Climate Modification Technology Workshop - Dec 4, 2015

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Published on Dec 10, 2015

The ongoing global deployment of geoengineering was openly discussed at the Climate Modification Technology Workshop - “Atmospheric Manipulation; Opportunities and Threats” at the Istanbul Security Conference, December 4th, 2015. -

Subjects discussed included HAARP, human heath effects, creating extreme weather events, officially announced deployment and a legal framework for it's implementation.

Moderated by filmmaker Michael Murphy (What in the World Are They Spraying), it featured:-

• Researcher/activist Patrick Roddie (
• Author/researcher/activist Michael Fleming, USA
• Durukan Duru, co-founder of Anadolu Meralari, Turkey
• Prof. Elvin Aldrian, BMKG, Indonesia
• Asst. Prof. Muzaffer Karasulu, Akdeniz University, Turkey
• Dr. Necmi Dayday, TASAM, Turkey.

HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud attended the workshop and asked several questions.

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"The Saddest Thing Is This Won't Be Breaking News"

Thom plus logo As the world burns, and more and more fossil fuels are being used every day planet-wide, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels passed 416 ppm this week at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. In the 300,000 years since the emergence of modern humans, carbon dioxide levels have never been this high.
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