Michigan Oncologist Committed $17 Million in Fraud

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Suburban Detroit oncologist Ferid Fata, a specialist in blood cancers, owned several lucrative chemotherapy clinics in suburban Detroit. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison for committed fraud with over 550 patients. Most of his patients did not have cancer but were given poisonous cancer drugs in high doses. Some of his patients were terminal. He arranged to take them out of hospice care to administer cancer drugs to them in doses that were higher than what was medically appropriate. To save money on the drugs, he would give patients who actually had cancer lower dosages than what was required. Some families said that he killed their relative. Others who had no disease were permanently disabled by Fata's unncessary and excessively strong chemotherapy.

An oncology nurse applied for a job at Fata's largest clinic. WIthin 20 minutes of observing the administration of chemotherapy, she recognized that something was terribly wrong with the whole operation and with the doses, length of drug adminstration, and combination of drugs being used. At home, she wrote a letter of complaint to the Michigan professionally licensing agency. They took a full year to respond to her, saying that they did not have enough evidence to initiate legal action to take away Fata's medical license. When his former patients were angered when they learned that the state had done nothing in response to a complaint from a qualified medical professional who was very familiar with oncology. Many were disappointed that Fata received a sentence of 45 years rather than life.

The failure of Michigan to stop Dr. Fata allowed him to continue to harm more people with unnecessary and dangerous treatments, and is another blow against the incompetent administration of Republican Governor Rick Synder.

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm


You ought to hear about Snyder's law that immunizes pharmaceutical companies against lawsuits from defective products.

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what do I know
Jul. 24, 2013 1:06 pm

Malfeasance in Mich????? I'm shocked, shocked to find rampaging going on here.



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