GOP Pulls Off Corporate Takeover of the Democratic National Convention

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The Republican Party has pulled off a corporate takeover of the Democratic Party with Hillary Clinton as the new CEO. But she is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thom Hartmann reported tonight on a story from the Intercept that the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia will be hosted by Republican donors, corporate executives, and Anti-Obamacare lobbyists. According to the Intercept article the 15 member Host Committee is composed of the same old Republican moneybags that bankroll Republicans in past elections.

Just look at the Host Committee: Independence Blue Cross CEO Daniel Hilferty is the committee’s finance chair. Hilferty represents the for profit health insurance industry inclulding Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association of America, serves on the board of directors of Amierican’s Health Insurance Plan’s that leads the lobbying campaign AGAINST the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which the Republicans have tried to repeal at least 50 times. Hilferty is a moneybag for Republican candidates.

Hilferty has also donated heavily to Republicans this cycle, giving $10,000 to Prosperity for Pennsylvania, a Super PAC supporting the reelection of Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa.; $1,000 to the PAC supporting Sen. Orin Hatch, R-Utah; $1,000 to Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.; $2,700 to Chris Christie’s presidential campaign; $25,300 to the NRCC, a GOP committee designed to re-elect House Republicans; and $2,700 to Jeb Bush. Hilferty also gave $2,700 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

This guy is the person Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla put in charge to run the Democratic Convention!

The Intercept reported that Allyson Schawartz is a con-chair of the Host Committee and leads lobbying group for the health insurance industry, Better Medicare Alliance. This is the group that sells private programs called Medicare Advantage that fill the holes in Medicare they create.

According to the Intercept article David Cohen is on the committed and is the executive vice president of Comcast! You know, the cable company that tried to kill net neutrality! Now he is bundling money for Hillary. I wonder what he wants? He raised $100,000 for Hillary, but also has raised money for Republican Congressmen like Sen. Toomey, Sen. Scott, Sen. Kelly Ayotte R-H-N and $33, 400 to the National Republican Senate Committee.

In addition, the Intercept reports former Gov. Ed Rendell represents Wall Street and fracking interests and is a paid consultant for a private equity firm investing in fracking. He was also involved in giving paid speeches for an Iranian terrorist group Mujahideen-e Khalq. I guess he saw something he liked in the Democratic Party.

Rendell also is a member of the ‘Fix The Debt’ group backed by billionaire Pete Peterson (Bill Clinton’s friend) that wants to cut, and end Social Security benefits-an ideal representative of the Democratic Party and its members.

So we see the Republican strategy this election cycle: absorb all the players in the election including Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the entire Democratic Party. This is a classic corporate takeover. It is also the setup of a classic ‘bait and switch’ scam. The bait is Hillary Clinton on social issues, and the switch is all the economic policies represented by the Republican lobbyists that are now running the Democratic National Convention.

And as we all know after a corporate merger then come the layoffs, and purges of undesirable employees. Democratic Senator and Senate Minority leader, Harry Reid, already has told to the face of progressive Democratic Florida Representative Alan Grayson that Reid wants him to lose his 2016 Senate election campaign. So the barbarians are not at the gates—they are in the gates.

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Antifascist's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


Establishment Democrats and their Party are Republican, no surprise. Still think that Party can be redeemed from the inside Thom Hartmann? I'm starting to think that the very notion of redemption is itself a corporate strategy to keep Progressives from breaking from this corrupt Party, with Hartmann as their unwitting ally.

Feb. 24, 2016 2:02 pm

And people want to vote for her" I fear Hillary Clinton more than I fear Trump, doesent mean I would vote for him, I have never voted for a republican and never will, but I will not vote for Hillary Clinton either if Bernie gets cheated out of the nomination.

Dane's picture
Feb. 7, 2011 3:39 pm

What if the DNC held a party and no one could get to it? Blocked traffic, slow down or stoppage of all catering services, all sorts of services, communications and technical failures, sick outs, sit downs, etc. ? Well then we would have big BLOCKed PARTY, wouldn't we? We don't have to get violent, yet, just really mean.

Mervin Sonnier's picture
Mervin Sonnier
May. 16, 2016 4:12 pm

Does it have to get any more clear? Stop flogging a dying donkey. The Democratic Party is rotten to the core, corrupted by Big Money. The Republican and Democratic Parties are two sides of the same coin minted by Big Money. Take the energy that has been built up through the Sanders campaign and begin building a new progessive party. There are two American dreams. One is based on limitless appetite and acquiring things and power at the expense of everyone else. It is destroying democracy in America and is turning citizens into politically disconnected consumers. It is at it's apex and having a final kick at the can. The other American dream is based on community and compassion and is rising, but it requires a form.

1Cumberbund's picture
May. 17, 2016 11:58 am

If a 3rd party ever became one of the two major parties, it would just be taken over by the corporations. When the Democrats were the party of FDR, it was more progressive. Over the years the corporations took it over. We need to fight and take it over again. The rise of a progressive 3rd party would split the vote and give the Republicans a big year. Infiltration of the Democrats is the most effective way to make our country progressive and I think Bernie is proof of it.

Gilbert's picture
Apr. 7, 2016 5:06 am

Hillary a Republican is another zombie meme that just won't go away.

rblechman's picture
Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm


They are called neoliberals, using the excuse of to run roughshod over the working electability class, in bed with the privileged to promote Republican values, campaigning on liberal idea's, but governing on conservative elitism, with the support and blessings of MSM, the military industrial complex, the banks, big pharma, and the for profit health care industry!


Bernie must decide to go independent to preserve US not ME political revolution! We can't afford to wait another 4 or 8 years, the NEOLIBERALISM of the past is history! There are huge dangers in allowing Shillary to govern, particularly in foreign affairs, the Henry Kessinger/ George Bush affiliation seriously could put us on the brink to catastrophe!

Definition of Insanity "UPDATE"=
Repeat the same thing over and over and experiencing a different outcome!

It's time to rethink how we, Social Democrats, go forward from here!

I'm borrowing from the Bernie playbook, all changes start from the bottom up, NO TRICKLE DOWN HERE!

SO HERE GOES MY diatribe!

It's time to stop the hemorrhagic practice of staying in the TOTALLY CORRUPT DNC system!

It's preordained who, what, and why the DNC wants for November! From Debbie Wasserman Filth, to MSM, and especially the BIG MONIED INTERESTS, they are all in lockstep with the "incremental change, ass kissing, Bernie platform stealing, military industrial complex supporting warhawk, for IT-BEFORE-I-WAS-AGAINST-IT-FOR-IT-AGAIN-FLIP FLOPPER, job destroying trade supporter, jail industry super delegate, if I missed anything, please fill in the blank!" mistress of the dark side!

Talk about a rigged system! If we had A TOTALLY ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE, TOTALLY OPEN PRIMARY/CAUCUS SYSTEM, Bernie would be way ahead in the state/delegate count, but obviously, we know what's going on here

isn't this why Bernie just won Rhode Island, an open primary state, when everyone can vote, HE ALWAYS WINS!


I propose that we stop the foolishness of continuing in the corrupt primary system!

Bernie declares independence NOW, running as a third party CANIDATE, NOW,

Frees up all accumulated money to start running a general election NOW, running ads FOR THE GENERAL ELECTION NOW, getting a jump start before the moronic DNC and GOP pick their demonic, occult King and Queens,

we can even have an early independent convention, with the already pledged delegates in attendance, speeches by prominent spokespersons already assembled, beating the so called two party system to the punch!

It will be a total SIN To hand over the Bernie supporters, and all the collective work we have done, to the corrupt DNC and the Billaries!

We have come to far, and we have definitely started a movement, to have swallowed into the quicksand of the status quo!




We can do this!

Please read the following blog below, that totally supports what I am saying here!

Had to repost this, enjoy !

Hi Everyone ❤

We are Democratic Socialists here in Denmark - tell those people to get their butts up here and see for themselves how we live

engineer joe's picture
engineer joe
Apr. 14, 2010 9:47 am


Well, here ya go. I've been saying this for a while.

Hilz is spitting in the face of progressives because she, Drumpf, and the neo-con war mongers have colluded to scare moderate Republicans into her camp and ditch both the tea baggers and Dem progressives; this has been the plan all along. Hell, even a Koch brother & George Will have just endorsed her. Progressives have been replaced and many don't even 'get it' yet.

A Clinton presidency is the death knell for the real Democratic Party which has morphed into the Corporatist Party - leaving Republican racist/extremists with no power and a smoking wreck of a party - and sending progressive Dems to... the Greens? Stay & #fightback?

The writing's unmistakably on the wall now and it couldn't be more 'in your face'. JFK & FDR are rolling in their graves.

Garland Nixon -

Feb. 5, 2016 5:33 pm

How Has the Right Wing Takeover of the GOP and the Media Changed America?

Thom plus logo On Tucker Carlson's show, David Horowitz said, "The creation of America was probably the greatest gift given to Black people in 3,000 years..." He added that "the people who hate America on the left, and this embraces so much of the Democratic Party these days, have conducted a 50-year, 60-year attack on Christianity in this country."
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