What kind of Gov. prosecute patrioted whistleblowers and won't prosecute "To Big To Jail" unpatrioted economic terrorists??

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The logic speak for itself, the kind of government we have going after the good guys and leaving the bad guys alone, is control by the "bad guys". Can anybody argue with that logic?? Can anybody argue with who crimes has cause the most suffering between the whistleblowers vs the economic terrorists?? Obama/Gov. do you represent the people or "To Big To Jail Economic Terrorists" ??(look at the logic?) What morality is the Gov. using to make a crime of "exposing a crime"?? Is it the morality of a criminal??

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


Great point! Great challenging questions!

The "too big to jail" gang has been taking over our government.

The fascist facilitator group ALEC is one technology used to do this.

So is the feverish neo-con/neo-liberal corporatism of BOTH parties.

And their joint clubs, like the Council on Foreign Relations, tie it all together for a GLOBAL REACH of this re-creation of a feudal world.

ANY whislteblower who points out that wrong-doing, corruption and fascism have been taking root in the military or in "intelligence" or any other agency of government, for that matter, is demonized and called a traitor-terrorist-extremist-etcetera.

The favorite claim is that "corporations are amoral". And, then, the same is said of SOCIOPATHS/criminals;: They too are "amoral" since they have no conscience and so are incapable of caring about the pain/suffering/destruction their wrong choices cause; SOCIOPATHS only fake normality and morality in order to navigate in society so they can blend in while they are plotting and perpetrating their crimes.

Tayl44, you've got the essence here in your post! Because there is no difference between corrupt corporate behavior and criminal behavior. Criminals and the Fascistic Corporate Culture prove themselves to be incapable of a moral core; because their prime sociopathic behaviors of victimizing others in schemes of crime for profit and profiteering are expressions of total ANTI-SOCIAL behavior and predation. "Bad Guys" INDEED!

Thank you for your BLOG!

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

It is a government in bed with the economic terrorists and seeking to protect it's duplicitious secrets. How has that voting Democratic worked out for you?

Jun. 29, 2012 10:24 am

Well, compared to voting Republican, it is a good thing. Compared to having a healthy democracy, well that is a different matter. Why are you harping on the Democrats while you rarely get tough on the GOPimps? Dyno, you could be better than this. Can't you see that what the Dems are doing is surviving in a crooked game rather than changing the game? Being co-dependent with addicts is not the same as shooting up.

We may be on the way to making a Third Party the only viable option, but what a way to do it, and over so much barking and whining.

Apr. 26, 2012 12:15 pm

Nora #2, thanks. We know the "problems" , now it's time to focus on the "solution". The solution is to "rediect" our resources to benefit "ourselfs" instead of the "problems". Redirect mean "public controlling the economy". The 1% control of the economy is "destroying the 99%". Dyno #3, criminals have political labels? Drc2 #4, i think political parties should be obsolete, labels can mislead. I think "ideas" should be the focus, they can be "tested" to see if they're Ok. I think the idea of "public banking" should be put to the people, as far as testing public banking, the "Fed" already is proof it's "A-OK". Can the 1% get richer after the Fed bail them out(2008) with "the people being the collateral"?? PS Ellen Brown have "Public Bank Solutions" book out now, all should read it.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

The "Better Deal" Platform

Democrats like Chuck Schumer say they're serious about putting the interests of working people first.

They say their new Better Deal Agenda puts the interests of working Americans first.

But are they doing enough to help out America's labor unions?

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