Family Courts. What few of us know and how we indirectly pay for pedophilia with our tax dollars.

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I appreciate the time taken to read this. It is my hope that you will all have the time to read the investigative article below.There seems to be a great deal of fraud, abuse of power, and general corruption occurring in the DCF and Family Courts across this country (not all of them, but enough to challenge your faith in humanity). Abusive fathers are being awarded custody of their children so long as the mothers are willing to fight on and on and on in the rigged family court system, enabling the judges, court "experts", GALs, and other court designated officials to continue their racket. The racket is what is most fascinating. Although the article below focuses on Connecticut, I have never before read in such detail how it is all set up.

The judges seem to be conducting this racket based on the widely discredited theory of "parental alienation syndrome" where they can accuse the protective parent of doing the actual harm as opposed to the abuser. The abuser then becomes the victim. The protective parent fights on, feeding the cycle. The judges liquidate assets (sometimes illegally) to pay for the fees of all their cronies and then seal the court documents so no one can discover their agenda.

Just a few minutes on Google, and this racket seems to have cropped up everywhere in the US. Why not? The type of thinking that created "Parental Alienation Syndrome" fits well with all those who would support political candidates that want to take us back to the 1950's. Insert doctors (or "experts") who can convince others of it in court and we have the beginnings of a case that will never end, netting lots of money in overinflated fees by court designated officials and all those involved in the racket. What is more egregious is the awarding of federal grants, supplying billions of dollars, to the family courts.

As a taxpayer, parent, and survivor of childhood molestation, I do not want my money to fund a pedophilia ring, nor do I wish it to destroy the lives of so many children and devoted parents (the wars are bad enough). It is my hope you all will have the time to not only read this, but maybe on a slow news day, bring it to light for others. Thank you for all the work that you do.Sincerely,


Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


80 pages is probably going to exceed the twitter limit which will rule it out for many, but it takes less time to read them than to watch that whole KONY video that was so widely viewed.

Perhaps they could condense the presentation and EZbutton it into a video to enable wider public consumption.

As for the taxpayer aspect, much like the P.I.C. & Kids for Cash schemes, since the malfactors' businesses are considered to be adding to GDP - we can see why neither party has done anything about it when it's their turn to be at the helm of the Administrative Branch.

No idea if we will ever see a National Unit that puts its people before propaganda again. I miss those days and that Country.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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