I did Not want to Risk Posting This Thought I had as Watching 'Schindler's List' (Again) in The Wrong Thread, So I Posted Here

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Since The Miami Dolphins (my favorite- new definition & degree thanks to I getting understanding of the ugliness The NFL has been & is- NFL Franchise) were playing The Washington Redskins (because of The Nickname I boycott them, & protest them if they come to town), I watched the movie.

It came to in the middle of watching the moving movie, crying by the end (& I am never to proud to say I, a USA man, will cry when necessarily), this thought came to me & the thought I should posted to www.ThomHartmann.com, as soon as I am done watching the movie.-

Would The Nazis' trying exterminate whole race(s), enslaved & experimented on, those that have any “medical” value, if The USA had never had their own enslaving (to do with what ever they want, as long as they are not treated above enslaved) Africans & never tried to exterminate, from valued lands & resources those lands have- happens to this day, Native Citizens there before them & never experimenting on USA Black & the treatment of Jews (I cannot believe I forgot to add these ethnicities), Hispanic, especially Mexicans, - Latin Americans & Asians (IE Chinese & Japanese) & Irish?**

What follows is what I thought of as typing this.

If The USA gave the above (& maybe, even more not listed & Genderism & Sexual Preferencism & Gender Identitism- I know I made these up, but now, I cannot think better way of putting it) all up (or even started to), before the 1900, would done the above?

I know we will never know for sure & USSR was doing as bad of things as well, just as many past countries & leaders had done as bad of things; so I guess I have to admit probably would not make enough difference to influence The Nazis to not do it. I also know that a lot of countries & leaders that did not do “as” bad things as The Nazis, but was supporting, working, protecting & Etc. The Nazis, most (hard to see those that could not been doing for their own gain <money, power & Etc.>, but giving possibility) for their own gain, especially, early on. Maybe, it would have made the bad things a lot less of the bad as they were.

Another thought came to my mind, would The USA (& thus, rest of the world) have treated the other Beings of this planet so un-imaginably sick & evil, Killing for Killings sake, Industrial Farming, not worried about exterminating as many of all other Beings & The Earth, until we nearly alone on a un-liveable Earth, while allowing companion animals to be abandoned to overpopulate all around them, starve, get diseased & die horrible deaths because of willing blindness, & Etc.., if The USA gave the above (& maybe, even more not listed & Genderism & Sexual Preferencism & Gender Identitism- I know I made these up, but now, I cannot think better way of putting it) all up (or even started to), before the 1900? I guess, if I am real to my beliefs about order of importance other Beings & The Earth, especially non-Companion Beings have in our species & environments with value-able resources for industries- more die every day than in The Nazi Holocaust, compared to races of our species, The USA & The World would still believe it our species owns all The Other Beings & The Earth & thus still do so.

& to carry this being honest to my beliefs & what I communicate, it is probably, the other way around. Acceptance of that-

Our species does not own The Other Beings & The Earth, mere natural gardeners (for lack of a better term),

The Beings & The Earth that are so unlike us & containing value-able resources for industries, & many so under valued- maybe, not cute or wow inducing & rich of resources,

would make it so natural for our species to have already accepted all races.

Well, now, back to starting the recording of The Arizona Cardinals VS The New Orleans Saints game, before the recording gets too far along that it will take too late in the morning for me to watch that game, the recording of The Baltimore Ravens VS The Denver Broncos & The NY Giants VS The Dallas Cowboys before I go to bed.

*- No insult to what The Jews went through, but from what I have learned The Nazis were only choosy (Black, Gypsies <sp?> & Etc.) about The Nazis surviving, not being enslaved & not being experimented on, if have any value.

**- That is not to say either ones could have suffered the others' sick treatment.

Great White Shark- Earth And Beings Rights Person's picture
Great White Sha...
Jun. 25, 2014 3:03 pm


The Nazi racial notions were derived from the American "science" of Eugenics.


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Roland de Brabant
Jan. 31, 2014 4:25 pm

Yeah, I know that to; but it is the samething, as in the original post, The USA was not the only place for that.

Great White Shark- Earth And Beings Rights Person's picture
Great White Sha...
Jun. 25, 2014 3:03 pm

Heinrich Himmler if I recall came from a Catholic family, but he eventually abandoned Christianity as he developed a German cult as an element of his SS, which was to be based at the medieval castle at Wewelsburg. Himmler was influenced by German legend and mythology in creating this cult, which was useful for purposes of mind control and indoctrination. Anyone who knows anything about history and who is not simply a simple-minded political hack would be aware that anti-Semitism, which in many ways was at the heart of the Nazi ideology of the superior race, existed long before Hitler was even born. Violin student/prodigy Jascha Heifetz was brought to St. Petersburg by his father at the behest of the great Russian violin teacher Leopold Auer. The problem was that the St. Petersburg Conservatory had a quota of Jewish students who were allowed to enroll each year. To gain admission to the conservatory, Heifetz's father had to ask Auer to make an exception and admit young Heifetz, even though the quota of Jews had been met.

There is something of a resurrgence of anti-Semitism in several European countries. This occurred even before the current right-wing anti-immigration groups started protesting the influx of refugees from the Middle East.

The important thing about this topic which was left out is to relate it to what is going on right now, today, in America. The Republicans who in most cases are medically unqualified to diagnosis and evaluate people with medical disabiities are hiding behind false accusations against the disabled and a past increase in the number of disabled people applying for and receiving Social Security Disability to cover up their underlying belief in social Darwinism and their idiotic, corrupt hatred of anyone who is different from the norm, who in their eyes is not perfect. This indirect relates to the anti-immirgrant tirads of political candidates such as, most famously, Donald Trump. The disabled are singled out because they are an easy target. More people should point out that this turn toward social Darwinsim among many Americans, most decisively in the South and West, is completely disrespectful to our WWII veterans who gave their lives or were injured to fight the Nazis and their extremist, criminal ideology. America is a country, after all, that has a high crime rate, with more shootings than any other advanced Western industrialized democracy, if you can call it a democracy.

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm


Like the other replier you guys are bring-up good things, but I have already heard the things you guys are bring-out, from Thom Hartmann & some from the endless shows' episodes on The Nazis & Hitler. I assume most people have as well, especially The Thom Hartmann Show's experiencers; I am never that unique. In response to the other part of your post I was/am trying to stay in the moments, from Sunday, & topic; not expand it out too far. I do I agree with you; I HATE THE CAPITALIST & SUPER RICH - RICH CAPITALIST & THE CLOWN THAT IS DONALD TRUMP & LESSER SO HILLARY CLINTON & BILL CLINTON, THAT IS BEING AS NICE AS I CAN BE TO ALL THREE. It is always a lot worse, than even I believe it is.

Great White Shark- Earth And Beings Rights Person's picture
Great White Sha...
Jun. 25, 2014 3:03 pm

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