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"New" parents of an intelligent ADHD 8yr old

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I say "new" because, after much feedback and other signs at home and in school, we have determined (after a thourough neuropsych evaluation and testing) that our son is moderately ADHD of the combined type.

I can't express enough how excited I was to find that Thom, a person I have admired for his shows, offers such great expertise and guidance in this area.

It has been a roller coaster of wondering why some things are so difficult for him, why we were falling into some patterns of frustration and repetative tough times; and, also, why our son shines so strongly in some areas (creativity, courage, leadership, high math skills) while being "weaker" in others (will to read, spelling drills, organization).

Finding our way to Thom's books and info on this subject have filled us with excitment and turned our worry and fear into eagerness to learn how strong our son can be while finding the great strengths in this trait he has. Looking forward to the journey and so grateful such a great mind and nice man like Thom is an authority on this subject. Looking forward......

PeteJE's picture
Jan. 14, 2015 10:40 pm


I'm sixty-three and still have high degrees of ADHD. Around 15 years ago, a doc said I had it "in spades." There were no books such as those written by Thom when my parents were raising me along with my two older brothers back in the early fifties to late sixties, early seventies. Like so many other people with "high ADHD" (along with bipolar, Aspergers, etc., whatever it was that was keeping us back, was mysterious and baffling to somewhat frightened parents. But how many of us then were given a thorough diagnosis. Parents then had reasons to be afraid of any negative marks on their children's records for what that might entail.

Thanks to men like Tom, people like myself who have spent a lifetime dealing with something they had no clue about, much less why it was dictating so much of their lives and the paths they'd take if for nothing else than to help us compensate for that appropriately described "roller coaster."

It wasn't until my late forties that a doctor said I had "ADHD in spades." At first I laughed, then it hit me hard for a bit, especially when I received the notice that I qualified for SSDI. "Hmmm, now Uncle Sam's making it official ... I'm cooked." Thank God for humor, albeit a big jaded sometimes; but humor does help us keep things in perspective because ADHD, whether you have it "in spades" or just a few low numberd Clubs, it is far from impossible to manage and use to one's great advantage. Heck, if I could make it this far, anybody can.

Who knows, maybe I'll write a book about it, then again, there's no saying what decade it'd finally get done. Rest assured, whenever I look back on my life, and in spite of all that ADHD was thought to have originally taken from me, of all the conditions and issues one has to face, this is hardly the worst. Best of luck ... and don't worry, you'll and your child will get more than his share of it.

Nov. 1, 2010 10:01 am

Thank you Steven, I appreciate it!

PeteJE's picture
Jan. 14, 2015 10:40 pm

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