3 Cheers For Silas Redd!

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Silas Redd is a Running Back who has played for Penn St. It appears that he has decided to LEAVE the Penn St. "Tickle Monsters" and go to the USC Trojans.

I don't follow ANYONE on Twitter.

But from listening to the radio, the hosts of the show are reading Penn St. player tweets and general Penn St. "fans" tweets.

My disgust has reached a new low. (I'm here to tell you... a LOT of things 'disgust' me! So this is saying something.)

Silas Redd is being lambasted by the folks from Pennsylvania via "social media". He's being called, a coward. He's showing his true colors, etc...

You know what? Maybe his "TRUE COLORS" are that he is directly opposed to CHILD ASS RAPE! Maybe he is ASHAMED to be associated with a culture that protects and ensures the CHILD ASS RAPERS!

The NCAA decided NOT to give the University the "death penalty". If hindsight is really 20/20, then that decision was a HUGE mistake!

One of the few things that the NCAA has done right, was to allow these players to LEAVE the program that protects CHILD ASS RAPERS.

So a player has decided to leave.

If the University had any moral character, they would follow this kid's example and LEAVE as well! I'm talking closing up shop for all things football. The received a penalty of 12 Million Dollars a year for 5 years. That "slap on the wrist" punishment is a JOKE! A sick, disgusting, perverted joke.

What also makes me want to HURL... is that this "movement" is being spearheaded by the YOUTH! They "youth" are the ones that are circulating "We are, Pissed Off!" Instead of the usual, "We are, Penn St!". See, they think that they are being punished too severely. "THEY", the students who a privileged enough to receive "higher education" are the VICTIMS... not the boys who were ASS RAPED by an OLD RAT BASTARD and then "protected" by a group of OLD RAT BASTARD'S!

This group of YOUTH is actually SUPPORTING THE ESTABLISHMENT... not rallying an anti-establishment agenda, like I "used" to think highly educated people tend to do. I have come to learn that are education system is getting what it's paying for!

If you think that our school system is a mess... what do you think of the kids who succeed under this system? They go on to a NEXT level of this SAME type of system, and then they are "perfecting" this broken system with every graduating class. This IS what they are paying for. This is the GOAL! They are achieving their goal.

Bottom line... This "banality of evil" could not be clearer and more easily understood.

The fans of college football in this region is MORE outraged at the thought of NOT being able to "tail gate", than they are with MAN ON BOY ASS RAPES that were going on just buildings over from that stadium!

There are SO many lessons to be learned from this. I don't think we'll learn a Damn thing from it. But, hopefully I am wrong. The lesson to be learned here is that BLIND TRUST is so Damn dangerous that we should NEVER do it (on any level) again. This false respect for false authority is destroying humanity. It's easy to spot for us outside of this Pennsylvania bubble.

We should turn that eye towards ourselves and what we are BLINDLY TRUSTING.


Don't take my word for it. Look this stuff up. Look at the OUTRAGE at this kid for leaving Penn St. Where was that SAME outrage for children who supposedly were in a CHARITY?!? You know, "CHARITY"... systems that are set up to HELP people out, only to be MAN ON BOY ASS RAPED! Where was that outrage!?! But now, people are openly talking about taking away Saturday Football Games! Now, "THAT'S" a reason to become outraged!

I could rant about this for days.

Why didn't that BIG, JOCK, red headed former QB not BEAT that OLD RAT BASTARD off of that child in the shower!?! How does one just, "walk away"?

God help us all.

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 11:49 am


Think about it from this angle ... Silas Redd thinks that he has a better path to the NFL by transferring to USC than if he had stayed at Penn St, with the 20 scholarships they lost each year over four years because of the penalties imposed by the NCAA. And Redd also wants to be seen by scouts and NFL execs playing in bowl games on tv in his remaining one or two years of his college football career (the school is barred from bowl games for two more years after that), which he could not achieve if he had stayed at Penn St.

So please, don't imply Redd is doing this because he is against child rape ... who isn't ? I sure am. He is doing this for a more All-American reason than that ... for the dollar dollar billz, y'all. Plain and simple; he may not be the only one to do it for that reason. Redd was seen by most as the prize catch off that roster, and USC gets him, which puts him in a larger tv market than if he had stayed put. USC will be able to make more money off this kid than Penn St could, so by supporting this move, you are indirectly stoking the fire of the college football machine you seem to hate, Fletcher.

I think the criticism Redd is getting from the fans for transferring is wrong. Just as wrong as imposing the "death penalty" on the Penn St football team for a year or two would be, as was expected by some; why penalize innocent local business owners that benefit from doing business with the team and its fans ? And why penalize the current players and coaches who had no part in the abuse or the coverup ?

I was visiting family a couple of hours drive south of State College that Friday night when the local news cut into network programming and said the verdict was in, and would be announced soon. After the announcement, Sandusky's attorney was speaking to the crowd outside of the court house, which was carried live on the local news. When he made the mistake of saying this verdict amounted to a death sentence for his client, people clapped and cheered ... not the reaction he expected, i guess.

Jul. 7, 2011 11:13 am

That's why I used the word, "MAYBE". 7th paragraph. I am not surprised at people's inability to listen.

I don't HATE college football. I never said that. I am opposed to CHILD RAPE. You are opposed to CHILD RAPE. You know what... there are OBVIOUSLY some people that AREN'T opposed to CHILD RAPE because the FACTS tell us that they knew it was happening and decided NOT to act!

I don't know Silas Redd.

Yes. The "Death Penalty" for football at Penn St. University would hurt local business. And...?

If these local business's are making money off of a group of CHILD RAPIST, should they? I used the word "group" because it is MY opinion that NO ONE who ISN'T into CHILD RAPE could institutionally sit on their hands and WATCH IT HAPPEN! Maybe I am wrong on that. Maybe the "banality of evil" is that strong. Maybe this false respect for false authority figures can let CHILD RAPE occur.

But the reality of this situation is that there were multiple people who KNEW this was happening.

Since multiple people KNEW this was happening, and decided to NOT stop it... for whatever reason... there has to be an awakening.

This awakening that MUST take place is that a human being is special.

If the "banality of evil" has numbed us to the extent that we can turn a BLIND EYE towards an OLD RAT BASTARD RAPING A BOY IN THE VERY SAME SHOWERS that the football team uses... then we must be awoken from our dangerous slumber.

If local business has to suffer in order for this awakening to occur, so be it.

C'mon! A boy was raped by a man... and the folks at the highest levels of authority in Penn St. allowed it to continue. Because NOT stopping it, NOT reporting it, is allowing it to continue. How can this be allowed?


It's a very clear "line in the sand". Either MAKING MONEY is more important than stopping CHILD RAPE, or it's not.

Our highest education system that we have, has said that MAKING MONEY is more important than CHILD RAPE. It's the highest education system that we have... right? College education is supposed to be what we want for our children to aspire to, right?

God help us all. We're so fucked!

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 11:49 am

The evidence of our decadence and human depravity is EVERYWHERE!

It's rampant in all of our authority figure systems.

Every institution is corrupt.

It's top/down corruption.

It is SO rampant that "we" accept this behavior as "normal". We use double think to lie to ourselves and support it.

It is NOT "normal"!

CHILD RAPE by our religious, educational, government authority figures is NOT THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!

This is too much. I totally feel like throwing the towel in. I want to "drop out".

I want to become Amish! But... that's the equivalent of "hiding your light under a bushel", isn't it?

I've reached such a level of disgust that I feel overcome.

Think about it. Do you think that there is ONE police force ANYWHERE in this nation that doesn't have at least ONE cop that is corrupt? I don't. It doesn't matter how small the force is. It doesn't matter how small the town.

Cops, Military are training to kill you. Tanks in STL. Our religious institutions are RAPING our children. Our education systems are RAPING our children. Our government hates us. Our health care doesn't care. There is NO privacy anymore.


It's like "Rosemary's Baby". The ENTIRE building is "in" on it! There's NO ONE to run to and seek shelter. Even the kind old resident's and doctor, your husband... EVERYBODY is "in" on it.

I guess the RADIOHEAD song sums it up best, "The 'best' you can is good enough".

The best you can is good enough? I hope so. Because that's all there is. If it's "not" good enough... well, what a waste, huh?

If I do believe that a human being is special, then I have to believe that the "best you can is good enough".

I guess that's "FAITH".

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 11:49 am

You do realize that Clinton's "Safe Family Act" that revamped our foster care system hands children up to pedophiles on a silver platter, don't you? In most states, they only have to prove a vacant bed to become a foster parent.

It used to be that grandma could step in if there was a problem. However, if she can't prove an ability to provide medical care, she no longer can. The state picks up the medical tab and ships them off to a stranger. Qualifications? Do you have a spare bed?.

It eliminates that terrible "welfare payment" to a relative.

At least Colo. finally stepped up to the plate several years back and began some minimal background checks on potential foster parents. Pedophilia/Foster Care were becoming interchangeable words.

Most states still don't even do that! If yours doesn't...get the legislation passed to deal with it.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

I am aware of that.

That's why I included the "government" in this all out corruption.

At first, I scoffed at the notion that "diplomatic immunity" was enacted to protect pedophiles.

It's too crazy for a logical, moral person to comprehend, right?

I'm not scoffing now. There's too much logic/evidence that for these pedophiles... there is SAFETY IN NUMBERS.

They band together and slap each other on the wrist when one of their own gets caught.

Guys... 12 Million Dollars over 5 Years for allowing a MAN TO RAPE A BOY!!!

Damn, Damn, DAMN!

This is TOO MUCH! This is a call to action. Do not... in any way... allow a Penn St. ANYTHING to go unchallenged.

If somebody wants to talk about a high stakes college football game, interject Penn St. into the conversation. Make people squirm. Rub their banal, evil NOSES in it!

I will NEVER refer to the Penn St. Football team by it's official nickname. I will forever refer to them as the Penn St. "Tickle Monsters". That is what Sandusky said to his BOY victim before he ANALLY RAPED HIM IN THE SHOWERS THAT THE FOOTBALL TEAM USES!

So rub people's noses in it. It's time for this notion that because YOU know that something awful has happened, and YOU decide to talk about it (to expose it) that somehow, "YOU" are the one who gets looked at strangely to END!

YOU are opposed to CHILD RAPE. I am opposed to CHILD RAPE. It has NEVER BEEN CLEARER that there are WAY MORE people that we used to think are NOT opposed to CHILD RAPE! They are all for endangering our children. They do this... because THEY LIKE IT!!! They "get off" on it. They are a bunch of SICK, PREDATOR, PEDOPHILES that need to be exposed by the light of day and SHAMED out of existence.

THEY are the ones who should be locked up to protect the herd. THEY are the "real" dangers to society.

WE are not in positions of authority (maybe because we are opposed to CHILD RAPE) but what we can do is to EXPOSE this to our neighbors and realize just how many sick, predator, pedophiles are REALLY out there and "where" they are hiding out. They are hiding out in positions of authority.

They are hiding behind the "lab coats" of authority that is the very bane of of the "banality of evil".


Read this link. Become angry. Question whether or not you are participating in the Milgram Experiment.


I will NOT! I do NOT recognize their false authority!

Fletcher Christian's picture
Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 11:49 am

Fletcher in the Raw,

I was raped as an infant, a child, and as an adult.

I take deep offense at your opportunistic ranting, which seems to be your forte.

What is the purpose of this beyond latching, remora-like, to subjects you find controversial? To me, you are simply saying Look at me Look at me Look at me.

anonymous green
Jan. 5, 2012 10:47 am

Where is Donald Trump's Worldview Leading Us?

I want to step back a little from the constant strum of the latest Trump scandal to the most recent outrage, the Trump constantly popping into the news literally every day. I don't remember this during the Obama administration or any other presidency frankly of my lifetime.

Every day they look for some way to get in the news even if it's negative.

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