Conservative shennanigans in Colorado schools advances

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You may be aware of the mess that is the Douglas County School Board. Now, DougCo and national conservative backers have successfully gotten conservative majorities on two more Colorado school boards, in Jefferson County and in Loveland. The now both have engaged with a law firm in Colorado Springs run by a conservative attorney who is a big supporter of charter schools. Jefferson County has already signed a contract. Loveland's board votes tonight to take the unprecedented step to add a six-figure line item to an established budget that is already stretched incredibly thin. And it will be rammed through by new board members who ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility. This is the latest incursion by conservatives who have an agenda of busting teachers' unions, diverting funds to their cronies and charter schools, and ultimately finding a way to access taxpayer funds to pay for private religious education via vouchers. I'm happy to send more information - the Denver Post and the Loveland Daily Reporter Herald are both covering the issue, but it seems that a broader swath of sunlight on this trends would be a good thing.

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Dec. 18, 2013 1:03 pm

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