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The south has been rising all along

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The south has been rising all along

I remember an old white guy in FL, in the 80s, so mad at Yankees, he said the south would rise again. He oozed with hate, even then. The fact is, the civil war didn't change any minds. Just as Nazi's have always been in the shadows...The question is, what's next? To me, there is only one solution, secession. Sure, we could reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and go back to a Constitutional free and open press and wait 50 years but it won't get rid of the 800 lb. Gorilla in the room. The war on our democracy and Constitution will always be there. To me, we've let this coup go on much too long. If we are ever to take back our country, we have to cut out the cancer and isolate it. Like drawing a line from VA to AZ and setting up a jobs and home trade program. Give the people a little time to decide what they are. Constitrutional Progressives or Confederates and make the migration happen. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Jul. 31, 2007 4:01 pm

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Time for Trump To Start Following the Law

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