Frankly, It's Deadly — Cancel Dodd-Frank

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Frankly, It's Deadly — Cancel

A statement by Rachel Brinkley, member of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee and two-time candidate against Barney Frank

The passage of Dodd-Frank 6 long years ago, was a treasonous act against the United States and all humanity- unleashing evil effects which have not subsided, but multiplied, becoming a torrent of evil against the sacred rights of people everywhere. The imposition of this act represented President Obama's promise to maintain the systemic fraud in the financial system which has made possible the satanic pillaging of the American people at the hands of Wall-Street. Worse, the bail-in bank account seizure provisions in Title II of the Dodd-Frank Act, now threaten to unleash the greatest mass death through economic deprivation in human history- the very conditions which would guarantee the descent of civilization into thermonuclear World War III.

For this, each member of Congress who refuses to condemn the Dodd-Frank Act will be held accountable- that under the Nuremberg criteria of "known or should have known." Pleas of ignorance will not remove their responsibility for the effects of their decisions, especially those of the puppet author Barney Frank, if he can even be considered human.

As a candidate for Congress who ran against Barney Frank, I know more about his criminal behavior than he would probably like to remember about himself, but for now we need only focus on this one act- pushing mass-death against the people of the United States and world.

For example, since Barney and his Wall St. backers ushered in the bailout and trillions of dollars were poured down the drain with quantitative easing, death rates have skyrocketed. Since 2008, the numbers of homeless children have doubled, and heroin-related overdose deaths have increased over 250%. The amount of Americans in poverty has grown from 37 to 47 million during Obama's presidency, food stamp recipients have grown from 28 million to 47 million, and one in five children are now living under the poverty line. Meanwhile the global derivatives bubble has grown to $2 quadrillion dollars of worthless debt, endangering the entire world population as the collapse of the bubble will destroy the entire Transatlantic economic system. The plummeting oil price is already hitting the fracking bubble, endangering oil investments, the junk bond market, and everything beyond.

Barnum Bailey fought to prevent the return of Glass-Steagall, which would have prevented the growth of the ever-increasing bubble and physical collapse, and intentionally forced through the designed-to-fail Frankly-Deadly Act, lying on behalf of Wall St., and against the will of the people. Yet, as Lyndon LaRouche forecast, these economic conditions are but a faint foretaste of the economic implosion set for the beginning of next year, when the bail-in detonates in Europe and the United States, (courtesy of the Frank-Dodd Act.)

This can only be compared to the end of the Renaissance, as satanism took over the leadership of the churches in Europe, and the true notion of the higher, divine essence of mankind was crushed. Witness it today, as you see the current Pope acquiesce to the British Monarchy's satanic fraud of man-made global warming- a fraud designed for the purpose of contributing to the reduction of the world's population, and for crippling the general recognition of the creative powers of mankind.

Barney Frank is a criminal, he is damned, evil, and he should never have been allowed to hold congressional office. Yet, current members of Congress and presidential candidates are still using his advice to set the standard for law in this country? His authority should be cancelled! Congress must recognize that procedures of law must be held to a higher standard: that of natural law, which is not written by man. Superficial congressmen may say: "See, we have made a choice, and put it on the books, and that therefore that is law." No, that is not true! In fact, mankind does not really make the law to which we all are subject. Law is the requirement of the human species to progress. If the human species is not progressing in its development and its fruition, then the law has been violated!

Dodd-Frank is treason and must be thrown out, while Franklin Roosevelt-style measures of emergency economic action must be taken in the short term. Glass-Steagall must be restored! Shut down Wall St, we don't need it! Then we can throw their puppets Obama, Hillary, Trump, and Barney Frank into the sewer where they belong.

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Nov. 3, 2011 6:45 pm



Karolina weren't you ever told not to play with wingnuts
or you might become one? btw it's 1.2.16 chickenlittle.

LaRouche Against Rock

Anslinger’s Hatred of Jazz

If you thought Anslinger’s music craziness was over after he went after jazz in the 1930s and 40s, then consider this:

One of the chief organizations among the 4,000 or so “Families Against Marijuana” type groups today is Lyndon LaRouche’s “War on Drugs” committee, supported by Nancy Reagan, TV evangelists Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson, and other right-wing activists.

In January, 1981, this author and five members of the California Marijuana Initiative (CMI) secretly, by pretending to be pro-LaRouche, attended the West Coast convention of this organization, whose guest speaker was Ed Davis, former Los Angeles Police Chief, who was at that time a freshman state senator from Chatsworth, California.

As we each walked in separately, we were asked to sign a petition endorsing a Detroit reporter who had written an open letter to the new President, Ronald Reagan, asking him to give immediate presidential clemency and make a national hero of Mark Chapman, who had murdered John Lennon of the Beatles six weeks earlier.

The letter stated that John Lennon had been the most evil man on the planet because he almost single-handedly “turned on” the planet to “illicit drugs”. The evils of rock ‘n’ roll are a constant theme of the “War on Drugs” publications.

To keep up with the part we were playing, we signed the petition. (John, forgive us—we were playing a clandestine role: under-cover CMI anti-narc. We remember you for “Give Peace a Chance,” “Imagine,” and all the rest.)

After we signed the petition, their leaders took us to the back of the room to show us some of the goals that would be achieved when they would come to full power over the next decade.

On five or so long tables set up in the back of the Los Angeles Marriott LAX meeting room were hundreds of recordings of Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and others, and dozens of pro-nuclear power publications.

They told us that along with new marijuana laws, they expected to implement their most important goal: anyone in the future who played disco, rock ‘n’ roll, or jazz on the radio, on television, in schools, or in concert, or just sold rock ‘n’ roll records or any other music that wasn’t from their approved classical lists, would be jailed, including music teachers, disc jockeys, and record company executives. School teachers, if they allowed such music by students, would be fired. (LA Times; KNBC-TV.)

They were dead serious.

Their magazine “War on Drugs” has always spent more space denouncing music with the “evil marijuana beat” than on heroin, cocaine, and PCP combined!

Ed Davis was genuinely shocked and embarrassed about this out-front aspect of their anti-music dogma and said, “Well, I don’t believe we could ever get legislation at this time outlawing these other types of music or their lyrics. … But I do believe with the new Reagan Law-and-Order Administration, we are going to be able to pass some new and stronger anti-marijuana paraphernalia laws, even recriminalizing marijuana altogether in the states that have decriminalization laws now. … That’s the start.”

I called his office a few days later and was told by an assistant that Davis had no advance idea of this group’s musical fixation and that he had accepted the invitation based solely on the name “War on Drugs”. Most of what Davis predicted that day has come about. Those visionaries of a new society, one free from the influence of pot and any mention of it had their way in the 1980s. Remember James Watt and the Beach Boys in 1986?

Since 1981, TV programs have been censored, cut, and pulled from the air for having a pro-marijuana connotation or even making jokes about it.

In an episode of “Barney Miller”, Detective Fish (Abe Vigoda) was told that some brownies he’d been eating all day were laced with pot. He looked forlorn for a moment, then said with a sigh, “Wouldn’t you know it, this is the best I ever felt in my life—and it’s illegal.” This episode has been pulled from distribution.

The late “screaming comic”, Sam Kinison, stood on the stage of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” in 1986 and bellowed “Go ahead, you can have the cocaine! Just let us smoke our pot!” The line has been deleted from audio portion in subsequent re-runs.

The Reagan/Bush drug czar, Carlton Turner, from his position as the White House Chief Drug Advisor in the mid 1980s quoted to the press passages of The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and told police and interviewers that jazz musicians and rock singers were destroying the America he loved with their marijuana drug-beat music.

In 1997, in an episode of the TV series “Murphy Brown”, starring Candice Bergen, Murphy undergoes cancer treatment from which she is vomitting constantly and has lost her appetite. Finally she is told by her doctor to illegally use marijuana for nausea and appetite stimulation. Murphy smokes pot and she is saved by doing so.

The Partnership For a Drug Free America and DARE tried unsuccessfully to stop this episode from airing as it “…sent the wrong message to our children…” What wrong message!?…That marijuana is the best anti-nausea and the best appetite-stimulant on our planet and can save millions of lives?

the authorized on-line version of Jack Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”
text from “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” © Jack Herer
CD-ROM and web presentation © 0=2

Why is Marijuana Illegal?
You’ll also see that the history of
marijuana’s criminalization is filled with:

Protection of Corporate Profits
Yellow Journalism
Ignorant, Incompetent, and/or Corrupt Legislators
Personal Career Advancement and Greed

Harry Anslinger

“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.”

“…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”

“Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users
insanity, criminality, and death.”

“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

“Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing”

“You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother.”

“Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”

William Randolf Hearst

Marihuana makes fiends of boys in thirty days —
Hashish goads users to bloodlust.”

LaRouche??? WTF century are you living in?

More Young Americans Now Die From Guns Than Cars

For decades, the most dangerous
piece of machinery was an automobile.

But now, it’s a gun.

Right wingnuts like LaRouche against cannabis while...

Not Totally PURE Heroin Deaths Are Surging,
But Deadliest Drugs Still Come In Pill Bottles

0 people have been killed from smoking pot since FOREVER...
Warning: Anticdote for overdose.
Strong Coffee, order a pizza, sleep it off.

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling... in his small or not so small part LaRouche has fought to keep kids having seizures and put their parents in prison. Costing us over a trillion tax dollars. Keeping Hemp in the drug war, keeps us dependent on cotton aborting unborn in the bible belt. LaRouche started out with a mouthful of marbels. Each time he runs it, a marble falls out. Now he's lost all his marbles.

The Toughest Marijuana Laws in the United States
Written by sadistic religionist and profiteering zealots like LaRouche.

Texas: any amount of hashish or hash oil on your person can get you a felony with six months to two years in prison. Over a gram can get you ten years and over 4 grams can get you 20 years.

Florida is just as draconian on the hashish, with a five-year felony for possession of any amount. Possession of just 21 grams of cannabis flower is also a five-year felony in Florida. Any felony conviction means Floridians lose their right to vote, essentially for life. 1-in-5 African-Americans in Florida cannot vote.

Georgia, any possession of hash is also a felony. Mandatory minimum one year in a Georgia prison. In addition, Georgia has a metabolite per se DUID law, which means if you’re suspected of driving impaired and you fail a urine test for marijuana metabolites, you’re guilty of DUI, whether you were actually impaired or not. You’ll get a mandatory one day and up to one year in jail, mandatory 40 hours community service, mandatory 20 hours drug program that costs $250, and a year’s probation.

Oklahoma, any amount of marijuana flower in your possession can subject you to one year in prison and your second offense can get you a ten year felony. But if you’re converting your marijuana into concentrate – even finger hash or a kief box would count – you’ve committed a felony that can earn you a life sentence in prison. Oklahoma also recently passed a metabolite per se DUID law that gets you 10 days to 1 year in jail on a first offense and a ten-year felony on the second.

Arizona, where possession of any marijuana, hash or flower, is a felony earning you 4 months to 2 years in prison with a $150,000 fine. Arizona also has that metabolite per se DUID, which will get you jail for 10 to 180 days, probation for 5 years, and driver’s license suspension for 90 days.

Utah, which also has a metabolite per se DUID law. There you will serve a mandatory minimum 2 days in jail, mandatory 48 hours community service, and can even be forced into marijuana rehab that you have to pay for.

Since marijuana metabolites can stay in the system of a heavy cannabis consumer up to 30 days, you’d better avoid driving in those states above and others,

Wyoming, Idaho, and New Jersey, merely being high can land you in a cell. Being under the influence of marijuana in public gets you a potential 6 month misdemeanor in those states. How do they determine that? If your eyes are red, you smell like weed, and you fail a pee test,

South Dakota. That state has the country’s only “internal possession” law, which means that their misdemeanor penalty for possession of 2 ounces of cannabis or less also applies to the metabolites of marijuana in your body.

The hypocrisy is phenomenal…

The hypocrisy is astounding...

Money, Not Morals, Drives Marijuana Prohibition Movement
A.L.E.C. Paving Road to Fascism
Drug Worriers preferred methods of treatment…
Preferred Treatment of Racketeering Opponents
of a 4 yr old girl using cannabis for Epileptic seizures

FDA, a subsidiary of Fat Pharma

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Mar. 22, 2012 12:39 am

Sweetheart, you will never have liberty and justice forever if you don't disconnect from the crowd and learn to think for yourself. The "wingnuts" you speak of frighten people who are evil because "wingnuts" refuse to lie. "Wingnuts" love keeping their minds free so they can understand the big picture.

When you show me the mainstream media's ancient propaganda against LaRouche and his organization, you are showing that the evil who are trying to take control of the world and its resources are frightened of those "wingnuts," because they have apparently long been the watchdogs of evil.

The British Empire's "Opium Wars" in China were an example of how drugs and addictions were and can be used to destroy the will of the populations which are under passive-agressive attack. Have you ever considered that?

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Nov. 3, 2011 6:45 pm

Impeachment: The Difference Between Nixon & Trump

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