Having A Problem With Repeat Offending Dog & Property Owner, as A Bicyclist

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Could you help me find a Pro Bono Lawyer for this problem?

I have unsuccessfully searched http://floridalawhelp.org/ site & others. I searched using Pedestrian Safety & Miami, Fl. & the commercial sites I have not found any- Pro Bono & trust in their ratings systems (from other websites, supposed to be trustworthy because of BBB rating) of the lawyers.

I am having trouble with a dogs & property has yet to be fenced, so there is no dog(s) getting out, OWNERS, yet again. I am a Beings (better than Animals) Rights Person, thus, I do not want to have the dog, who has acted so aggressively, to be horribly punished & the owners slap on the wrist. If the requirements are not met & legal action is not possible, then I will have to contact the county's animal control department to take action.

I wait for the new dog to lose interest, because I bicycle ride on the St. for years, like the previous dog of theirs to only demonstrate wanting to play, after smelling my foot, but that dog was only chasing me to play, this dog is doing it to protect his pack’s (people in your home & ‘*****’ & any other animals in your home) territory. The new dog threatening my safety has progressed to mouthing my closest leg's calf, twice, last Thursday morning. Bicycling these routes for so long, that is very rare occurrence, only less so then actually drawing blood, so I know what is next & could lead to.

I have already driven instead of bicycling last Friday, mailed them a letter, with everything (only requirement fence built & dogs kept in, will inform Animal Control & looking for lawyer)- last Friday afternoon delivered, to give them a chance to address the problem & plan for fence & without having a chance for the dog to bite me again, before then. Today I rode by there & dog was not free roaming outside, but the problem is this will not last long. Thus, need for the property to fence in closed, with closed gates. I have called Animal Control multiple times for previous playful dog, in busy intersection, before finally dog kept in house, but started the mouthing incident, by playfully running & stopping when noticing other dog's reason for chasing.

I have E-Mailed some of the people, in my address book, about this situation. I am contacting http://floridalawhelp.org/ first, before calling The Miami-Dade County's Animal Control to inform them of this situation, not yet to take action against the owner & dog (which could result in horrible consequences to the dog & barely any to the owners).

The problem is I do not know any type of lawyers & never use one, I have tried DuckDuckGoing for some, trying to find websites rating lawyers, in this area, but only could find websites that list lawyers & use Lead Council lawyer rating system, BBB rating Lead Council- which means crap to me. Can you guys help me?

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Great White Sha...
Jun. 25, 2014 3:03 pm


Quote Great White Shark- Earth And Beings Rights Person:

I have already driven instead of bicycling last Friday, mailed them a letter,

I want to see the letter, exactly, every word.

Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

Use some pepper spray. That'll teach the little bastard a lesson. lol

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Nov. 30, 2012 3:24 am


The law usually consider it assault to mace people.

Besides depending on the laws in his community it may even be illegal to to carry mace without a permit. He'll need to check about those codes with the local police station.


your post sounds like this has been an on going problem with this dog owner.

rs allen
Mar. 15, 2012 4:55 pm

rs allen is right; as Cesar 'The Dog Whisper' Milan says, dog misbehavior is not coming from the dog(s) as they are reflecting the owners lack of proper involvement. The dogs are like teenagers that take there lead from their parents.

I do not know about the mace use, but Florida does have the strongest Animals Rights Laws in The USA. While have the weakest gun control laws As are my experiences Animals Rights Laws are not enfornced, no Capitalist interest, & gun use laws (related to Mace) are enforced, Cpaitalist interest. I imagibe I could use mace on the dog, but again it is the owners who are BLANKS, typical of where I live & Police & Fire Department protect them. My commissioner helped me on burning problem; but hard to get their attention- stopped listening, thus a big violation & stupid mistake by them, takes forever. I use my water, works, just hard to direct.

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Great White Sha...
Jun. 25, 2014 3:03 pm

Dear: Dogs Owners, at their address*,

Since the first day, I have been having trouble with your old and all white dog (I believe is a Shepherd) nearly every single time I ride my bicycle East & West lanes on The street/***th & by your fence less property. It has only gotten a lot worse, this morning (riding West, heading North to The St. & ****** Rd. Intersection) that dog did the usual running out & chasing me, but instead of just getting within inches of my shoe & foot on the side facing your property, all of which is threatening enough, & refusing to listen to my commands to stop, go & go home, the dog included twice mouthing my right leg’s calf (sp?). The dog is testing whether will his/her owners allow he/she to bite me next, as the chasing was allowed.** While I rode, from in-front of your property, & I told the dog he or she was bad dog, the dog’s barking back at me, communicated yes, his/her owners allow.** Since your property has yet to be fenced, so there is no dog(s) getting out, the dogs learn that the no object establishing the property’s boundary/no limit means that their pack’s (people in your home & ‘*****’ & any other animals in your home) boundary is including outside your property line (Rd. & the intersection, that I know of). I have learned this all, from watching many of Cesar ‘The Dog Whisper’ Millan teaching episodes, of him helping people with their dogs.

Riding on ****** Rd. to go either East, to South path, or West, to home path, using ****** Rd. when dogs are not threatening me, it is the safest road & nearest road to my home, as it connects onto our Ave. & to ****** Rd.. I have been taking ****** East & West for at least 11+-years (nearly every weekday & some weekend days) & a lot of the drivers & pedestrians on my bicycle routes East, South & West, North know me. I tell your dog no, go, but I do not have the time to stop (let alone, the dog has demonstrated from the beginning it is not safe to do so), train that dog for you, nor should I be responsible for doing that & build you a fence (and keep it closed, with the dogs inside) to keep that dog from threatening pedestrians, like myself, & safe from the traffic. We had the similar problems (except he has not gotten to the state where he is a threat harm anyone) with ‘*****’, when he is not watched & alone outside, always likes to play chase pedestrians, me & in and around ****** road & ****** street intersection (hopefully, not cars, on ****** Rd. or the intersection); ignoring other people (even me while I happened to ride by; dogs have different personalities). We are trying to keep him out of the dangerous ****** Rd. & the intersection & ****** Rd.; but in the past his willingness to listen was demonstrated that he would follow me through the intersection & a ways more. I have noticed you been keeping ‘*****’ in the house more, I been hearing him bark. Obviously, keeping the dogs in the house to release the dog outside is not working. It will not work until there is a fence.

Not only is it dangerous me & other pedestrians, It is also against the law, and this afternoon I notified Animal Control, of ****** County, & will be in contact with a lawyer, if one will be necessary, of the situation. I am a Beings (more than just Animals) Rights person, who campaigns & protests for Beings of all species & has rescued countless abandoned companion animals, I have worked with ‘**********’ & owner ******* *****, just to mention most local organization you might recognize. I do not want to have to get The Animal Control involved to the point that the dog’s life with you & possibly the dog’s life is at stake**. I also would prefer that you built a fence that keeps your dog(s) on your property rather than I take legal action; but if that dog does this any time in the future to threaten me or even ‘*****’ starts to chase me, I will have to use legal means to get you take this serious enough & build a fence (and keep it closed, with the dogs inside) & making riding by your property safe again.

I will try to deliver this letter to you through your mailbox, after I could not find your telephone number, using yellowpages website to reverse look it up & it is not safe enough to knock on your door)

*- After I believe seeing the address on your mailbox & confirming it with Google Maps.

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Great White Sha...
Jun. 25, 2014 3:03 pm

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