Where is the pack of Female adhd Hunters.............

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I, for a long time, thought i was behind the crowd in managing and understanding my adhd. As a 22 year old who has 2 kids and a husband and house to manage I had to find healthy ways to adapt and understand my adhd so that adhd wasnt my "diagnosis" anymore.

The sun is my anger, my frustration. The moon brings me peace, and calm. I have met them both and am at balance with myself.

I'm not adhd nor am i not. I am a person who has learned how to balance my "symptoms" within a world, I feel in some arenas handicaps me from the sucess i feel i could have. I have thought to myself throughout my life i cant seem to do most simple things. As i intergrate my adhd into who i am, and learn how to function at my best ive started to think "simple things" seemed hard because i may be breed to do epic things.......while wearing my fabulous several inch high leporad and red high heels and bright blue skinny jeans of course.......

BUT where are all the others?????????......where is the pack of 20 somethings, especially females who are adhd and Fabulous??

for me ADHD stands for Absolutley Divine Hilarious Diva.

Maybe there isnt a "pack" because there is no leader. ive tried to find one so i could see how to be adhd and me and i found no options.....and thats the story of when the female adhd mission met my intense hyperfocus.

i would edit this more and check all the spelling but to many times my typed out words have vanised into cyber space, simple things can be the hardest.


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Jun. 9, 2012 11:54 am

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