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Eternal Life

In the “talking religion with my nephew” thread, uncle of said nephew asked many direct questions about things considered to be central to religion from his perspective. Belief in after life was one such question with perhaps unexpected answers about worms and bird poop from a very wise man unique to his religious perspective:

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You certainly are not a "condemnation" type christian, but you are a 'Christian." And as such, I suppose you believe in an after life. And the experience you will have in that afterlife, is affected by how you conduct yourself in this life.

Is that true?

Sure I believe in an afterlife. The physical form will turn into worm poop and later perhaps a carrot eaten by a rabbit, consumed by an eagle, turned into eagles eggs, the excess excreted and dropped again as poop on someone's head. I'll one day perhaps pay you a visit in a form you'd not prefer.

We are thought...spirit...and I don't know how to explain what my definition of spirit is. An experience of "spirit" leads one to conclude that there is but one manifested in many forms. Spirit, like love, has no physical form and like love can be expressed in a physical form. Some define spirit as that which distinguises a dead cell from a living

Afterlife punishment? I'm concerned about the now. Reward/punishment are in the here and now...and are related to one's inter-actions with the external. Reward/punishment are internal. LIfe is either an amazing wonder and a joy, or it isn't. Is their a sense of self after death? Some monks have suggested that Spirit knows no division when it isn't manifested in physical forms. One day, we'll all know the answer with certainty....or we won't know the answer at all.

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It’s been far too long since Polycarp has graced this site and I would deeply regret his not gracing it once again. I wish him safe passage on whatever journey he is on. That got me thinking about afterlife.

Afterlife via worm food and bird poop is one very rational explanation, but I have always seen it as another. Passing on your wisdom and doling out kindnesses to others such that your influence lives on into perpetuity is another means of eternal life is it not? If so, Polycarp’s influence on me alone will multiply itself like compound interest through me and beyond me into perpetuity. It boggles my mind to consider how many others have been touched by him. When I do, it gives me absolute certainty in saying, “yes, I believe in afterlife” and Polycarp has it in spades.

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