Prayer for America

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How can people pillage

... murder ... rape ...

all in the name of the LORD?

Awesome Holy Host Whose Name I Do Not Know

Will you suffer wounded souls to heal ...

Can you forgive our trespass ...?

Inspire our vision -- Please

Dispel this ignorance -- Wisdom

Endow our hearts with Compassion

Empower our lives with Truth ...

Hallowed Breath of Life

Embrace this child who wanders

still lost -- at such cost ...

Secure this vessel -- Inspire her song

Absorb her fears -- Bestow her tears ...

Ocean of Most Wholesome Love

... Cleanse ... Consecrate ...

Bless your Children with Peace

In the Name of All That Is True ....

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k. allen
Nov. 19, 2012 11:57 pm


The problem with prayer it gives the believer the false belief that he/she is actually doing something. It satisfies a brief need to do something which should be satisfied by action, not prayer. I submit that if people who pray knew it was futile, they might actually go out and volunteer or make a donation that would really help society. I would rather see action than people on their knees talking to an imaginary friend.

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Mar. 13, 2011 4:37 pm

'Awesome Holy Host Whose Name I Do Not Know'

'Hallowed Breath of Life'

'Ocean of Most Wholesome Love'

... for me, these represent powers of creation
I cannot begin to name, define or even comprehend
beyond this moment of perception ... not 'imaginary friends'.

Sometimes, the best action is inaction. Try telling that
to a runaway train, banging into and breaking everything
as it rolls on down the tracks and off into who knows where

... and give thanks that someone like me can find peace
and true ground in such a prayer - so maybe I can contribute
something of value to this culture beyond the confines of
my own obcessive, regressive, destructive personality.

Food banks and soup kitchens are good - they have served me well
over the years. I give back in every way I can, and will continue to so do.

That said, first and foremost
... this is where I stand in prayer ...:

Heaven ... Earth ... Breath of Life

... in this moment i stand,
held by heaven holding earth
... I am horizon embracing earth
in all ... i feel the embrace of heaven
... surrounding ... pervading all ...
large and small, in every atom, every star
... near and far away ... throughout the night,
every day, lifewinds blow through with every breath.

I live ... I die ... One breath at a time
... winds of life keep carving this passage
through me ... life waters continue to flow

... I give thanks ... ask only for guidance
to be worthy of this gift ... to live it well
... in peace ... this is the ground of being
for me - whatever I think, feel, say or do.

...this doesn't seem futile to me, though granted,
if 'its all in the mind' anyway, maybe its a way to
focus imagination/intention for positive purpose,
life and good health ... especially if you live
on that slender threshold between life and death
(( ... who does not ...? )) ... awareness of
and gratitude for the breath of life itself
becomes paramount - even singular ... as does
the ability to relax ... to let go and let flow
... which I find vital and necessary
to live in any kind of health.

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k. allen
Nov. 19, 2012 11:57 pm

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