left wing violence

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Quote workingman:

I have never heard anyone on the left condemn any violent act from the left they have tried to blame the right when the person or persons using violence have been squarely on the left. Peacful protest turns into a riot it on the left, gun man goed into a school shoots the place up the left. Riots at political gatherings the left. Most people on the right ignore hate groups until the break the law. There are some wacko that attack istead of just protest but thst is no where near as bad as the left.

You ignorant fool. You pretend something, then you pretend it's true, then you rant about it.

Go spit, idiot.

anonymous green
Jan. 5, 2012 10:47 am

Workingman is a TROLL!!!

All he's doing is making outrageous statements and getting all of us to respond to him.

Let's just ignore him. He will wither, go limp and fade.... if we ALL stop responding to his idiotic baseless emotion-baiting statements.

delete jan in iowa
Feb. 6, 2011 11:16 am
Quote workingman:I noticed that you left off all of the leftwing riots, rapes,shooting and other forms of violence

Left-wing riots are peaceful marches until the thugs start busting heads. I don't think rape comes in political packages. Maybe GOP women think so. As far as shootings, strictly speaking the stereotypical liberal you are so afraid of is also against guns so in your little world I don't see how they can shoot anyone. Forms of violence, like Monday night football? Smoking doobies listening to music? Protesting corporations taking our resources and trashing our land? You know, the ones you worship. Yes I do believe you are a gopher for fox. You tune in handjobity or o'really and then scamper here to bash peaceful people with it. You side with those taking our taxes, as long as its for the military or prison industries and not the infrastructure they wreck.

Buy from wallmart commies taking our jobs overseas. You traffic in chemical poisons aborting farm wife pregnancies and howl at the moon with FRCn nazi's perpetuating prohibition. A troll usually has a motive, I don't think you have the ability to get paid for it and have no point other than on your head. So are you so boxed up and rigid in your mind that nothing new is ever aloud to enter? Or is anything natural in your tiny pigeon hole world? Artificial existence from your store bought gun to your frankenfud. If I was religious I'd say your christian god's creations are more for you to piss on than steward.

Most who went through the demonstrations against the war or nukes or pipedreams, went in peace. To exorcize our right to speak out against oppression or have our grievances heard. Black Panthers were nonviolent and only used rifles as a defensive measure. Most of their activity was taking care of the poor that the government let slip through the project cracks. Protesting a vietnam police action with the hippies who were also non violent. Yippies were more comedic relief than terrorists. The weathermen and sds never shot 4 college kids like the nat guards did at Kent State. As far as I know any acts of violence was directed to buildings not people. Those hurt were collateral damage, not intended victims. Unlike the military carpet bombing knowing they will create collateral damage.

When someone protects themselves it is not usually seen as a left-wing act. Even though most of the violent acts requiring protection come from the right-wing cops, militia's and good ole boy rednecks. You might be better off teaching peace to your own rather than whining about non existent hobgoblins. I haven't punched anyone in the face in over 42 years, about the time I started smoking pot. Ain't easy in this day and age but I know my actions are what I have to live with. That doing violence on others brings karma I have to shed. I try to avoid karma, especially if it requires I be nice to idiot teabog ditto's spewing falsehoods for their corporate messiah's. Stop the BS dude, all of your silly rumors have no reality base. They don't even make sense. Lke the other goofball trying to bash liberals with non liberal labels. Those poor rich you protect or the rich poor stealing from the workers you hallucinate over.

Workers you bash for wanting a living wage while you kiss up to the bossman gleeful and giddy over what they give you. Regardless if its less for those without a penis. Or those having more skin pigments. Quick to jerk the flag that you got from wallmart. Made in China from Middle Eastern crude oil plastic spewing dioxins on kids. Taking more American jobs. How patriotic is that goober? Same with siding with Big Pharma over homegrown or Big Ag over traditional conservative organic food. You're a plastic person dude, no reason to even call yourself an American if all you do is hate what it stands for. Liberty must be like having poison oak for you. The thought of non caucasians having sovereignty must itch like hell. Why live in a place based on individual freedoms when you obviously want big bro telling you how to act and what to think and smoke and wear. I'd feel sorry for ya but I don't feel sorry for ignorance that is so easily cured. Must be that liberal violent streak I have.

Thank God for Hippies

DdC's picture
Mar. 22, 2012 12:39 am

Bossman is the bottom of the barrel. Ignorance wrapped in certainty.

Apr. 26, 2012 11:15 am

Let's not forget there is violence that isn't politically motivated too or at least only indirectly. That's the violence by the person who can't find work, is at the end of their rope and feels pushed into a corner and lashes out. Sure the press will jump on anything that suggests they are of a certain political persuasion even though they might have been apolitical. I think we're going to start seeing more of this since our economic system has failed and is collapsing quickly.

captbebops's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

Trump Is Using Racist White People To Make The Rich Richer

There is this whole mythology that Donald Trump came to power because 53% of white women voted for him, because 66% of white working men who didn't have a college degree voted for him.

That may be, but those are not his constituents. Those are his suckers. Those are his rubes.

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