If ever UN blue helmets needed a shot in the arm, it is now

United Nations - If ever UN blue helmets needed a shot in the arm, it is now. UN peacekeepers are overstretched, ill-equipped and increasingly outfoxed by fighters in hotspots around the world. Threats also come from within, with the UN accused of turning a blind eye when its troops rape and abuse the very people they…


Blowing the lid off the billionaires' big con - and its deadly link to the coronavirus pandemic

Thom plus logo About 75 percent of Americans trusted the federal government to "do what is right" when polled during most of the last years of the Eisenhower administration and early years of Lyndon B. Johnson's presidency.

In 2019, when the Pew Research Center released its most recent poll of public trust in the government, only 17 percent of Americans trusted their government. It's so bad that armed protesters have shown up nationwide to protest the "tyranny" of having to wear masks during a pandemic… and have been cheered on by the president of the United States and Fox News.

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