The South Carolina Shooting

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My chosen screen name is Gullah Jack, who is a National Hero of South Carolina. The recent shooting of a fleeing unarmed black man in North Charleston is the latest tragedy involving “police” and black people. Now it is reported that there was a possible “motive” for shooting an unarmed person five times in the back. I fear it will turn out just like the BART shooting, the Staten Island lynching and numerous similar incidents. If the LGBT community can cause two state governors to make public fools out of themselves reversing laws passed by their legislatures why can’t black people stop the hiring of psychologically unfit cops? These perpetrators use their official capacity to commit hate crimes similar to the Nazi SS. Verstahen Sie?

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Gullah Jack
Feb. 16, 2014 9:20 pm


Quite simply Gullah Jack . . . Blacks just don't have that kind of power to change that part of government which really has an impact on the lives of so many South Carolinians. The Man and his skin color, which more often than not is white. As to the general IQ of these majority of white cops, that might take another act of the state Leg to make changes in SC's privacy laws to reveal those scores. And I'm sure there'll be lots of pols in the Leg and the Gov's office to make damn sure that set of figures will never see the light of day.

As a Yankee politician said many years ago, "Facts are stubborn things." But politicians can be even more stubborn when it comes to putting an end to "transparency and accountability" when it comes to protecting one of their favored institutions, besides the prisons.

Nov. 1, 2010 10:01 am

It even happens to WHITE people as in the case of the recent severe beating by a horde of cops in southern California. I can't say that I necessarily agree with the severity of the beating but this is just another case of an ass-wipe scum-bag that doesn't get my sympathy.

Quote nbclosangeles:San Bernardino Superior Court records show Pusok has convictions for resisting arrest, animal cruelty, disturbing the peace, attempted robbery and failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility.

I've read elsewhere that the guy was wanted on identity theft charges. How would you like to be the victim of identity theft? I sure wouldn't. They can wipe out your savings accounts or retirement funds. They can leave you with a mountain of bills that you didn't make. I wish they'd string up the lot of these identity theft scum-bags.!

He stole a car, then a horse. In the old days, they would have strung the bastard up right there, or since there were no trees in that area...maybe strung between two horses. That's another way to pull the head of of chickens, I understand! Although, I've never tried it, myself! ;-}

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

The historical Gullah Jack, who was a slave in the early 1800s managed to use superstition to convince other slaves to rebel against the slave owners in 1822. He claimed to be a "conjurer". He was eventually hanged. It sounds like a very interesting story to read up on but I found other stories about slave rebellions that are also very interesting and many of them used superstitions and tricks as well as propaganda to convince other slaves to join in their rebellions.*

The first slave rebellion in Rome in the middle of the second century BC was started by a guy named Eunus who other slaves thought performed certain miracles. One miracle (trick) was done by breathing fire out of his mouth by hiding a hollow nut that was pierced in both ends filled with sulfur. The idea was that he would utter prophecies while flames came out of his mouth. He managed to convince 60,000 slaves to revolt. Another slave named Cleon joined in the slaughter of Roman villages with 200,000 slave rebels. *

Then 30 years later, a second slave rebellion took place in Rome. The slave Salvius also created the aura of special divination abilities. He started out with 80 other slaves but was soon joined by 20,000.*

Then, shortly after this, in Sicily, a slave named Athenion, claimed he had the ability to read the stars. He got lucky and made some predictions. He gained many followers and then joined Salvius in a large-scale rebellion. *

It took the Romans 4 years to put down the rebellion and there were many "crucifixions" or they were sent to rome to die in the Arena. *

The third slave rebellion in Rome happened in 73 BC. This was the famed Spartacus story. But, add to that the way Spartacus was able to gain followers: His wife (yes, he was married) claimed to be a prophetess, and she spread the story that when Spartacus was sold into slavery, a snake was seen coilde around his face as he slept. Similar snake stories had been told about Hercules as well. *

All three leaders of the rebellion won support by claiming they knew how to predict the future with supernatural help from the gods. *

Then, all this time the rebellious Jews were giving the Romans a headache about being subjects of the Roman Empire. They had made up their stories, the prophecy of a Savior who would come and shoo the Romans away for good. They believed he would be an invincible warrior who was blessed by God. Many tried out for the part...some trying to convince the superstitious that they had special powers...powers of seeing the future...healing the sick...etc.

Eventually, though, the Romans tried to fight superstition with superstition and created the character of Jesus who would give to Caesar what belonged to Caesar and to never rebel against their masters. It was a religion of peace not the religion of warfare that would drive out the Romans. Some people bought in to it both Jews and Pagans but then they spent a lot of time arguing over the finer points of the religion which created a number of different "churches" headed by different "bishops". This started to backfire on the Romans because all of the squabbling and babbling over nonsense turned out to be very divisive which caused the Empire a lot of trouble. So, Constantine herded all those Bishops into a room and told them they had better agree to get their stories straight once and for all. They ended up trashing a lot of stories and ideas and combined them with Pagan beliefs.

And for over a thousand years THEY, the church officials, continued to modify what they included in their teachings and documents, which eventually became the Bible...(of which, now, there are a number of them...all differing in the interpretations) . THEY modified those documents, in some cases, with outright forgeries and imaginary creative ideas that suited their purpose.

So, move forward to the early 19th century, say around 1822, when this slave that was called Gullah Jack (among other names) in the deep south of the US, claims that he has special abilities of seeing into the future. He managed to start the Slave Rebellion of 1822. But, if eventually got broken up and they hanged Gullah Jack. *

Superstition didn't originate only from the Middle East...the Levant. Superstition is pretty much universal and those slaves in the deep south may or may not have been indoctrinated in the Christian Religion as much as they brought along their own superstitions from Africa and elsewhere. Suffice it to say, it didn't take much to convince such people of magic that could be used against their oppressors. It does tend to work, sometime....for a while, anyway!

There are still people today that try to come off as having special abilities of a supernatural nature. And they manage to convince others to follow them. It usually ends up tragically, though! Jim Jones. Sri Rajneesh. lots of others. If you follow anyone into supernatural belief systems, you will most likely end up a victim. But scoundrels continue to try...why?...because there are so many suckers who fall for it!


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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm
Quote Gullah Jack: why can’t black people stop the hiring of psychologically unfit cops?
Indeed! Why can't we all stop the hiring of psychologically unfit cops? Whites get beaten and shot as well as Blacks. Only thing is Whites can't claim racism when there is a majority of white cops who sometimes beats or kills other whites. We all suffer when any cop goes above the law and commits unnecessary violence against us. But, I'd bet that most law-abiding citizens never have these kinds of problems with the police. It is mostly those perps who break the law and who escalate a confrontation to a violent one.

Yes, there are some examples where that is not the the young man in a Walmart store that was shot by police because he had a toy gun that Walmart sold. And the young boy who was shot because he had a toy gun in the park. And I'd even add the story about Wayne A. Jones in West Virginia who I believe was assassinated by the police in a mob-like killing. Yes, there are some examples of citizens who are harmed by the police who should not have been. I don't include Michael Brown in that category!

And, although Eric Garner may not have posed a real threat to the police (after all there were several of them), Garner did pull away in defiance when the cops tried to arrest him. Eric Garner was a big man and may have been seen to be a person capable of being a threat to them. No one knows whether that choke hold was done on purpose to kill him or if it was an unintentional death. Eric Garner would be alive today, probably, if he had not tried to resist arrest or if he had not continued to break the law after being arrested 30 other times for the same offense.

And Walter Scott had a bench warrant out for his arrest and and it sure sounded like he had stolen that car then he ran away. He grabbed the taser from the cop and had he not resisted arrest...he would be alive today. It wasn't right for the cop to shoot him in the back like that...that was cold blooded murder and I hope that cop fries for that. But that won't bring back the life of Walter Scott.

If you don't want to risk being severely beaten or killed...don't escalate a confrontation with the police; and, if they want to arrest you...let them! Don't give them a reason or excuse to hurt you. They have a tough and dangerous job where a perp could kill them at any moment. The have to deal with disgusting low-lifes who hurt other people and who could hurt them.

Even guilty people, who have something to hide, or who have a warrant out for their arrest will eventually have better days in the future unless they are dead! You want to fight the cops? want to rebel?...then don't give them an excuse to kill you!

Fight them in court where you might have a chance. But, you won't have a chance if you think you can beat the police at their game...which is violence. They are trained to kill! And, from their perspective, it is better that they kill you before you kill them. You are outgunned! And if you ever kill a policeman you will have the whole force looking for you. You won't get away. They will eventually catch you and it won't be pretty! Take the easy way by submitting to the police without hesitation. Don't die because of your hatred for the cops.

Yes, we do live in a police state and it's probably going to get a lot worse! Live with it or change it! But you will only make it worse if you try to change it at the moment you are confronted by someone who has the capacity to kill you! Don't be yet another dead martyr!

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

Palin, I understand your sentiments, I even understand your reasoning, and in most cases you would certainly be correct. There are times however when the police just want to abuse their power over people, and it doesn't matter to them if you are innocent. I have never commmited a crime, and yet, I have been stopped numerous times just walking down a street, and then been questioned. Once, for no reason I was hand-cuffed and thrown in the back of a police car while my name was run for warrants. I will admit I do have a rather common name, and I don't always look like the friendliest person, but each time the police in each situation have had to let me go. I have never threatened them, ran, or done anything to provoke them, despite my extreme irritation for their absolutely unfounded behavior.

Please read this guy's post titled, "It Shouldn't be Black and White, but Right and Wrong." If you like it, mention it to your friends and ask them to read it too. Thank you.

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CR James
Sep. 26, 2014 2:14 am

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