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Letter to Self: When Hate Replaces Ideology, Hate Becomes Your Ideology

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Letter to Self: When Hate Replaces Ideology, Hate Becomes Your Ideology

Be careful about your hate. It burns pathways into your brain that your thoughts will forever return to, reflexively, unless you consciously figure out a way to stop hateful thoughts from re-entering your pre-conditioned brain. Hate for a person has a tendency to pose as your ideology when you are debating that person or that person's positions. In the midst of it, you can swear you are having an ideological disagreement, but you are not in fact doing that at all. That may be what it looks like on the surface, but it is often simply window dressing covering a more primitive desire to do battle with a perceived enemy. A primitive urge to hate, to burn hateful pathways in the brain and return to them often, to wallow in them. This tendency likely served us during our long evolution at some point in our brutal prehistoric, reptillian past. But in our current form, hate is a completely useless emotion. In this point of our evolution, it amounts to low-level mental impairment. Examine hate in yourself. Ask yourself why you keep letting your mind go to hate for people. Those hate pathways are the main foundations of your unhappiness. Those hate pathways disappear if you make sincere efforts to stop yourself from feeling hate for another person. And when those hate pathways go away, your happiness returns like a miracle. Try not hating people. Really try. All I ask is that you try.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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