11-1-2015; CA Rain forecast; Developing Gale

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Published on Nov 1, 2015
11-1-2015; A moisture field / tail from a developing gale (North of Hawaii) which was passing through Northern California has been cut off by a HAARP transmitter positioned off Washington & Oregon. This cutoff serves another purpose and that is to block a strong moisture field riding the jet stream towards British Columbia. The jet stream flow at this point takes a right turn to the South and runs into very dry air generated by the HAARP transmitter. Also note the developing Gale has a dry air blockade surrounding the entire system; this procedure will prevent the jet stream flow from the Bering Sea from feeding moisture into the developing weather system. The transmitter positioned on the East side of the Gale will block the Gale on the West coast and disrupt the jet stream flow into CA.

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