Corporate Abortions

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Since the topic of pro-life, pro-choice and abortion have come up a couple of times recently, I got to wondering. If a corporation is a person, when is it born and when does it die or does it ever die? I would assume it is born at the moment of incorporation. But could its birth be at the moment it is first conceived of by the eventual incorporator? And, if it is sent into bankruptcy and dissolved, does that represent its death?
Does this mean that a potential incorporator who decides to drop his idea of incorporating a business for some reason is actually aborting that idea and that potential person? Is he guilty of killing that corporation before it gains personhood? Should he be prosecuted for that act? If the corporation, once incorporated, fails and is dissolved, is that murder or euthanasia? If a venture capital company buys the corporation to strip it of all its valuable assets is that rape? If the venture capital company then sends the corporation into bankruptcy and dissolution, have they killed it? Are the acts of venture capitalists, as legal persons, rape or murder prosecutable by death or imprisonment?
Are we creating a new area in which lawyers can become involved? Will we see an entire industry of lawyers devoted to prosecuting and defending these potentially heinous acts by both fictional and actual individuals against fictional individuals? How would we investigate such crimes? I mean, some of the acts of aborting corporations at inception but before incorporation (birth) would require almost telepathic talents. And if these are now legally illegal abortions, how could the actual person held responsible be forced to under-go forced invasive ultrasound tests? What would that test involve – a probe up the nose and into the brain?
Could it be possible that fictitious people, such as Bain Capital could be held responsible for the termination of another fictitious person by a fictitious lawyer in a fictitious criminal court presided over by a judged specializing in fictitious law?
It seems to me that the absurd decision to declare legal fictions such as corporations to be persons with the same rights as actual, breathing, eating, dancing people could have opened up a much more complicated bag of worms than we had ever envisioned. But then I’m just an old guy with a skewed outlook on the world

Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


Great points, I may use some of them on other boards. Loved it!

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May. 2, 2013 10:18 am

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