does smoking marijuana increase greenhouse gas emissions?

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i don't believe one or more persons must be arrested when (s)he and/or they smoke marijuana and/or use any other illegal drug (they must get treatment to end such addiction). but if we're supposed to care about the environment, then why encourage people to become addicted because such addiction just seems to increase greenhouse gas emissions from the marijuana plant pieces that get smoked? also, what if persons that smoke marijuana and/or tobacco discard their lit marijuana and/or lit tobacco on the ground and it starts a wildfire that destroys tree(s), home(s), farmland(s), building(s), animal(s), other plant(s), and/or person(s)? want a hobby? then play computergames, videogames, boardgames, roleplaying games, or cardgames, read novels, totally safely play with toy waterguns and water balloons and suction cup guns and toy solid foam guns in capture the flag games outdoors, go dancing, skip toss rocks on a pond, play with toys, play with toy dolls

Apr. 19, 2015 12:52 pm


Why not ask the same question about tobacco... or wood burning stoves for that matter?

I think it's also worth mentioning that pot smokers are not slobs like cigarette smokers. Pot smokers tend to smoke the entire joint right to the end; they definitely are not inclined to toss burning roaches on the ground. You sound like someone who hasn't been around pot smokers very much.

Aliceinwonderland's picture
Mar. 10, 2011 9:42 am
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
-- George Bernard Shaw

.....increase greenhouse
gas emissions from the
marijuana plant pieces
that get smoked?

Put the Laudanum down dear. Teabag time is over. See if you weren't homeskulled you might know that plants remove Carbon emissions those spandex and cotton increase. The bottled beer processing, especially carbonated drinks and the gas cooking it or the miles of stainless steel and tanks and whiskey distilling or BBQ'd meat burping 14 pounds a day. All contribute to Climate Change. The small amount that is exhaled compared to the growth of the plant producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide is a joke right? Sorry God and Johnny Appleseed have done their deeds and now plants can reproduce themselves.

It reduces Greenhouse gases far more in growing than is exhausted by smoking. None with vaping or edibles. Why not ask how much each car, bus, train, plane and ship or steel mills and coal fired generators. MalWart poly plastic clothing and flags Anti Clean Air sheep yahoo over. War is a biggie, tanks get what a few hundred feet to the gallon. Jets and Nuke powered submarines. What can possibly go wrong. Fossil fools are what causes Greenhouse Gases, not plants. Probably not a concern since they pollute the water even more. Get the obedient republicans to cheer for more deregulations. Or just stick your head in the sand and join the Denialists.

Chemical Cotton vs Organic Hemp
High on Hemp

Hemplastic or Fossil Fools Crud
Large carbon footprint from Plastic using Hydrocarbon crude oil or Biodegradable Carbohydrate plastic growing plants removing CO2. Same with Bio-Diesel from Veggie Oil or Ethanol vs Crude polluting crud.

Toxic Soup of Plastic Debris, Twice the Size of US
It is twice the size of the continental United States, yet you cannot set foot on it. Scientists have named it "Plastic Soup", and appropriately so. Floating in the Northern Pacific Ocean lays a huge expanse of plastic refuse. This garbage patch is actually two attached areas on either side of Hawaii, known as the Western and Eastern Pacific Garbage Patches.

Hydrocarbons vs Carbohydrates: The Future of Plastics
Vegetable matter and minerals have competed with each other to become the dominant industrial input for almost 200 years. For the first 150 years, significant advances occurred in the use of both types of material. Then, for a quarter of a century after World War II, hydrocarbons took over almost completely but since the 1980s, carbohydrate-derived industrial products have been sweeping back as a result of technological and political developments.

Hemp Plastic

Henry Ford was fond of saying, "Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down if we can get the equivalent of forests and mineral products from the annual growth of the fields?"

George Washington Carver had a response: "I believe that the great Creator has put ores and oil on this earth to give us a breathing spell. As we exhaust our finite resources, we must be prepared to fall back on our farms, which is Gods true storehouse and can never be exhausted. We can learn to synthesize material for every human need from things that grow."

That "breathing spell" ended 60 years ago when Henry Ford built his car. Since then, we have cut down half of the worlds forests, a primary source of clean air. Only 3 percent of the U.S. original forests still remain. Much of Australia's old-growth forests are being cut down for wood chips. If we dont start using hemp to help build our societies, what will we use?

.....also, bla bla bla
and it starts a wildfire bla
destroys tree(s), home(s),
farmland(s), building(s),
animal(s), other plant(s),
and/or person(s)?

They said don't take the Brown acid goofy. WTF if's are scraping the bottom of the slime ball drug worrier barrel. Casting what ifs keeping little girls having 300 seizures or dying because the what if's idiots can't help themselves from blubbering reefer madness. Eat a brownie you cooked with a solar panel.

Cannabis is a weed that smoothers other kindling as it aerates the soil giving the trees better nutrition for stronger roots. Natural fires burn off the kindling but are a menace now due to the main cause of devastating wildfires. Development. Building homes in the trees then blaming lightening strikes on stoners? More likely your kinfolk stillin up a batch of shine or smoking them store bought cigs with the carbon producing factory chemicals adding adulterants to keep them lit. Or deregulating car exhaust systems inspections or not enforcing laws sparking fires. Too little too late. Except for the stoners.

Only The PotHeads Will Survive
Among its many properties cannabis provides considerable protection from a number of lethal nerve gas symptoms by defending the brain from injury and suppressing the the seizures, nausea and vomiting associated with chemical warfare agents. The Israeli Army equips their soldiers with cannabis compounds to protect against a chemical warfare attack.

Poverty can lower your IQ and is directly caused by the GOP cuts and deregulation, Almost All Rural Whites are In Poverty, and vote republican and against Pot and Hemp. More Monsanto abortions in the Bible Belt cotton fields than clinics. Or from organic Hemp. Thanks to gossip.

Start em off early. Serving Multinational Munitions Corporations with no allegiance to this country or its citizens. Buy more guns they steal more guns so you have to buy more guns cause now they produce most of Al Qaeda guns and splinter groups, gangs and cartels. Cartels only in business due to prohibition btw. More carbon spewing plastic crap stealing American jobs made in sweatshops by Commie kids working 12 hour shifts. Turning out Iraqi and Iranian crude oil plastic for the MalWart flags jerks spasm sending out of work kids off to trumped up wars. Then toss them aside when they return. Many with traumatic injuries gun sellers scoff at. While cannabis helps many Vets deal with PTSD the Drug Worrier Gossipers put them in cages over. Or forfeiture their homes or cut food stamps and even medicinal aid. Kick them off organ transplant lists just for dealing with what retard war profiteers didn't. With little lemmings afraid to question repeating the gossip like good little kids brainwashed into obedience. The ends justify the means.

The Assassins of Youth: DARE † FRCn PDFA
Military Veterans Say Pot Eases PTSD

These are rural jobs eliminated by gossip spewed by bigots.

You might be a Reefer Bigot if…

"From time to time, I say that the suppression of medical marijuana is murder. This is not quite correct. It is actually mass murder. It has caused the deaths of countless thousands of people."
~ the Financial Times Limited, 1998
(Ed. note: The FT is the London equivalent of the Wall Street Journal. This drug could be patented, so it is of interest to the financial community.)
DdC's picture
Mar. 22, 2012 12:39 am

The first post can't possibly be serious. If it's suppose to be, it's singularly the most poorly thought out idea I've ever read on this site.

Oh well, I guess 12 year olds have to try out their thought processes somewhere somehow in the wider world.

rs allen
Mar. 15, 2012 4:55 pm
Quote Aliceinwonderland:

Why not ask the same question about tobacco... or wood burning stoves for that matter?

Smoking tobacco and wood burning stoves do fit in that catagory and are outlawed in many cities. (more govt. regulations the progressive cult loves)

Quote Aliceinwonderland:

I think it's also worth mentioning that pot smokers are not slobs like cigarette smokers.

Dexterous's picture
Apr. 9, 2013 8:35 am

i do want tobacco and wood stoves instantly & permanently outlawed since they also put greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. so marijuana has health benefits, eh? okay, let's keep marijuana legal but let's not encouraging people to smoke it just to "get high" "get a buzz" "to feel cool" "for recreation".

Apr. 19, 2015 12:52 pm

Yeah, I agree we should encourage them to use peyote or LSD instead.

Meanwhile.....about that transportation thingie and coal fired electric stations or the conspicuous consumption that drives the need for the transportation, electric power stations, etc etc etc. Ya know the little stuff.

rs allen
Mar. 15, 2012 4:55 pm

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