Need a Prayer for a Cure

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Need a Prayer for a Cure

I have just been diagnosed with a moderately differentiated T2a prostate cancer. My urologist says that I can safely put off definitive treatment (surgery – not gonna do it; or radiation) for 6 months. That gives me some time to explore alternative treatments.

The absence of human trials notwithstanding, the anecdotal accounts are encouraging enough (especially when compared to the scary, quality-of-life, side-effects) that I am not going to try radiation until I have given medical cannabis a full trial. Thank god I live in Colorado, right! I am going in to meet with the Cannabis M.D., to get my medical cannabis card, today.

Thank you, all, in advance, for sending your thoughts, prayers, and good intentions my way.


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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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