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My grandmother could recite this whole thing from memory too. Pete's Britches.

When I was in third grade a girl, a cute little red head (like Charlie Brown's crush) memorized /little_orphant_annie. by James Whitcomb Riley. She did it dressed in bib overalls and a Tom Sawyer straw hat. She poked her head out from the curtains with the edges pinching her hat then the recital began. She was animated when the "Washin the dishes" line came and she did exactly that. When "The goblins will get ya iffin ya don't watch out" line came, her eyes were as big as ping pong balls. Janine Clark was my frst crush. I memorized and recited JFK's innaugural speach, "The Torch is Passed" for the class to make an impression. We used to do poetry recitals or whatever talent one had. That was the year JFK was shot.

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

The Supreme Court Broke Politics - How Do We Now Reform the Supreme Court?

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