they are disappointed when their children are coming out as homosexuals. First of all, they are CHILDREN. They are children engaging in sexual acts. These acts aren't with their fellow classmates... they are almost ALWAYS with an adult male. This early exposure to the anal raping often makes for a troubled teen and an even more troubled adult.

Homosexuals deserve the same rights as anyone else. I can't say that homosexuals are going to be damned to Hell. I am not God. Therefore, I can't speak for him. I do believe that some homosexuals are born that way. I also believe that many more choose to do so out of a desire to be antisocial. "WHY" does someone CHOOSE to be antisocial? I do not know.

It's clear that many people are choosing to be antisocial. Not just homosexuals, but in society at large. WHY? I do not know.

I did have one gay man tell me it's because he's engaged in population control. It was said, tongue in cheek. I then commented that it's like lemmings running off of the cliffs. He thought that was hilarious. He would often ask me if I wanted to join the "lemmings" later... I would say, "No, but thanks for asking."

As far as my take on females who are attracted to females who alter their appearance and mannerisms to act male... then they strap on a fake penis and commit the exact acts of sexuality that they would if they were with a man... I have NO idea! Ever since I noticed that the female gym teacher in high school looked like a boy, I have wondered why they do that.

I don't understand the act of homosexuality outside of the human condition that is indeed, as Lady GaGa put it, "Born That Way."

If someone can explain this to me... I will listen. The fact that I will "listen" and the fact that I don't currently understand it... does not make me subconsciously want to participate in the act myself. You can apply that logic across the board and you will not come to the conclusion that this "scientific" study has come to.

It's common sense. Sometimes smart people can be really dumb. That, or there is a hidden agenda behind the fake results of said tests... kind of like "loaded poll questions."

Junk science.

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

Fletcher, I hope you can read your post and laugh at some very funny comic stuff. I hope you also laugh at what you had to say to be able to be known to be so stupid. It is not about whether "you" get what is erotic to others, and if you are being 'courted' and would rather not be, say so. Don't make it ugly. After all, you have attracted someone's interest. Don't guys complain about how women are so hard to approach and take sexy talk too seriously? When you experience that same feeling "as a man," it will come out strangely.

I don't get the "anti-social" point. If you mean that gay culture includes neutralizing the stigmas as in turning "queer" into a respectable brand, you have to allow the irony and parody as commentary as well as the brand being worn proudly and happily. In your face may be "anti-social," but it can also be truth to power. There is also good reason and experience behind suspicion that the hope offered might not keep its promises. It gets strange when dissent threatens power, but costume dramas are not violent revolution.

Victims of socially-condoned prejudices may have negative things to say about society. Is that "anti-social?" Why should they trust society when it has betrayed them? Why would you complain about this? There is not that much "wallowing" going on, and most of the critics of the system are fully engaged in dealing with it. People are being mugged, and they are not asking for it.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm
As far as my take on females who are attracted to females who alter their appearance and mannerisms to act male... then they strap on a fake penis and commit the exact acts of sexuality that they would if they were with a man... I have NO idea! Ever since I noticed that the female gym teacher in high school looked like a boy, I have wondered why they do that.

I'm shocked that such an expert on the sexual habits of lesbians remains so confused. Could it be they desire the vaginal orgasm but not the big sweaty brute that goes with it for heterosexual women? Are you really not able to think of a single way that the mentioned behavior would make sense? Maybe your problem is less about homosexuality and more about a lack of imagination.

Why do you assume that a lesbian who acts masculine or a gay man who acts feminine is "altering" anything, including their mannerisms and appearance. Maybe for the first time, they're NOT hiding. What is this default "normal" way of acting that you find acceptable? Are YOU normal, or could I find something feminine about you and, if I do, does that make your wife a lesbian? Don't you think it's a little insulting to accuse people of being disingenuous about their outward appearance by "altering" something? Maybe that lesbian feels utterly altered when wearing a dress and high heels. Maybe she feels "normal" in a trucker hat. Why do you have to understand her gender? Why does she have to fit in to your woman mold?

D_NATURED's picture
Oct. 20, 2010 8:47 pm
Quote Fletcher Christian:

Is someone born with the "lisp". The "posture". The overdramatic flamboyancy. The long, manicured nails. Or... are they ADVERTISING their sexual desires? Are they putting themselves "out" there because they have an addiction? Should I ignore their advertising. Should I pretend not to notice? If I do notice the out of the way advertising... does that make me a bad guy?

Dude, we live in a extremely flamboyant Heterolsexual world. Talk about "ADVERTISING sexual desires." Our culture celebrates heterolsexual promiscuity, and reward some with a life of celebrity. I'm sure there's plenty of sluts in the Gay community as well. I think we're all a bunch of sluts.

Like you, the thought of man on man anal sex repulses me. A Gay friend told me, the thought of his penis in a vagina was repulsive.

("It's all good, God loves you. No matter what you do, or who you're doin it to.")

That's my Joel Osteen impersonation.

Aug. 21, 2011 10:37 pm

I LOVE a good Joel Osteen impersonation!

You folks have made some good points.

I still think it's weird. Why do I think it's a "weird" behavior?

Definition of WEIRD - Having an unusually strange character or behavior. Deviating from the normal; bizarre.

Since homosexuality exists in roughly 2%-5% of the population... I would call that activity "weird". (I actually think the number is around 8%-10%... but that's my opinion. Opinions are like anus's. Everyone's got one to be plunged by a big penis!)

Since by "definition"... I am correct. Isn't it "weird" that no one actually talks about the "act", itself?

Isn't it "weird" that by me merely pontificating about it... that I somehow have become the "weird" one?

I am not a BIG PHONY, however. I think that homosexuals are due the same rights that heterosexuals have. They can get married, adopt children, serve in the military, teach my kids... you name it, they have a right to it. (Except MY anus... that's mine!)

I am fascinated with "why" we do the things we do. I am fascinated with "why" I do the things that I do.

What I find interesting, is that the "questioning" STOPS at homosexuality. You will admit that it's completely taboo to talk about the "ACT" of homosexuality but it's not taboo to see homosexuals, right?

If it is purely nature... "WHY" is it nature? Why do people do it? If it is indeed like the "lemmings", I could actually grasp that concept. But people do not talk about it... at all. So I am often to wonder about these topics without safely talking about these topics.

I do work with a lot of gays. (More than the social norm.) Since I am cool... there has been a few to talk to me about their lifestyle. (I am cool, just so you know.)

But to deny my antisocial theory is to stop thinking.

Many people do antisocial things. Why do they engage in antisocial behavior? I am talking about ANY antisocial behavior. Why is their antisocial behavior? I don't really know. That's why I am sincerely curious about the subject.

I think the act of homosexuality is an antisocial act.

Here's why DRC! I said, "HERE'S WHY", DRC!!! (Man! You are the "pea" in my mattress!)

There is a culture out there... it exists. It is so pervasive that BOOKS are being written about it. SONGS are being written about it. Hell! Even R. Kelly made a movie about it! It's called, "On the low." You may know it as "On the 'Down' Low". (I'm cooler than you are, so I actually know what people call it.)

These guys that are "on the low"... are engaging in a very dangerous behavior. They are bringing diseases home to their un-expecting wives with great regularity. When they aren't bring home diseases, they ARE bringing home an unexpected juxtaposition. This is terribly devastating on the family unit that they falsely tried to create in the first place.

In colleges, men call their homosexual partners, "bro's". The "Bro's before Ho's" origin is based on homosexuality. These men go out looking for girls, but if they don't get one... no biggie... they just come back to the dorm and get it on with their "bro".

There are PHONE APPS for this kind of activity! There are "toe tapping" signals in public restrooms! Think about that for a second... There is a PHONE APPLICATION that lets you know that there is a stranger in the area that wants you to plunge your penis into a TOTAL strangers anus! There are junkies out there who get their drug money from "social sites" that allow them to hook up with TOTAL strangers for gay escapades... within minutes! Look it up if you don't believe me.

Even the famous GEORGE MICHAEL openly admitted that he couldn't pass up a "free lunch". (OK... I just threw up a little in my mouth... Ok... I'm back.)

This "on the low" culture, consists of married men who have sex with... male junkies, male prostitutes, young high school boys, male gamblers, fellow married male men... and then they go home to their wives and act like everything is normal.

If that isn't antisocial... than what is?

Also, if EVERYONE was homosexual... human life would end in about 70 years. How does one get more antisocial than that?

BTW... I think I should trademark "SNOT JOB"! That is... unless you phony liberal hippie, capitalist pigs haven't beaten me to it!!!!

BASTARDS! I "knew" it! Damn!

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm


I 'know" funny... and that last diatribe was FUNNY!

Thanks for the conversation. Even, DRC!

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

GOP Tax Myth & Junk Economics

If there's one thing all Republican politicians are really good at, it's straight-up lying through their teeth about how their tax cuts for the rich are actually tax cuts for the middle-class.

Reagan did it, George W. Bush did it, and now that he's officially unveiled his own so-called tax reform plan, Donald Trump is doing it, too.

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