Why there should be a holiday called "International Day of Apology"

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As I go about my life, I realize that most conceptions of justice and goodness tend to focus on what other people have done. However, even within my own life I would rather ignore how I might have slighted others and instead focus on how others have slighted me. I propose a holiday where people would be encouraged to apologize at least once towards at least one other person for deliberately trying to ignore something they did to someone else because they were to busy being concerned about what others are doing to them. For example:

I, Micahjr34, apologize to virtually everyone on this site because I have an extremely bad habit of making posts that change the subject of threads. All, the while I have gotten mad at others for doing the same at me. This can go on, because I can think of lots of other ways I have wronged others while ignoring my end of the stick!

I invite everyone on this site to apologize to at least one person for one thing.

Now, I do recognize that caring too much about not wronging others can be a negative thing if it interferes with one's ability to risk hurting others by telling the truth. However, technically this not about that, but about apologizing for past wrongs. I recognize that sometimes a person has to risk saying something bad to someone in order to strive for truth. If I tried to tell the truth to someone and it turns out to not be true, I can apologize for it.

Feb. 7, 2011 3:57 pm

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