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Those parents that did no research, were blindly obedient to right wing hype, fraud, and deceit (kind of redundant, but the propaganda the grifters peddled was redundant, too) might still not get it. However, the_great_charter_school_rip_off finally_the_truth_catches_up_to_education_reform_phonies is finally getting main stream attention, maybe. Fox and homeschoolers will not be swayed anyhow. When one party depends on ignorance, that party better deliver ignorance to the best of it's abilities.

He concluded that what was happening to York schools more represents a “long con” in which tax cuts and claims of “budgetary poverty” have prompted a rapacious state government to “declare an educational emergency, and then let edu-vultures … pick at the bones of a decimated school system.”

The attack on York City schools is not unique. As an official with the National Education Association recently pointed out on the blog Living in Dialogue, “It’s the same story that played out in Detroit, Flint, and Philadelphia where these ‘chief recovery officers’ or ‘emergency managers’ have all made the same recommendation: to hand over the cities’ public schools to the highest private bidder.”

Then, hiding behind pledges to do “what’s best for kids,” these operators too often do anything but.

Charter Schools Takeover, Corruption Ensues

York teachers and parents have good reasons to be wary of charter school takeover. As a new report discloses, charter school officials in their state have defrauded at least $30 million intended for school children since 1997.

The report, “Fraud and Financial Mismanagement in Pennsylvania’s Charter Schools,” was released by three groups, the Center for Popular Democracy, Integrity in Education, and ACTION United.

Startling examples of charter school financial malfeasance revealed by the authors –just in Pennsylvania – include an administrator who diverted $2.6 million in school funds to a church property he also operated. Another charter school chief was caught spending millions in school funds to bail out other nonprofits associated with the school. A pair of charter school operators stole more than $900,000 from the school by using fraudulent invoices, and a cyber school entrepreneur diverted $8 million of school funds for houses, a Florida condominium, and an airplane.

Looks like PA will be a red state rather than a swing state. Mission accomplished!

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm


Yeah, its not just charter schools either. The writing is on the wall. The plundering didn't stop with the crash of 2008, in many ways it just got started. Get while the gettin's good. Here in Lake Co., CA we have privatized (contracted) court-appointed public defender services. The contract lacks transparence as to how the money is being spent. Now the guy who runs the firm which provides the services is pleading medical disability, and has been arrested for some disturbing misdemeanors.

Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

How To Bring Back A Middle Class

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