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Has anyone thought 'What if?' about any array of events or news blurbs to prompt alternatives to the narrative that spawned the 'what if?' I was reading a Mental Floss post about American practices that are offensive to other climes. I was going to Asia during sars and bird flue, but even before and after, in Japan I saw people donning medical face masks. Swedes do so as well, but of note was a "some wear them as a fashion statement" sentence in the article. Well I penned a note to a face mask manufacturer:

Wuhan Raytex Protection Co., Ltd.

The gist was 'How about a mood mask line?' Images on the mask reflecting the mood of the one wearing it, since facial expressions are obscurred. A finger underneath or against parsed lips would indicate a pondering state of mind. A tongue protruding between lips is basically 'Back Off', an Elvis lip twitch is Don't step on my blue suede shoes' , a pout with the right eye contact is a flirt. I closed it with 'Just a thought , Douglas ____________

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Why Hasn't Congress Taken War Powers Away From Trump?

Thom plus logo Donald Trump's pathetic betrayal of our Kurdish allies in northern Syria highlights the importance of Congress taking seriously it's constitutional obligation to define and authorize war.
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