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I'm not sure why Tom gave Paul Cameron any of his precious national syndicated radio time. This is how describes Paul Cameron and his organization:

"The Family Research Institute is a homophobic hate group that presents itself as a think tank and chaired by Paul Cameron, a former psychologist who has been kicked out of and censored by professional associations for his misrepresentations of scientific data to advance his homophobic views."

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Apr. 19, 2012 5:49 pm


Real credentials or not, for me he didn't pass the smell test. (credibility, not personal)

Re the 'gay by choice' people;

First, your guest is trying the old bugaboo of gay as pedophile to damn by association.

Rape of a child shouldn't even be considered as sexual. It is violence and the results of it are the results of a trauma.. A really sad or sick viewpoint on that.

As to sexual orientation being a choice, I'm sure it is nothing new but have always thought a good analogy would be left or right-handedness. Someone can make a concious choice to practice one or the other, also, some have been forced into living as the opposite of their natural orientation. It can even share that word. Some people are ambidextrous, others may try both but settle on one... it goes on.

The Marcus Bachman's of the world are like the teachers who rapped knuckles to get kids writing 'the right' way. To deny the same marriage rights is like saying that somewhere in the bible it says that a man's partner shall sit at his right hand, so if you are left handed, sorry, we can't call that a marriage.. Makes about as much sense.

Rick in Canadia, where we have of course been declining in our morals and society since making gay marriage legal... still waiting for the sky to fall.

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Rick in Canadia
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

I ran into those using Paul Cameron's 'credentials' to show that science was on the side of homophobia in the mid-70's, and he was already discredited by reputation and later would be professionally discredited by his peers. They do not do this out of disagreement or religious conviction that they know the revealed truth. As psychologists, they embrace a wide range of theory and practice without imposing the kind of "thought control" Cameron claims to be the victim of at their hands.

I think he is deluded and does believe that he has science on his side. His "lies" are just not good enough to pass the good liar test. With Cameron, you can see the misuse of statistics and presumptions about the experiment and data with sophomoric clarity. Were he really good at lying, he would do a much better job of hiding them behind plausability. This stuff is only credible to those who really want to believe it really badly.

Lacking any personal interaction or observation of Paul Cameron in a human context, I have no idea how well the correlation between opposition to gayness by psychologists and therapists and the gayness of the professional person is in his case. While I doubt it is one to one, when the therapist and/or psychologist is proposing a "cure" to gayness, it gets close in my experience. Cameron could be getting enough satisfaction from being a heretic or martyr held in esteem by the shrinking lecture market of the homophobic. While it shrinks, there is money to be made keeping the prejudices and myths alive.

The Cameron interview seems to have sparked a number of calls, so maybe its radio worth is greater than anything Paul had to say. I was bothered that Thom had lent his respectability to this bogus pseudo-scientific fraud. It may be that I had enough time back then to learn what he is about and who he represents. If others begin to appreciate the black hole of science on the Right, considerable clarity could be gained on the issues of civil rights and marriage equality. No longer would anyone be able to 'warn' against gay men and children or connect pedophelia to gayness.

If you were offended by Cameron, please speak up in public to others about all the homophobia you run into in your daily life. It is "marriage equality," not "gay marriage." It is "equal rights," not "special rights" or even "gay rights." It is about love and stable relationships, even "family values." It is even about the evolution of the "kinship system" to include the larger family. There is absolutely nothing here to fear, nothing esoteric to what we know and embrace as human, only another barrier removed. Like "women's issues," "gay and lesbian issues" are not side issues because they are about our homophobia, not really whether there enough victims mobilized to force us to notice.

Apr. 26, 2012 12:15 pm


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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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