RadCast radiation readings - November 14, 2013

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According to RadCast.org, the radiation waves we heard about yesterday continue to bring erratic levels to different areas of our country. Today, levels in Eastern Colorado are hitting 57 counts per minute, and spiking at 75. In the Southwest, Chino Valley, Arizona is hovering at 55, with spikes at 70 counts per minute, and Henderson, Nevada is seeing spikes of 59. Closer to the East Coast, Charleston, West Virginia is seeing 43 counts per minute, with spikes of 56, and Huntsville, Alabama is hitting 42, with spikes at 57 counts per minute. RadCast also reports that there was a safety equipment failure last week at a nuclear fuel fabrication plant in Richland, Washington. Although personnel at the plant say that any radiation release was “negligible”, some uranium particles were released in that area because of the failure. The corporate news won't report on this vital information, but thankfully RadCast.org is working to keep us informed.

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