Children of Climate Change and War

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Children of climate change and war

The middle class, AKA-labor force are seemingly unwilling to fight for our own future! Or more importantly that of future generations of today’s children.

My father was a war hero (WWII), ended up dying for a country he believed in.

So (we his family) would have a future on this planet with the freedoms that this country’s founding fathers fought and died for. And I will fight for that same country that is being dismantled and corrupted from within, right now! And has for the last three decades, right before our eyes. We all know our government is corrupt throughout the whole system & Big Oil has control of our Republican Congress, while profiting from destroying the planet with their environment destroying coal, oil, gas policies. And still we continue to let the wealthy and powerful buy our government right from under us to serve them, as they expect us to serve them as laborers to a world of utopia for them and only them! I was born free and not to be a servant of the rich, working for a wage that is unlivable and substandard, while the wealthy of the wealthy increase their ownership of the planet. To that” I say Fu*k No!”, it’s not gonna happen on my watch, or with my help by being complacence ! All we need now is for the rest us to stand up and voice our opposition to this dictatorship of the wealthy over the people of the world & VOTE! Then we can take back control of our own government and get a handle on the screwed situation we‘ve put ourselves in. If not, “We are so fu*ked”

The harsh language used is obviously needed for the harsh reality that stands before us! Most all those hippies, baby boomers, “peace, love, dope“ of the world changing generation in which I am one of. Have turned inactive, greedy, narcissistic, burnouts and are actively selling their own grandchildren’s souls away by doing nothing about it!

It’s mind-blowing as Hell! I thought I lived in a harsh world growing up. Society has turned its back on all future generations by losing their identity as human beings that have a responsibility to the children of climate change and the wars we leave them. At lease when I was young, family always watched over each other and would and will fight for a better world for the young who can’t vote or speak for themselves yet! Also To have and enjoy a planet as good as I had growing up.

Not this hell that’s coming!

“Was not much of a people person in the last 25+ years, always found most the human population, very disappointing!

In their shallowness of thought and foresight when it comes to politicians, government and environmental issues!

What I find truly surprising with all these parents of the children of climate change. Is their unwillingness to even question the motives of climate change deniers in the Republican Congress and what they have to gain by it.


Even at the cost to their own and your children’s future!

“guess your kids don’t rank high enough on the greed scale”

how about your scale, where do your children rank on your scale!

Are you willing to stand up for them to protect them, and stop failing them!

This is not Just some little people rights issue, more along the line of losing the planet your children live on!

I know many people that have no more depth of thought, other then the talking points of Fox News or it’s parrot brother CNN. And that by repeating some twisted talking point issue they are willing to give up their own self-interest of protecting their own family’s well-being and future !


To all those activists who are trying to save the planet and the kids on. It looks to be a long hard fight and we have run out of time! So get involved make a difference.

"that time is now, today"

One of the Top of my list is Fox News; to stop all this bullsh*t being fed to the public. We need a leader for a public campaign against Fox News to save this planet from ourselves!

try turning on the truth for a change: Internet sources- RT news,PBS, NPR, TYT,, and NOT the corporate media !

Bill GM

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Mar. 28, 2016 10:15 pm


" We all know our government is corrupt throughout the whole system & Big Oil has control of our Republican Congress, while profiting from destroying the planet with their environment destroying coal, oil, gas policies." Bill

Is your memory that short? As I recall, the democrats had total control for the first two years of the Obama presidency. The HoR under Pelosi passed a "climate change" bill but it died inthe Democrat lead Senate under Harry Reid. Not because of Republicans but because of Democrats in coal rich states. Yeah, as if those democrats are going to vote their constituents out of a job. Get real.

"Also To have and enjoy a planet as good as I had growing up." Bill

Wasn't that happy experience you enjoyed growing up due in large part because of...fossil fuels? Suffering from dementia, maybe?

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Sep. 5, 2014 2:22 am

Wait a minute-- The middle class isn't panicking over what could possibly maybe happen if things go the way untested poorly performing computer models depict? Perhaps they are seeing hard data that show less extreme weather during the past decades of increasing CO2 and insignificant "average global" temperature rise. Perhaps they are less of a useful idiot than is the typical progressive?

By the way BillGM-- the environment is cleaner now than when you were an innocent child.

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Jul. 31, 2007 3:01 pm

Are We At "Peak" Citizen's United?

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