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The government is about to change the rules to allow Fox News to expand its empire! The plan could be approved at any moment, so we need to act now to stop it.

The owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, is gearing up to buy the Chicago Tribune and the L.A. Times to corrupt our democracy with more of his right-wing propaganda. Until now, federal law didn’t allow someone who owns a television station to also buy a newspaper in the same market. Unbelievably, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is thinking of creating an exception to the rule that would let Murdoch sneak through.

The FCC has tried this twice before, only to be stopped by public backlash. Let’s stop them again. Send a message to the FCC right now before they vote to give Murdoch more power:

The current FCC rules prevent any company from owning a major daily newspaper and a television station in the same market. This is an old and sensible rule designed to prevent any one person or company from controlling too many of our information sources, and thereby undermining healthy democratic debate. But the FCC is considering a "waiver" to that rule that would allow a baron like Murdoch -- who already controls enough media to dominate American public opinion -- to expand his empire in the country's second and third largest cities.

The FCC Chair claims he needs to make these changes to comply with the FCC's Congressional mandate and that it won't actually help Murdoch, but that's wrong. Although companies that already own one of the top 4 TV stations in a given market won't be allowed to take advantage of the new waiver, and FOX is in the top 4 in many markets, it's the number 5 channel in LA and Chicago -- so the rule is almost perfectly designed to give Murdoch a pass in the two places where it's been reported that he wants to buy major papers.

We take pride in America’s diversity, yet 6 giant corporations control more than half of what we watch and read every day -- down from 50 companies three decades ago. The perils of media consolidation are already on clear display. Local newsrooms are closing, investigative journalism is collapsing and diverse viewpoints are shrinking from our airwaves.

The FCC was created to protect our free media, not drown it. Let’s shower them with a wave of public comments to abandon the waiver proposal, and bring the people power needed to kill this poison on our media diversity:

Any thriving democracy gives its citizens the fundamental right to choose between truly diverse sources of media. Last year, Avaazers in the UK helped stop Murdoch's power grab through a huge public outcry. Let’s unite now to protect US democracy from Murdoch and other media barons once and for all.

With hope and determination,

Mia, Allison, Ian, Emily, Ricken, Pedro and the rest of the Avaaz team


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The Corporate Muzzle
Trolls of Fascism

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Mar. 22, 2012 12:39 am


12 Unbelievably Awful Things Fox News Did This Year

2012 was a dismal year for Fox News. The PR arm of the GOP failed to fulfill its prime directive: advancing the interests of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. It spent much of the year constructing an alternative reality that left millions of its flock in shock when President Obama won an overwhelming reelection. It refused to accept the facts on the ground and denigrated polls (even its own) when the results conflicted with the fictional narrative it was peddling. And perhaps most painful of all, Fox surrendered its ratings lead to MSNBC. Two-thirds of its primetime lineup (Hannity and Van Susteren) dropped to second place behind the competition on MSNBC. continued


Fox was clearly operating at the top of its capacity to distort and deceive.

1) Romancing Petraeus: Fox News CEO Roger Ailes tries to recruit for the GOP.
2) Fox News produces its own anti-Obama video.
3) Question for Fox News: How much rape is too much?
4) Fox News conning Latinos for politics and profit.
5) Fox lies about military access to voting in Ohio.
6) Graphic evidence of the racism of Fox News: racial photoshopping.
7) The polling schizophrenia at Fox News.
8) Fox News psycho analyst: Newt Gingrich’s adultery means a stronger America.
9) Fox News airs hour-long commercial for anti-Obama film on Hannity.
10) Fox News “Democrat” Kirsten Powers accuses Obama of sympathizing with terrorists.
11) Fox News spinning furiously on unemployment rate.
12) Fox opposes ban on assault weapons but imposes ban on talking about it.


GOP 'Acomplishments'

Fox Fakes News - Union 'Violence' Staged
It's time for us to recognize (as if we haven't already) that the GOP is not a good-faith partner in government and stigmatize their behavior accordingly. They have been treating democratic constituents as enemies for some time now. For example, they have abandoned running on the principles of their ideas and instead, focus on punishing/eliminating their political opposition to win power. This idea is inherently UnAmerican and makes my stomach turn.

We won the election; its time for us to play hardball. So I think we should call these tactics out for what they are: Gestapo Politics. The Gestapo used secrecy and deceit to punish/eliminate political opposition, and maintain power. The GOP is using these same deceitful tactics to punish democratic constituencies. For example:

Right-to-Work (Rob-the-Worker): Spun as “pro-worker”, but really a shot at core democratic institutions responsible for organizing, messaging and boots on the ground.

Voter ID: Spun as “protecting the vote”, but really prevent democrats from voting.

Election Rigging (Gerrymandering): Quietly punish democratic voters by developing congressional districts that maximize GOP turnout and marginalize Democratic turnout, so that 1 vote ≠ 1 vote. House Democrats won over a million more votes than GOP House members, but still are in the minority (Giroux, 2012)?

Rig Electoral College: Remove “winner take all” clause from election rules in democratic states to distribute electoral votes based on victories at the congressional level. Since house districts have been rigged to elect republicans, this is another way of ensuring 1 GOP vote > 1 Democratic vote. Such a plan in Pennsylvania would have awarded 13 of its 20 electoral votes to Romney, despite loosing statewide by over 5% (Millhiser & Israel, 2012).

Voter Disenfranchisement: Spun as “protecting the vote”. Make voting in democratic areas hard by under supplying polling places, purging voter registration roles in democratic areas, reduce the number of polling places in democratic areas etc, etc.


Stealing America: Vote By Vote
Tell Holder: Protect Every Citizen's Right to Vote!
Using the drug war to keep blacks from voting
Trading Sex for a "F--cking Happy Meal?

Americans Against the Tea Party


First it was Dirty Harry. Now Walker, Texas Anger
Chuck Norris Warns of '1,000 Years of Darkness'

Conservative Addiction Good, Liberal Addiction Bad!

TOMMY CHONG: Whatcha in for, man?
RUSH LIMBAUGH: Dealing in drugs and being an addict. I bought synthetic opiate painkillers illegally and became addicted to them.
CHONG: Really? Rush Limbaugh an addict? Wow!
LIMBAUGH: What are you in for?
CHONG: Selling glass.
CHONG: No, glass. With an 'L'

Like everything funny, there is great truth to that little skit. Tommy Chong, at 65, is in prison for six months for selling marijuana bongs over the Internet. He shouldn't be in prison. Limbaugh is not going to serve a day in jail. He shouldn't, either.

Conservatives Have Larger 'Fear Centers' in Their Brains

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Mar. 22, 2012 12:39 am

I signed it

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

DdC - My prayers have been answered!

You've finally brought up a topic that wasn't centered around herb!

As usual, you're right on target!

Right before Rupert got the pie in the face, he was being GRILLED and humiliated by that English panel that was investigating his papers unethical practices.

BTW, there's NO WAY that wasn't staged! That pie in the face provided the distraction away from the important issues he was facing. Nobody remembers the questions he was posed or the answers that he gave. All anyone remembers is the pie in the face.

Pie in the face or prison? I think I'd opt for the pie in the face, too!

I was waiting for someone to goad him into admitting guilt. Here's all it would've took:

"Mr. Murdoch, How many media outlets do you own? Television, books, newspapers, etc?"

RM - "Quite a lot."

"Mr. Murdoch, How many employees do you have working at those media outlets?"

RM - "Thousands upon thousands."

"Mr. Murdoch, You own many media outlets in many different countries, right?"

RM - "Yes, I do."

"Mr. Murdoch, given that you have so many media outlets with thousands upon thousands of employees... it would be inconceivable for you to know what's going, on all of the time, for every entity that's under you, correct? I mean... that would be IMPOSSIBLE, right?"

RM - "That is correct."

"Who's fault is that?"

RM - "Pardon?"

"Who's fault is that? No one made you own so many media outlets, right?"

RM - "Well... right..."

"You do reap the financial benefits of these media endeavors, do you not? Millions upon millions of dollars, right? A fortune?"

RM - "Yes. I do make a living but..."

"So you admit that you reap the rewards from these media outlets. You admit that you own too many to keep track of. You admit that no one forced you to expand your media empire. The buck has to stop somewhere. It stops with YOU, Mr. Murdoch! You are the one who decided to overreach! Your ignorance of the law does not free you from responsibility. Are you not responsible for your actions? Do your deeds not have consequences? What makes you any different than anyone else? Why shouldn't you be held accountable for your actions like everyone else?"

RM - "Where the HELL is that pie!?!"


How the likes of George Soros, Warren Buffet, Henry Paulson, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, Ted Turner are not rotting away in a prison is beyond me!

It just goes to show that there really is an "Invisible Empire" running the world. They are above the law.


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Fletcher Christian
Feb. 15, 2012 11:49 am

I remember Michael Copps as one of the 5 at the FCC who was the voice of reason during hearings in Washinton. He still is despite not serving since 2011.

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May. 29, 2012 11:50 am

So you think You'll Get a Tax Break, or tax cut? Really?

A letter was sent out recently by the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians.

You're not hearing Breitbart News or Common Dreams - right or left - organizations or news sites with a point of view other than that they are committed to healing people.

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