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Ivory Tower

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Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower documentary

attempts to address the costs and benefits of higher learning [11 times higher than 1978*], and associated student debt, [trillion+ and more than credit card debt, and never forgiven] and 140 billion profit the US government gets from forcing indentured servitude on this generation. The same demographics that are being denied the right to vote and thus challenge their status.

The questions raised in the documentary may be all that are needed, but paradoxes always present themselves in cultural changes once bathed in sunshine.

hi-tech-mess-higher-education is David Bromwich's review of the documentary and more perspective on the issues within it.

*The high cost began under Reagan in CA when he divorced the state from the goals of an educated populous. The GOP requires at least 25% of the people to be stupid. 40 -45% vote, 24-25% then choose the country for the rest. This also supports my '6 degrees of Reagan' tenet. I postulate that every problem in every facet of the country can be linked to Reagan in 6 connections of less. Student debt is Reagan's fault.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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