Riddle Me This! (Chemtrails)

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OK... I just walked my doggie. I notice that in the night time sky their appears to be a "chemtrail". It's 4 AM. (I'm working terrible hours at my job.)

In the 1 hour it takes for me to watch the sky and then type this message to you... there are 13 chemtrails in the sky. 4 AM to 5 AM CST.

Almost all of the chemtrails are going SOUTH to NORTH. I live in Chicagoland. Of the 100 or so jets that cross over my house... WHY is it that only 13 are leaving permanent chemtrails? 11 are North to South, 2 are West to East.

Shouldn't ALL of the jets be leaving "trails" behind in their wake? They are ALL traveling in the SAME time and space, right? If it's "pollution"... then ALL of them should be leaving behind the SAME polluted path, right?

WHY aren't they, then? WHY!


You do understand what I am saying, right? I am not "seeing" things. A minute number of jets leave permanent trails... the majority do not. Get it?!?

If it's just "exhaust"... then Chicago should look like a permanent cloud of SMOG because of all the air traffic!

It's NOT exhaust. It's NOT normal pollution.

This is controlled spraying.

Why else would the formations be "tic tac toe" like?

How would "normal" exhaust/pollution START and STOP to form "grids" in the sky?

Listen, I don't know "WHY" their are chemtrails over my house. I just know that their are.

Are they part of HAARP? How would I know!?! Are they from MONSANTO to kill independent farmers crops? How would I know? Are they some sort of cancer/asthma/alzheimer/autism Agenda 21plot? How would I know? Are they doing it to combat global warming... again, How the HELL would I know!?!

All I know, is that there are "CHEM-"F'n"-TRAILS" over my "F'n" HOUSE!

If you do not have chemtrails in your skies... God bless you. I do, however... have them in my neighborhood.

OK. Let's go with the "troll conspiracy" that is currently so popular on this site. Remember a "JayReynolds" that posted a singular thread about "Why wouldn't we find Aluminum everywhere?"? Remember that? (Type your fat fingers and do a search if you don't!) Anyways... So "some guy" goes to a "PROGRESSIVE" web site to say that CHEMTRAILS are hoaxes. Then... he's NEVER heard from again.

Why would someone do that?

I wrote a thread called, "JAY REYNOLDS WHERE ARE YOU?" and it was taken down (not by me).

Why would 13 chemtrails be in my sky and not a hundred? What is SO different about those 13 jets?

I clearly do not believe in the global warming/carbon tax/Agenda 21... so WHY would I make this stuff up? I've got better things to do! I'm not a tree hugging hippie! Why would I spend so much time investigating this if it weren't happening?

This didn't used to happen in my neighborhood. This is a recent situation.

Maybe "ABCee" knows WHY it's happening... I do not. All I know that it is real. It is over my house... RIGHT NOW! 5:28 AM NW Indiana.

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm


Quote Fletcher Christian: What is SO different about those 13 jets?
Most likely the altitude at which they are flying.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Contrails form when a jet is travelling high enough in the air that ice crystals are sucked into the engines and when mixed with the heat of the engine creates a steam upon exhausting. It has to be around 30,000 feet so not all jets show signs. That is how contrails are formed. If you are getting contrails at lower altitudes then there is something else afoot. I know that they've been cloud seeding for years in an attempt to produce rain and that could be a part of it. I have also heard the theory abour "seeding" the atmosphere with aluminum in order to help sheild sensative electronics from radioactive solar activity. In theory this is possible because semiconductors which are the heart of all of our electrical equipment these days are very suseptible to radiation due to their low voltage usage. However, I don't think you can actually put enough material into the air to provide much of a "shield" from solar radiation.

The poisoning theorys are too hard to swallow. If you poison the atmosphere and the water supply then EVERYBODY is exposed to it including those being accused of such a thing. I don't buy it. Anyway those are my thoughts on chemtrails (contrails).

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Jun. 25, 2011 7:53 am

I first heard about chemtrails about 10 years ago and dismissed them as wacko. Then, here in Socal about 2 years back I noticed a jet with a contrail that disappeared in about 1 minute after it appeared like it should. I then noticed soon after that contrails that didn't disappear. They actually stayed intact and spread out for hours. Several appeared at cross diagonals to each other so I knew they weren't clouds. I've seen both periods of high spraying and no spraying. So I believe something is going on-but what?

May. 8, 2012 12:06 pm

lovecraft - That's exactly where I am at with this puzzle. I'm doing other things to try to find out more... that's a secret! Ultimately... I want to bring a law suit. It seems that's the ONLY way to get things out in the open these days is in a court of law and under oath with penalties that have "teeth". (BYW... that's also the MAIN reason that I am NOT a Libertarian. We can't go in "after the fact" and try to fix things then. We need rules that are proactive and fair from the START. I hope that makes sense.)

I am trying to find out where they are taking off and landing and what "banners" they fly on their jets... if any.

All I know is that I "noticed" them about 3-4 months ago.

I understand the different altitudes. I understand flight pattern "grids". I have been reading and watching videos on the subject. So I am learning a lot at a rapid pace.

I KNOW this... there are jets spraying on certain days. Other days there are none. There hasn't been 1 week that there isn't "any" spraying going on.

Like most things that are "shady"... I am AMAZED at the "lack" of talk in the media about it.

ABCee posted a GREAT video on another thread. That shed a lot of light on the situation. It also explained that the weathermen across the nation DO know about chemtrails. They claim that their jo is to report "clouds". So, that's what they do. Clouds are "clouds" no matter if they are "natural" or man made. So they can report that it is "partly cloudy with NO chance of rain."

I find these times we're living in to be EXTREMELY fascinating and equally disturbing.

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

I grew up just a short distance from what is now Grissom AFB. I lived on a farm, and spent my life watching planes come and go across the skies above my farm. DON'T BELIEVE all these naysayers who speak contemptuously about there being no chemtrails! They are (at the very least) misinformed, and at the other end of the spectrum, being PAID to tell those of us who really DO know the difference between contrail & chemtrails, that we're all conspiracy theorists or just crazy. I began taking photos of the chemtrails over my home in SoCal in 2002. My uncle, who lived 2/3 of the way across the country, was a retired military flier for the USAF. When I sent him the first time-lapse videos of the way these ugly chemtrails were criss-crossing the skies above my canyon, turning our perpetually deep blue skies into milky-colored ones from horizon to horizon, he was astonished. He still had good friends in the AF, so he contacted some of them and showed them my videos. The old-timers who were his age said they'd never seen anything like this! They knew it wasn't anything natural for jets to be doing, but none of them had heard any scuttlebutt about what they were. So these patriotic, war-conditioned retired pilots began asking around... They were told everything from, "It's a new mixture of bio fuel," to, "This isn't something you need to know, so stop asking about them and let it alone." My uncle worked hard to gain some viable answers for us, for the next 8 years, inspite of warnings from current AF personnel. Two years ago my uncle - a man who was in top physical condition at 75 - was having a routine check-up at his local military hospital; he suddenly suffered a massive heart attack. He was not in the midst of a stress test, or any other activity at the time which could have triggered this medical emergency. He died at the military facility he'd been depending upon for his good health, all the years since he'd retired. His wife, even now - two years later - has never been given a reasonable explanation for his sudden demise. But friends who attended his military funeral told her they believed his death was not an accident, and that he'd been warned on several occasions to cease inquiring about the mysterious artificial clouds which, by that time, had begun showing up over his own hometown in Mississippi.

Chemtrails are indeed REAL. They are poisoning our atmosphere, harming everything from the air & the soil to the wildlife. The food we now purchase that's labled "organic" may indeed have been grown to be so, but the chemtrail toxins are in all the water and the soil, as well as the air needed to grow the fruit & vegetables. There is no escape from the residuals from it. Gastroenterologists are reporting a tremendous uptick in the number of esophageal and stomach problems being treated; pulmonary specialists are seeing an uptick in normal children, young adults, and Baby Boomers who have been healthy all our lives, and are now being plagued with health probems which began AFTER chemtrails started appearing in the skies over their areas of residence. Perhaps those who cannot face the truth of the evidence which is being collected are simply too frightened to think that something insidious could be deliberately contaminating our world, but others of us - we who have spent our lives photographing this beautiful country for many years - are the ones who are not only suffering from the side affects of these toxins, we have PROOF in our life times of photographs that there is a tremendous difference between the contrails we watched dissapate in our youth, and these chemtrail clouds which obscure the daytime skies and are often so thick after dark, we cannot even get clear photos of the Moon and the stars.

I'd like to believe that the original intent of the chemtrail dispersants was to shield us from a weakened magnetic shield to deflect abnormal sunlight, and perhaps to control weather patterns for the betterment of mankind, and that those who first became part of this clandestine project - including Congress when they funded these dispersants - had no idea what severe medical problems would result in the lives of populations of the countries over which these chemicals are now being dispersed, several days a week. But with the county health departments gathering information on accelerated health problems being noted by medical centers all over the world, how can our local, state, and federal legislators not know by now that these chemicals are harming all of us? How can something hopefully originally intended for the greater good of all humanity, be continuing, now that all of our health is at risk?

Don't allow the naysayers to cause you to doubt what your eyes, your bodies, and your worsening health problems are telling you! There really ARE chemtrails, and they are damaging everyone one of us, with every breath we take and every meal we consume.

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May. 16, 2012 6:10 am

Today, May 16th 2012 was the MOST chemtrails that I have ever seen in my life! They started at around 6AM and lasted to about 8 AM. There were SO many that it was hard to count. I estimate around 30 - 40 that covered the ENTIRE sky.

I live about 30 minutes South of Chicago (in NW Indiana). The previous "most" I had ever seen was just yesterday. There was about 13 - 20.

I took a lot of pictures of them today. But I don't have good equipment (yet) to really document these properly.

From EVERYTHING that I've read... including yours BARBIE... I am leaning towards a HAARP type of program or a Monsanto/independent farmer takeover program.

The reason I even contemplate the HAARP connection is because there is a NATO summit coming here in Chicago. I didn't notice ANY lines in the sky that dispersed into fake clouds until about 4 months ago. Maybe that's a coincidence. I REALLY hope that I am wrong on this one. Because if the HAARP can do what "they" say it can do... there's NO hope.

The Monsanto/farming takeover is my number one belief. (As of now... that could totally change with more information.)

When one watches the films, "The World According to Monsanto" or "David versus Monsanto", you will realize just what's at stake here. If one government/corporation could monopolize the food producing industry... it would be more important than owning the banking system or the military. We ALL have to eat and drink water. So that's where the REAL power lies.

My personal theory goes like this... Monsanto GMO's are "resistant" to what's being sprayed. The independent farmers crops are not. Monsanto farms thrive while independent farmers are forced to sell. Isn't this the OLDEST trick in the book? Bring down the price... then buy it up!

This theory of mine is based on what I have seen with my own 2 eyes. I know that there are independent farmers in Indiana and Illinois. I also know that they FIGHT the powers that be (Monsanto). I actually KNOW farmers that have fought the corporations for years. I was born in Gary, IN and grew up in a small farming community township in Indiana. I've moved back to Gary about 16-17 years ago.

When I drove through Illinois a month ago down I-57... the ENTIRE sky was chemtrailed from Champaign-Urbana down to the Southern end of the State. Nothing but farm country on either side of I-57.

So that's why I am leaning towards the takeover of the farming industry.

THANK YOU so much for your work! God bless you. I actually feel better after reading your post. Thank you, again. This "troubles" me SO much... the ramifications are mind boggling. Thank you again... please don't give up.

If I can learn about this... so can ANYONE else. (I'm "really" not smarter than anyone else on this site... it's just so much fun pretending to be! I'm sarcastic and immature a little too much... I'm working on it.)

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

Oh! Yeah... one more thing that was different today.

After the CHEMTRAIL BOMBARDMENT had ended for a moment... (within 3 minutes) there was ONE helicopter that flew through the area.

Does that ever happen in other areas of the country?

Also... I wrote about seeing chemtrails in the movie, "The Adjustment Bureau". Do you know of any other movies that chemtrails have made CAMEO'S in? "Ancient Aliens" also had a chemtrail scene in one of it's shows. It had a still of the Vatican and it's skyline was etched in chemtrails.

There certainly aren't any in OLDER movies/shows... that's for sure! I'm a movie nut! I would've noticed them.

Open challenge to the doubters... show me an older movie with chemtrails and fake clouds.

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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 12:49 pm

I hate to go all X-Files, but something is going on.

May. 8, 2012 12:06 pm

Chemtrails has some information, and Jay Reynolds is referenced in the more reading section at the end, along with some pilots versions. The article doesn't take a position, but helps ask questions that have not been answered.

pilot's view

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

There's a 1 in 20 Chance of the Apocalypse. Shouldn't We Act Now?

A new study published in Science argues that we as a civilization need to move "rapidly" -- as in almost immediately -- towards a carbon emissions free future if we are to have any chance of holding off runaway global warming:

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