Today is 4/20 - a day for marijuana

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This is the first 4/20 in history in which a majority of Americans now support decriminalizing marijuana, and two states – Colorado and California – are poised to pass referendums in November to legalize, tax, and regulate the manufacturing and sale of marijuana. The tail wind for drug reform in America is remarkable.

Now only if we can get President Obama to live up to his campaign promises and stop using federal agents to raid legal marijuana dispensaries around the nation. Nixon’s war on drugs has failed – so let’s hope this time next year – our nation will treat marijuana the way it should be treated – as a medicine and pretty decent recreational drug too.

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Dec. 29, 2009 10:59 am


Happy 420 Everyone!

4/20: Worldwide Cannabis Celebration on April 20, 2012

American High Society
Comix and Cannabis
Celebrity Stoners

Thomas Jefferson enjoyed the solitude of a hermit at his year-round retreat near Lynchburg, Virginia. At the heart of this 4800-acre plantation in beautiful Bedford County, Jefferson built his final, personal architectural masterpiece -- an octagonal house surrounded by an elaborate villa landscape. The rescue of this National Historic Landmark began in 1984, and today you can watch the state-of-the-art restoration under way. Come discover the private, contemplative side of Thomas Jefferson.

People like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were avid readers of the great philosophers of the European Enlightenment. They treasured the ideas found in the works of such thinkers as Descartes, Voltaire, Bacon and Locke.

One of the cornerstone ideas of the Enlightenment was to give every idea and assumption the test of reason. When they applied reason to religion they found it necessary to strip it of revelation and they ended up with Deism. Deism is belief in God based on reason and nature. The differing alleged revelations of the various revealed religions are conspicuously absent from Deism. It is a natural religion as opposed to a revealed religion such as Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.

Mr. Jefferson had decidedly one of the evenest and most cheerful tempers I ever knew. He enjoyed a jest, provided it were to give pain to no one, and we were always glad to have any pleasant little anecdote for him-when he would laugh as cheerily as we could do ourselves, and enter into the spirit of the thing with as much gaiety.

A French nobleman observed that he had placed his house and his mind "on an elevated situation, from which he might contemplate the universe."

Galen wrote in the second century that it was customary to promote hilarity and happiness at banquets by giving the guests hemp (Reininger, 1967: 14-15).

May 12-13 1765: "Sowed Hemp at Muddy hole by Swamp."
August 7, 1765: "--began to seperate (sic) the Male from the Female Hemp at Do--rather too late." ~ George Washington

American High Society, a subchapter from "Hemp: Lifeline To The Future," by Chris Conrad. Dr. Burke, president of the American Historical Reference Society and a consultant for the Smithsonian Institute, counted seven early presidents as cannabis smokers: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor and Franklin Pierce. Madison once remarked that hemp gave him insight to create a new and democratic nation. Cannabis was twice as popular among American soldiers in the Mexican War as in Vietnam: Pierce wrote to his family that it was "about the only good thing" about that war.

The Hashish Club was the name given to a the group of French writers and artists who first banded together in the years just before the Second Republic to experiment with, and record their experiences, of hashish.

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

This bud's for you!

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


Happy! Happy!.....4-20

May every day be a 4-20 kind of day, in the near future.

Aug. 21, 2011 10:37 pm

Marijuana is a gateway drug.

Peanut butter is the addicting stuff.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Peanut butter is the addicting stuff... and 100% more deadly than doobies.

"Cannabis is remarkably safe. Although not harmless, it is surely less toxic than most of the conventional medicines it could replace if it were legally available. Despite its use by millions of people over thousands of years, cannabis has never caused an overdose death."
Testimony of Professor Lester Grinspoon, M.D.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, before the Crime Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., October 1, 1997:

Annual Deaths From Marijuana? A Big, Fat, Zero
Annual deaths related to firearms in the United States: 29,000. Annual deaths related to prescription drugs: 32,000. Annual deaths related to alcohol: 85,000. Related to tobacco (products): 435,000. Marijuana? 0. Not a single case of death ever recorded in the United States, or even the world has been attributed to the use of marijuana.

Peanut Rehabilitation Services offers Alternatives...

Natalie's Hemp Seed Nut-Less Butter - 8oz Jar
Made fresh in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, Natalie’s Hemp Seed Nut Butter blends 100% whole lightly toasted hemp seed and hemp seed oil into a nutty tasting spread. Its is wheat, dairy, and gluten free. Combine with Natalie’s Raspberry & Hemp Jam on some whole grain bread. Enhance your favorite recipes, such as Peanut Butter Cookies, with Natalie’s Hemp Seed Nut-Less Butter. This natural crunch spread has a sunflower like taste and provides protein, essential fatty acids (Omega 3), vitamins & minerals.

Natalie's Raspberry & Hemp Jam - 8oz

Peanut allergy is a type of food allergy distinct from nut allergies. It is a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction to dietary substances from peanuts causing an overreaction of the immune system which in a small percentage of people may lead to severe physical symptoms.

The most severe allergies in general can result in anaphylaxis,[3] an emergency situation requiring immediate attention and treatment with epinephrine.

It is usually treated with an exclusion diet and vigilant avoidance of foods that may contain whole peanuts or peanut particles and/or oils.

Currently there is no confirmed treatment to prevent or cure allergic reactions to peanuts

Death rates each year Source(s)

Tobacco (products) : 435,000
Alcohol : 85,000
Prescription Drugs : 32,000
Suicide: 30,622
Sexual Fetishes : 20,000
All illegal drug use (excluding marijuana) : 17,000
Aspirin : 7,600
Marijuana : 0

Cannabis's LD50 for humans indicates that about 1500 pounds (680 kilograms) of Cannabis would have to be smoked within 15 minutes.

has anyone ever overdosed on marijuana???
June 1st, 2010 by Jamielyn Roy

No. There has never been a documented case of marijuana overdose.

In order for a human to consume enough marijuana to be fatal, they would have to consume nearly 40,000 times the amount of THC required to intoxicate them. In contrast, it only requires about 5 to 10 times the amount of alcohol required to intoxicate, to be fatal. For example, if it requires 3 beers to intoxicate you, it only requires 15 to 30 beers to kill you. However, if it takes you 3 'hits' of marijuana to intoxicate you, it would require 120,000 hits to kill you. Thus, it is virtually impossible to die of a marijuana overdose.

Cannabis less harmful than aspirin

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

I recently began using Hemp Milk in my coffee, after hearing Thom mention it one day. It's not bad. Might have to try out some of that Hemp Seed "Nut-Less" Butter.

Aug. 21, 2011 10:37 pm

It has Organic PB consistency, maybe an acquired taste for a PBJ sandwich. Baked goods using the hempnut butter for a Ganja extract. Where else are such innovative entrepreneurs pioneering an almost "manna". Instant jobs grown like weeds, literally and these reefer mad doomsday prognosticators continue to hog the airwaves and alphabet channels spreading their filthy lies. Pitifools! That's in Pa Dutch country but they have to use Canadian seeds. Same seeds they never stopped selling to pet shops for song birds. Now Audubon is concerned with ditchweed eradications driving the birds off and deminishing flocks. All so some wimpy little drug worrier DEAth mongering liar can raise their numbers to show fear mongering GOPerverts the trillion spent is well worth it. 98% of the eradications are saveding the chillrun from burlap and canvas.

Cannabis Eradications 99.28% Ditchweed Schwagg!

Spraying Ditchweed Could Devastate Game Bird Populations

Legalize It! Audubon Mag.

Starving Babies and Illegal Food
Humanity’s Best Single Food Source
Of the 3 million plus edible plants that grow on earth, no other single plant source can compare with the nutritional value of hempseeds. Both the complete protein and the essential oil contained in hempseeds are in ideal ratios for human nutrition.

Only soybeans contain a higher percentage of protein. However, the composition of the protein in hempseed is unique in the vegetable kingdom. Sixty-five percent of the protein content in hempseed is in the form of globulin edestin.1 (The word edestin comes from the Greek “edestos,” meaning edible.)

Spectre of World Wide Famine
By itself, widespread use of hempseed food protein could save many of the world’s children now dying of protein starvation! An estimated 60% of all children born in Third World countries (about 12-20 million a year) will die this way before reaching five years of age. Many times that number have their lives dramatically shortened and/or their brains decimated.* World Hunger Project, Save the Children, EST, Forum. continued...herer/08.2

Fundamental Link in the Food Chain
Our politicians who made these marijuana prohibition laws based on years of disinformation (deliberate misinformation), may have doomed not only birds but also the human race to extinction from another direction.

Many animals eat birds and their eggs. Birds in the wild are essential to the food chain; and they continue to diminish in population due to, among other things, such as petrochemical pesticides, herbicides, and the lack of hempseed! With hempseed in their diet, birds will live 10-20% longer, have more offspring, and their feathers will have more luster and oil, allowing longer flight. continued...

From the 1800's World's Fair Maple Sugar Hashish Candy

To today's Ganja candybars in frickin vending machines,

Granny Purps is a local Ganjashop, out feeding the Religionists

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

I wrote a review of a Joe Rocket Hemp Motorcycle Jacket for Motorcyclist Magazine. I love mine and am pissed that the American people don't force our corporate government to make hemp and marijuana legal. Talk about getting ruled!

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

4/20 2013: Worldwide Marijuana Rally List

National Campaign To Promote Canadian 4/20 Marijuana Rallies
Is there a 4/20 rally in your city? Want to start one? Marijuana activist millionaire Bob Erb is behind a new national campaign to promote and provide resources for 4/20

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

I love going into the subshop "Cheba Hut" in Tempe a few days before 4/20. They are a marijuana themed subshop, with toasted subs. The Tempe store is the original, they started franchising 12 years ago, have 2 others around Phoenix, a couple up in Colorado, a handful in California, etc.

I, a white 40's ish looking White square guy, act ignorant of what 4/20 stands for and make the front counter girl/ boy explain it to me. The owner, who I have known for 20 years stands 15' away waiting to burst into laughter.

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Sep. 14, 2010 8:21 pm

Happy 420!

I like Tempe, I like the idea of the "Cheba Hut" too.

4/20 and Halloween are pretty much everyday in Santa Cruz...

My telephone number starts with 420.****

Cheech and Chong Celebrate 4/20 With Q&A Series

WAMM at Earth Day Santa Cruz on 4-20!
Stop by our booth at Earth Day Santa Cruz, in San Lorenzo Park, this Saturday on 4-20.

“Earthday Santa Cruz 2013 is an exciting community event offering educational information, activities for kids including an arts and crafts tent, live music and a focus on green businesses. Come and enjoy this fun environmental celebration for the whole family!

The City of Santa Cruz, the County of Santa Cruz, Ecology Action, Save Our Shores, the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz, local non-profits, and concerned citizens are working together to make Earth Day 2013 the premier environmental event for the greater Santa Cruz community.”

Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana

Who is going to Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) 2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Show time: 8:00 pm , Doors 7:15 pm
Tickets: $24/ Advance $30/Door

Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA
Saturday, April 20, 2013

420 (cannabis culture) wikipedia
420, 4:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is a code-term used primarily in North America that refers to the consumption of cannabis and, by extension, a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture. Observances based on the number 420 include smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m. as well as on the date April 20

4/20 @ 4:20
Re: 4/20 @ 4:20 - 04/18/09
4/20 @ 4:20 2009 - 04/20/09
Re: 4/20 @ 4:20 - 04/20/09
Past 4/20's - 04/20/09
4/20 @ 4:20 2009 - 04/21/09
Four Twenty - 04/21/09
Re: 4/20 @ 4:20 - 04/21/09
Four Twenty 2009 at UC Santa Cruz - 04/21/09
Denver 420 - 04/23/09

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

4/20 2013: Smoke Out The Globe Pics/vids

80k people expected at Denver 420 rally youtube
Organizers for Denver's 420 rally are expecting the biggest turnout ever for what they're calling the largest pot-themed celebration in the world.

4/20: Smoke Out The Globe
Chris Goodwin, Cannabis Culture
Four-Twenty, or 4/20, or April 20th, is the world-recognized international day of celebration for the planet...

Record Numbers Celebrate Cannabis on 4/20
Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture Apr 21 2010
Four-Twenty, the international day of celebration for the cannabis culture held annually on April 20,

MassCann/NORML Cannabis Gathering 4/20/2013
Spread the word. We are going to gather peacefully on the Common and try to take back our City from the fear gripping it, at least for a moment. We will pay respects to the lost and injured during this tragic week by celebrating and enjoying the freedoms we have here in this great Country and this great City. Boston stand with us on this day as we usher in 4:20pm on this day the 20th of April 2013.


Celebrating the passage of Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts and officially kicking off the campaign for FULL LEGALIZATION in 2016, this year people we are stepping it up for the 24th annual and first ever 2-day Boston Freedom Rally on September 14th and 15th 2013 on the Boston Common. To help us educate and rock the expected 50,000 plus crowds, MassCann with the help of Unregular Radio are kicking off the 2013 Battle for the Rally. This year over 25 bands will be competing for 3 spots on the Rally's 2 Sta...ges, with 3 bands winning the chance to play at the second largest PRO-Marijuana concert in the Country.

Ok everyone the gathering is still on. We want to just remind everyone Cops will be out in serious full effect so remember your proper weed etiquette. Less than an OUNCE! Keep it in one bag, per person! We recommend not bringing backpacks or big purses of any kind. If the Cops feel they must, expect to be searched. Don't mouth of or give anyone a reason to think we are anything but weed loving, proper American citizens that have come to gather in the oldest public park in the United States to remember why we love this City so much!

Have a drum or an instrument? We encourage you to bring it, help us spread the message and vibes of peace, reform and love.

Ways to Follow 4/20 Culture Online

420 Worldwide Cannabis Rally
OpCannabis 2013 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

4/20 Vancouver: Huge Marijuana Protest
and Farmers Market Hits Art Gallery on April 20
Record-high numbers of marijuana smokers and vendors are expected to fill Vancouver’s downtown Art Gallery grounds on April 20 for what is likely to be the city’s largest 4/20 rally yet, part of a worldwide celebration of cannabis culture and action against destructive drug laws.

Vancouver 4/20 2013
LIVE on Pot TV Apr 20 2013
Watch Vancouver's 4/20 marijuana celebration LIVE on Pot TV – with music, contests, special performances and speeches by Vancouver cannabis activists – starting TODAY (April 20) at NOON.


4/20 2013: Worldwide Marijuana Rally List

Find Your 4/20 Rally hightimes

The Jodie Emery Show: 4/20 is Here!
POT TV - Watch new episodes of The Jodie Emery Show each week for the latest news on Marc Emery, CCHQ, and Canada's cannabis community. In this episode: It's almost April 20th - 4/20!

Shots fired, Denver 420 rally

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

FROM WEB: In celebration of 4/20, weed and a tale of two cities
(CNN) -- Through a bit of calendrical coincidence, Easter Sunday this year falls on April 20. That's unfortunate because April 20 has become, through no fault of its own, the highest and holiest day of the pot smoker's year.

From its origins as the meeting time (4:20 p.m.) of some Bay Area joint-passers in the early 70s, the 4/20 movement has evolved into an annual occasion for mass smoke-outs in leaf-friendly cities like Denver, San Francisco and my hometown of Seattle.

So Sunday should be replete with news coverage of sunrise services, Pope Benedict on the balcony and twentysomething bros sucking on burrito-size doobies. I expect to see at least one weedhead in bunny ears on the top-o-the-hour news: "Meanwhile, in Colorado..."

America, I am here to tell you: Don't take the extreme to represent the mainstream.

What you see on Sunday may be rude, crude and obnoxious. But it bears as much relevance to marijuana reform as New York's raucous St. Patrick's Day parade does to the history of the Irish people.

I say this as a middle-aged pot agnostic who's living with the reality of legalized marijuana.

Eighteen months ago I became something of a canary in the cannabis coal mine. My home state of Washington voted to legalize marijuana. I was a father of two kids about to enter their teens. I hadn't touched pot since college.

Initially against legalization, I switched my vote at the last minute. Since then I've been digging into the reasons behind that last-minute change of heart -- and, by extension, into the reasons so many Americans have recently changed their minds about marijuana.

Believe me, we didn't do it in order to party down with Dreadhead Jones.

We did it because our marijuana laws no longer made any sense. continued

420 words on 4/20 weekend
by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director April 19, 2014
Dear NORML members and supporters,

420 NORML Membership. We all find ourselves this weekend at the precipice of the year’s most propitious date on the calendar for cannabis consumers and freedom lovers: April 20th.

As always, there will be large public gatherings all around America (and other countries too) to celebrate the responsible adult use of cannabis. The day is a cultural phenomenon, with both substantial media output (some entire cable networks broadcast cannabis-centric programming and entertainment–like Comedy Central) and coverage of public celebrations (cities like Denver expect downtown public pot celebrations drawing 500,000 or more Saturday and Sunday).

The patchwork of cannabis law enforcement in this country is so disparate that in some locations the gatherings will celebrate their appreciation of the herb, but under harsh threat of arrest and criminal sanctions. Contrastingly, in other parts of the country, where I write this letter from, the city of Denver–where I’ve paid an effective 35% tax rate on the retail purchase of a small amount of a strain called ‘Tangie’, and where over 40,000 attendees are expected for High Times’ Cannabis Cup Awards–the events here are decidedly in celebration of the only place currently on earth where an adult can purchase and legally consume cannabis in a similar manner to that of alcohol products.

By July of this year, the citizens and visitors to Washington State will enjoy the same freedoms and responsibilities when their cannabis retail market officially commences.

Two down, forty-eight more states and territories to go…continued

Dagga activists to host 4.20 celebration

This Sunday is April 20!
Check out the list of 4/20 rallies around the world
Jeremiah Vandermeer ‏@JFromTheLake

Guide To 420 Friendly Events 2014

CJ Johnson of @eConcertLiveLLC says, "We were set up", about Crowe Plaza Phoenix's decision to cancel AZ 420 Fest

Bummer: Arizona 420 Festival Canceled

JEFF EDELSTEIN: Want to (illegally) smoke marijuana on the New Jersey State House steps? Your chance comes Sunday at 4:20 p.m.
@NJweedman Good Luck. But don't assume because the law is wrong that the people enforcing it have the integrity to do what's right. c.y.a. man

420: Birth of a Stoner Notion
Steve Bloom: 'I Discovered 420'
@deadheadland @stevenhager420 @420Magazine @NORML @PotCulture @HIGH_TIMES_Mag

I like to say I discovered 420, because it's true. In 1990 I was news editor of High Times. One of my self-appointed jobs was to cover the Grateful Dead. On or about Dec. 28, 1990, I attended a Dead show at the Oakland Coliseum. While walking around the tie-dyed strewn parking lot, I was handed a flyer that told the story of 420 - a bit of stoner slang I'd never heard of. Here's what the flyer said:

"420 started somewhere in San Rafael, CA in the late '70s. It started as the police code for Marijuana Smoking in Progress. After local heads heard of the police call, they started using the expression 420 when referring to herb -- 'Let's Go 420, dude!' After a while something magical started to happen. People began getting stoned at 4:20 am and/or pm. There's something fantastic about getting ripped at 4:20, when you know your brothers and sisters all over the country and even the planet are lighting up and tokin' up right along with you. Now there's something even grander than getting baked at 4:20. We're talking about the day of celebration, the real time to get high, the grand master of all holidays: 4/20, or April 20th. This is when you must get the day off work or school. We are going to meet at 4:20 on 4/20 for 420-ing in Marin County at the Bolinas Ridge sunset spot on Mt. Tamalpais. Just go to downtown Mill Valley, find a stoner and ask where Bolinas Ridge is. If you make it to Marin, you will definitely find it. continued

Five People You Don't Want to Smoke With on #420:

What Is Your Favorite Way To Consume #Marijuana On 420?

WChristians4Cannabis ‏@WC4Cannabis
Cannabis plays role in Easter messages - Hawaii Features - Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Social media has been buzzing for weeks with jokes about how Easter shares the calendar this year with the pot lover's highest holiday: April 20, or 420 in stoner lingo. Pot smokers have long celebrated on the date by lighting up for reasons not quite clear.

Yet amid the online cracks about worshipping a "higher" power, tutorials on how to make a joint shaped like a cross and photos of Easter baskets piled with pot-filled eggs, a handful of churches nationwide are using the coincidence to make much bigger points. continued

HAPPY #420 #hightimes #cannabiscup #denver #colorado #ivxx @ The Denver Mart

#hightimes #cannabiscup #highlife #420 #IVXX @ The Denver Mart

#medicatedeasterbunny #bunny #easter #420 #ivxx #medicated #tainted #lthl #hightimes #highlife…

Zach Galifianakis Lights Up!— |

Guerilla Healer ‏@BURNTmd
w the legendary Mila the hash queen of Amsterdam @ the @HIGH_TIMES_Mag #cannabiscup

with @ayweber7 and @edrosenthal at the @HIGH_TIMES_Mag #CannabisCup

A 5 Strain Tasting with #NaturalRemedies Denver #CannabisCup

Marijuana News ‏@WeedFeed
FROM WEB: 80000 Expected at 420 Weed Rally in Denver

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

Denver's 4/20 Rally Grows Up
Sales of recreational marijuana may be legal, but organizers of next weekend's 4/20 festival in Denver — billed as the largest in the world — have a fine line to walk.

They nearly got the two-day event canceled after the organizers' attorney asked the city to endorse public pot-smoking by attendees.

4/20 in Denver: The Rise of a New Entertainment
As Denver musician Wes Watkins booked springtime shows for his gospel-tinged band the Other Black, one date on the calendar took absolute priority.

"I decided that we had to play 4/20," Watkins said of the stoner holiday known as 4/20, or April 20. "We played last 4/20 at 11 o'clock at night, and it was a laid back and silly show because everybody was so tired and stoned.

“The View's” Whoopi Goldberg Pens Column on Cannabis Use
“My vape pen and I maintain a mostly private relationship"

Denver: Pot-Loving 420 Rally This Weekend
If you're celebrating Easter this weekend in Denver, you might also ingest a bit of the city's pot-celebrating 420 Rally that has been expanded to a two-day event this year.

The 420 Rally, once an underground event but now very much above ground, embraces Colorado's Amendment 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use when it was signed itno law last year.

From Demon Weed To God’s Plant
Jesse Stanley sees marijuana as “God’s plant.” He is one of five brothers—all alums of an evangelical high school—who grow medical marijuana from their two dispensaries in Colorado Springs, Colo. As he put it to the website FaithStreet: “God is moving in the hearts of men and women and children around the world about this plant in ways that I never would’ve imagined.”

Marijuana Measure Could Boost Florida Democrats
Why Do Democrats Defend Nixon's Drug War?

Are Baby Boomers Ready To Give MJ a Second Chance?

Medical Marijuana Entrepreneurs Decry Fees
Pot Potency? Boomers' blissfully unfazed by mere facts

MMJ Trade Show Draws Big Crowd To Bangor
Bangor, Maine -- Entrepreneurs, caregivers, physicians, patients and people who believe pot should be legalized for recreational use packed the third annual Home Grown Maine trade show Saturday.

Sponsored by the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine, the show featured a combination of exhibitors and workshops. Information offered ranged from information on greenhouses and grow room construction to security systems to organic cultivation to business formation and taxes.

If You Support Legal MJ, Memorize These 13 Stats
we can finally start to put some hard numbers on the industry's value.

U.S. Legal Pot Sales To Hit $8 Billion A Year
CO Legalized MJ Tax Revs Ahead of Expectations
Medical Marijuana Entrepreneurs Decry Fees

This is all the gossip does…

Northern Va. Families Move to Colorado
For the parents of children with intractable epilepsy, the stream of constant seizures, emergency room visits and powerful medications can become a demoralizing blur. Beth Collins of Fairfax County said her teenage daughter suffered as many as 300 epileptic seizures per day.

“There were days when I just laid in bed with her and prayed,” Collins said, “and watched her because I wasn’t sure what would happen.” Now, the seizures have all but stopped. Each day, Collins gives her daughter Jennifer a dose of medical marijuana oil from a syringe, as any parent might administer liquid medicine to a child.

Happy 420, Belated Happy Bicycle Day and Requiescat In Pace Jack Herer

Denver cops pledge greater presence, "discretion" with smokers at annual 4/20 rally

Maybe not all Denver cops are taking a pledge.

Reefer Madness alive and well in Colorado as media, cops makes pot connections in recent deaths

Does researching casual marijuana use cause brain abnormalities?

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

A 420 Easter dwr

This is, of course, a special day. That is true whether you are celebrating the resurrection of humanity’s Savior a couple thousand years ago, or enjoing a plant that humanity has celebrated for a couple thousand years. Or both. Can it really be a coincidence that Easter falls on 4/20 in the year that Colorado, Washington, and Uruguay all legalized cannabis?

These two things have more in common than one might think. After all, the existential epiphanies one encounters through a religious experience are not dissimilar to the existential epiphanies that can be enjoyed through the properties of cannabis, and both can help induce a state of both excitement and peace.

Of course, over the years, many humans who represent organized religion have tried to claim that being a good Christian is incompatible with drug use. And yet… Jesus drank wine.

As a kid, raised in the church, the son of a preacher who believed even ocassional use of alcohol was a sin, I asked about the fact that Jesus turned water into wine. I was told something to the effect that most water at that time was dangerous to drink due to contamination, so wine was necessary and safer, while today, we have modern purification processes and don’t need to drink wine. A gullible kid, I accepted that, until later in life, when I asked “Hey, wait a second. Couldn’t Jesus have turned water into clean water? Certainly he was as powerful as Brita! No, he must have chosen wine for a reason.” Even at his last supper, Christ drank wine with his apostles. Drug use was an important part of sharing and coming together as friends.

(On a side note, I think it’s also telling that Christ was extremely harsh on those who abused the financial system for their own self-interest, while he was much more likely to be friends with, and providing help to, the fringes of society — the exact opposite of our judiciary today.)

Throughout history, mild drug use has served to bring people together, to foster friendships, to stimulate creativity and dialogue, and to celebrate peaceful coexistence. These things are clearly not at all incompatible with being a good Christian.

Yes, there are those who abuse drugs, just as there are those who abuse religion. Both can have the power to be extremely dangerous when misused, and it makes sense that we don’t want the irresponsible ones to harm others. However, we should never condemn all those who use drugs because of the self-destructive behavior of a few, any more than we should condemn all those who believe in Christ because of the bigoted and violently hateful actions of some who proclaim themselves to be Christians.

Have a euphoric and safe Easter this 4/20.

Marijuana Has Come A Long Way Since Last 4/20
CN Source: Huffington Post April 20, 2014
By Matt Ferner and Nick Wing

What a difference a year makes. From 4/20, 2013, to 4/20, 2014, marijuana has taken big steps out of the shadows of the black market and into the light of the mainstream -- from record high popular support and the first legal recreational sales, to an entire country legalizing marijuana.

Here’s a look at the last 12 months of marijuana milestones: continued

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Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard
Team Coco is proud to present the 4/20 world premiere of the music video for Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard's instant classic: "It's All Going To Pot" - the first single off their new album Django and Jimmie, produced by Buddy Cannon.

"It's All Going To Pot"

Willie Celebrates Pot With a New Song

Nation gears up for 4/20 celebrations

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Why We Celebrate Weed On 4/20

Retweet if you are celebrating #420

Happy 420 Day! May your cotton mouth be quenchable and your munchies delectable

Best Places To Celebrate 4/20 In America For Stoners, Occasional Smokers, And Everyone In Between

The Ultimate 4/20 Event Guide

My 420 Tours welcomes you to World Cannabis Week!
@Denver420Week #My420Tours #WCW420

Vancouver Art Gallery Becomes Marijuana Farmers Market for 4/20 Protest

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Why We Celebrate Weed On 4/20

10 best marijuana strains for 4/20

4/20, marijuana smokers' national holiday, explained

4/20 - a day for marijuana by Thom Hartmann


Volunteer For 4/20 Vancouver 2015

All Things 4/20
Online searches for Denver hotel rooms around the marijuana celebration date of April 20 are soaring, according to data from booking website

420 Canadian 2015 Rally List

4/20: International Day of Cannabis Freedom

4/20 @ 4:20

6 Events in Texas for 4/20 weekend
420 Texas
April 20 is fast approaching, and there will be some marijuana friendly events happening that weekend in Texas.

The 420 Radio Show ‏@The420RadioShow
"‘Huge leap’ Thursday for Georgia medical marijuana proposal" #The420RadioShow #itsyourlifestyle

Kiss Me Im Highrish
TMZ 197 Mar 17 2015
Skip getting your drunk on tonight and get blazed instead with The Mernahuana Zone.

Opus Presents The 420 Lifestyle:
St. Phatties Day Puff Tough Extravaganza

Updated Map of Seattle-Area Recreational Marijuana Stores

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard
"It's All Going To Pot"

It’s all going to pot
Whether we like it or not
As far as I can tell
The world’s gone to hell
And we’re sure gonna miss it a lot

All the whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee
Just doesn’t hit the spot
I gotta hundred dollar bill
Friend keep your pills
Cause it’s all going to pot

That cackle-bobble-head-in-a-box
Must think I'm dumb as a rock
Readin' the daily news
While I'm kickin' off my shoes
It's scarin' me outta my socks

The Red Headed Stranger I'm not
But buddy, let me tell you what
Ask ol' Will, he'll tell ya here's the deal
Friends, it's all goin' to pot

Well, it’s all going to pot
Whether we like it or not
Best I can tell
The world’s gone to hell
And we’re all gonna miss it a lot

All the whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee
Just doesn’t hit the spot
I gotta hundred dollar bill
You can keep your pills, friend
Cause it’s all goin' to pot

Well I thought I had found me a girl
Sweetest little thing in the world
But all my jokes went up in smoke
When I caught her makin eyes at Merle

He said, sweet little honey
With her eye on your money
She's gonna take every penny you got
I said she's never gonna get it
Cause I've already spent it
Merle, It's all goin' to pot

It’s all going to pot
Whether we like it or not
Best I can tell
The world’s gone to hell
And we’re all gonna miss it a lot

All the whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee
Just couldn't hit the spot
I gotta hundred dollar bill
You can keep your pills, friend
It’s all going to pot
I gotta hundred dollar bill
You can keep your pills, friend
Cause it’s all goin' to pot

Songwriters: Buddy Cannon
Jamey Johnson and Larry Shell

DdC's picture
Mar. 22, 2012 1:39 am

The America I Knew Has Almost Disappeared

Like an alcoholic family that won't discuss alcoholism (and proving Don Quixote's warning to never mention rope in the home of a man who's been hanged), far too many Americans are unwilling to acknowledge or even discuss the ongoing collapse of democracy in the United States.

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