"Hemp Seeds Planted in Kentucky Following Dispute"

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"Hemp has turned legitimate in Kentucky, where researchers are starting to plant test plots that will help gauge the economic potency of the non-intoxicating plant banned for decades due to its family ties to marijuana.

As part of the comeback, University of Kentucky agronomy researchers planted a small hemp plot Tuesday in central Kentucky. The seeds used were part of a shipment from Italy that was released last week after a legal standoff between Kentucky's Agriculture Department and the federal government.

Elsewhere, a test hemp plot affiliated with Murray State University in western Kentucky has also been planted, using another seed source, state agriculture officials said.

Statewide, about 13 acres of hemp plots are expected to be planted in coming days, said Holly Harris VonLuehrte, chief of staff to state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer. The state Agriculture Department is looking into possibly arranging more hemp seed shipments into the state, she said."

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Mar. 3, 2011 11:42 am


US House Votes to Prohibit DOJ From Interfering With State Medical Marijuana or Industrial Hemp Programs

After a long debate that had the US House of Representatives in session until after midnight, the lower chamber of Congress cast a historic 219 to 189 vote to restrict the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration from using taxpayer funds to interfere in state-sanctioned medical marijuana programs.

US House Votes to Prohibit DOJ From Interfering With State Medical Marijuana or Industrial Hemp Programs

House Votes to Prohibit DOJ From Interfering With State Medical Marijuana or Industrial Hemp ProgramsAfter a long debate that had the US House of Representatives in session until after midnight, the lower chamber of Congress cast a historic 219 to 189 vote to restrict the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration from using taxpayer funds to interfere in state-sanctioned medical marijuana programs.

THCFoundation ‏@thcfoundation
U.S.: Congress Votes to End War on Medical Marijuana Patients and Providers | Hemp News http://fb.me/6wtQb8jsF

The US House of Representatives late Thursday passed a measure that would prohibit the federal government from interfering with states' medical marijuana laws.

The bill is the first time in history that any chamber of Congress has acted to protect medical marijuana businesses and users. It also got bipartisan support: 170 Democrats and 49 Republicans voted in favor of the bill.

Jeannie Herer ‏@JeannieHerer
The House just voted to protect medical marijuana patients from federal interference http://www.vox.com/2014/5/30/5763654/the-house-just-voted-to-protect-med...

“Approval of this amendment is a resounding victory for basic compassion and common sense.” – NORML’s Erik Altieri on tonight’s vote.

NORML US House Votes to Prohibit DOJ From Interfering With State Medical Marijuana or Industrial http://tinyurl.com/onpp755

LEAP ‏@CopsSayLegalize
House Blocks #DEA From Targeting Medical Marijuana http://huff.to/1pq47ng The first of the reports on the vote.

"When was the last time someone was killed over a tobacco or alcohol deal gone awry?" – Sam Harris pic.twitter.com/W1HMaiQO4V

US House of Representatives debating amendments to defund medical marijuana raids and remove fed industrial hemp restrictions.

My Congressman truly is a representative...
Thanks Sam...

NORML @NORML .@RepSamFarr - "This is essentially saying, if you are following state law...the feds can't just come in and bust you." #EndRaids

.@RepSamFarr - "This is a practical reasonable amendment in this time and age." #FreeMMJ

.@RepThomasMassie - "Isnt it ironic that 1000lbs of cocaine and heroin cross borders but #DEA thinks seizing KY's hemp is worth their time?"

.@RepBonamici - "It's rope, not dope. I urge an 'Aye' vote." #YesToHemp

.@repblumenauer (in support) - "There are a million americans with legal right to medical marijuana, problem is fed govt gets in the way."

US House votes 237 to 170 in favor of prohibiting DOJ from using funds to prevent cultivation of industrial hemp in states were it's legal!!

US House votes 219 to 189 to prohibit DOJ funds from raiding or interfering with state medical marijuana programs. #VICTORY OaksterdamUniversity ‏@Oaksterdam
VICTORY! US House votes to #DefundTheDrugWar

.@DanaRohrabacher - "Some people are suffering, if a doctor feels he needs to prescribe, it is IMMORAL for this govt to get in the way!"

.@RepBarbaraLee "This is the right thing to do, the democratic thing to do. Enough is enough." #EndTheRaids

.@RepBarbaraLee - "it's past time for DOJ to stop unwarranted persecution of medical marijuana and put resources where they are needed."

.@RepBarbaraLee - "I rise in strong support of this bi-partisan amend. This will provide much needed clarity to patients and businesses."

.@RepPaulBrounMD (in support of ending raids): "Marijuana is less dangerous than narcotics we are prescribing across this country."

.@RepJaredPolis - "Let us have access to the seed to ensure...the next crop of hemp products is made in America." #HouseFloorDebate #hemp

and the prohibitionist employees

.@RepFleming - "There is no widespread accept use of marijuana for medical purposes."

To: @RepFleming Medicine Hasn’t Found Anything Wrong With Pot

Possibly the most-studied substance on the planet

Drug Worriers preferred methods of treatment…

Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74
The DEA quickly shut down the Virginia study and all further cannabis/tumor research. In 1976 President Gerald Ford put an end to all public cannabis research and granted exclusive research rights to major pharmaceutical companies, who set out — unsuccessfully — to develop synthetic forms of THC that would deliver all the medical benefits without the “high.”

FDA-Approved Medical Marijuana Research Blocked Dec 15 01
On December 6, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) prevented a privately funded, FDA approved medical marijuana study from taking place by refusing to allow the researcher to purchase marijuana from a legal source.

Federal agency blocks FDA-approved marijuana research for veterans 04 October 2011

.@RepAndyHarrisMD - "this is like me saying instead of giving you penicillin, telling you go chew on some mold." #What? #CantMakeThisUp

.@RepFleming - "This is an extremely dangerous drug for our children and for future generations." #ReeferMadFleming

.@RepGoodlatte (in opposition to industrial hemp)
"The amendment is unnecessary and inappropriate." #BooThisMan #HempForAmerica

To: @RepGoodlatte Electing Idiots?
High on Hemp
Hemplastic or Fossil Fools Crud

.@RepFleming (in opp. to ending raids) -
"If we want to make a statement on the 10th amend fine, don't do it on the backs of our kids." #Boo

To: @RepFleming Just a slimy trail of corruption
Facts About Hunger and Poverty

Recreator Celebrates Hemp History Week with Bringing It Home Movie and the Indiana Hemp Industries Association -... http://fb.me/6tSViGePK

Vote Hemp

URGENT Please CALL or WRITE your Representatives in Congress
Support the Hemp Amendments to the CJS Appropriations Bill

Facebook page!

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Mar. 22, 2012 12:39 am

Hopefully Harry won't block this one.

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Mar. 3, 2011 11:42 am

KY is an interesting mix right now. Big on Medicaid expansion and their state brand for Obamacare. Sens. Rand and Mitch, a sort of Rightie odd couple. Tea Party and Hemp seeds. Yup, and I don't have my file of Indiana based KY jokes, but I do remember the Arkansas state flour being bizquick. Anyway, it gave Hoosiers somebody to think they were better than.

As the heady intoxication with the Tea Party reaction and the real world collide, I expect many Southern and Red States to find their radical paths leading to disasters. Acting out will no longer be enough, and actual solutions to actual real world problems will be required. Hemp and sanity in KY are signs of hope that a new brew is in order.

Apr. 26, 2012 11:15 am

House Gives A Raise To DEA As Congressman Asks Why via

Results for #HR4660

US Congress Votes to End Federal Medical Marijuana Raids
The bill with the medical marijuana protection amendment now has to make its way through the senate. Recently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) voiced his support for medical marijuana.

There is a long road ahead for this bill but with outspoken Senators like the Honorable Corey Booker and Patrick Leahy, there is a high probability of significant change coming to federal marijuana policy in the near future.

Project ScAM tweets their reaction:

We’re disappointed in the House Rohrabacher amendmt which allows marijuana grown in public parks, Colombian cartels, etc. Will Fix in Senate

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Mar. 22, 2012 12:39 am

here’s the friends and foes list from the vote

from the RollCall blog:

There were 49 Republicans who voted “yes” on the medical marijuana amendment, jointly sponsored by Rohrabacher; Sam Farr, D-Calif.; Don Young, R-Alaska; Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.; Tom McClintock, R-Calif.; Steve Cohen, D-Tenn.; Paul Broun, R-Ga.; Jared Polis, D-Colo.; Steve Stockman, R-Texas; Barbara Lee, D-Calif.; Justin Amash, R-Mich.; and Dina Titus, D-Nev.

Of the 172 GOP “no” votes, five came from members of leadership: Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California, Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, Conference Vice Chairwoman Lynn Jenkins of Kansas and Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam of Illinois.

Fourteen votes in opposition came from committee chairmen. They were:

Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp of Michigan
Judiciary Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte of Virginia
Financial Services Chairman Jeb Hensarling of Texas
Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa of California
Education and the Workforce Chairman John Kline of Minnesota
Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan Wisconsin
Ethics Chairman K. Michael Conaway of Texas
Veterans Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller of Florida
Agriculture Chairman Frank D. Lucas of Oklahoma
Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers of Kentucky
Rules Chairman Pete Sessions of Texas
Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce of California
Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul of Texas
Armed Services Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon of California

The “no” votes from senior Republicans indicate that despite marijuana’s increasing embrace by the mainstream, the GOP establishment continues to bristle at the concept. It highlights just how difficult it could be for Congress in the near future to pass any more expansive legislation addressing marijuana legalization, at least as long as Republicans control the House. In fact, consideration of the amendment to the C-J-S appropriations measure was only made possible because the underlying bill was brought to the floor under an open rule, meaning that anybody could force an up-or-down vote on a germane amendment.

Rep. John Fleming, R-La., who said recently he would fight the District of Columbia’s decriminalization of marijuana, also voted “no,” along with fellow Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise, who serves as chairman of the Republican Study Committee.

Republican opposition votes even came from those who hail from Washington and Colorado, which legalized marijuana completely, and from California, which is one of 22 states with a robust medical marijuana program. California Republican Reps. to vote “no” included Paul Cook, Jeff Denham, Doug LaMalfa and David Valadao. Republicans from Colorado to rebuff the amendment were Cory Gardner, who is running for Senate, and Scott Tipton. Dave Reichert from Washington also voted “no.”

There were, however, some influential members among the 49 GOP lawmakers who voted “yes,” including one member of leadership: Republican National Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden of Oregon.

Two committee chairman voted in favor of the amendment, too: Natural Resources Chairman Doc Hastings of Washington and Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan.

In addition to Hastings and Rohrabacher, naturally, California Republicans Duncan Hunter and Tom McClintock also voted in favor of the amendment. So did Colorado Republican Mike Coffman.

Another notable vote for the provision was Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C., who is widely considered Scalise’s successor to run the RSC in the 114th Congress. His vote could be viewed in the same vein as that of Amash and Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie, two GOP members who have strong libertarian streaks.

Democrats, meanwhile, overwhelmingly voted in favor of the amendment — with some exceptions.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida gave the amendment a thumbs-down, as did three committee ranking members: Ways and Means Ranking Member Sander M. Levin of Michigan, Agriculture Ranking Member Collin C. Peterson of Minnesota and Transportation and Infrastructure Ranking Member Nick J. Rahall II of West Virginia. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, D-Texas, who serves as chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, also voted “no.”

A number of members from the fiscally conservative Blue Dog coalition were also among those who voted “no.” They included Reps. John Barrow of Georgia, Jim Cooper of Tennessee, Henry Cuellar of Texas, Pete Gallego of Texas, Daniel Lipinski of Illinois, Jim Matheson of Utah and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina.

Rahall and Peterson are also Blue Dogs.

In addition to the medical marijuana vote, an amendment prohibiting the DEA from interfering with state hemp production laws passed with 237 “yes” votes. An amendment prohibiting the DEA from interfering with state hemp research programs passed with 246 “yes” votes.

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Mar. 22, 2012 12:39 am

While facts, reason and economics all call for the moral answer, "reefer madness" and political campaigns are strange bedfellows. What any of these folk actually believe about pot is hard to tell, but some persistent nonsense keeps showing up and it cannot all be political cynicism. Ignorance and fear and bad companions, but having enough 'knowledge' to not know you are ignorant is the worst case.

Apr. 26, 2012 11:15 am

"The Saddest Thing Is This Won't Be Breaking News"

Thom plus logo As the world burns, and more and more fossil fuels are being used every day planet-wide, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels passed 416 ppm this week at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. In the 300,000 years since the emergence of modern humans, carbon dioxide levels have never been this high.
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