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The Progressive message to its detriment lacks a solid scientific foundation that cannot easily be corrupted of dismissed by the Machiavellian noise machines. "Fairness" is a cry in the wilderness. Consider grounding the political narration tn the biological scaffolding of Evolution. From this scientific perspective there exist a wedge, a tool of sound of sound reasoning to cut through the potitical smoke and mirrors, caistoc rhetoric, lies, etc. I know, esoteric, evolutionary denial, disinformation... The following is the epilogue from a copyrighted as yet unpublished experimental (in that it looks to excape the restrictions of normative fictional prose) literary work.

Thought challenge: Start with a bell curve then imagine separate bell curves placed at every five minute intervals on the face of a clock. Each bell curve representing both your individual strengths and weaknesses. Next imagine the clock a circle of three hundred sixty degrees. Each degree the origination point of another bell curve of strengths and weaknessed collectively corresponding to the communities you are connected. The circle morphs into a sphere where every point on the surface being the genesis of new bell curves of strengths and weaknesses. Consider this image the visual representation of the nolecular scaffold of evolution in support of life's possibilities, diversity, and proclivity to respond to changing chance environments, Inherent metaphoric analogy: The whole is greater and the sum of its' parts - the parts are greater than the sum of the whole. Exactly what does this mean? The whole is the pool and wellhead of possibilities while the individual parts are the potential responses in support of the whole in any givenmoment of situation in time. Apply the narrow examples of recent human history in relationship to disease like the resistance to the Bubonic Plage that killed millions. Thankfully not everyone was susceptible to infectious pathogens. The same can be said about today's Aids epicemic or for influenza. Consider the genetic disease Sickle-Cell Anemia and malaria. If an individual inhered a mutational allele cell deformation from one parent that individual would derive benign limited resistant advantage to a malarial infection. On the other hand if the individual inhered the same cell deformation from both parents the chances of that individual reaching fit reproductive age... not likely. A more mundane non medical example might be an individual who excels at what he or she does in their environment but is incapable, do to a genetic quirk, of conceiving how to tie a simple knot like a square knot, a half hitch, a shoelace... In one situation - deemed highly sucessful. Given a different set of circumstances - a potential genetic dead-end. The crux of this thought exercise speaks encyclopedic volumes about our noral and fiduciary responsibilities on how we choose to reasonably govern: politically, culturally, environmentally, in an intellectually honest manor and the very genesis of solid economic stability. Hint - incase the point somehow has been missed - our first responsibilities to lif in general and ourselves as a species can not be realistically achieved over time by way of topdown narrow illusionary world view ideology nor by some powerful self-servicing individual or elitist group's etiologist rule in denial of the principle building blocks of life. To overlook or dismiss this fact is to lose in the end. The overall way forward to sustainable responsible future can only be achieved by embracing the ultimate role, strength and depth the genetic pool provides. We ignore the lesson gleamed from evolution's biologic methodology at our peril. Rest assired life is influx and will respond by way of the possibilities imbedded in the genetic pool. The question begs: Will the response be in mankind's favor?

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May. 17, 2012 7:13 am

Where is Donald Trump's Worldview Leading Us?

I want to step back a little from the constant strum of the latest Trump scandal to the most recent outrage, the Trump constantly popping into the news literally every day. I don't remember this during the Obama administration or any other presidency frankly of my lifetime.

Every day they look for some way to get in the news even if it's negative.

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