Douglas Knight, Executive Director of Street Sense, is a social entrepreneur, activator, speaker, coach, and cheerleader for the for-impact sector. In roles as staff member, board member, coach, and consultant, Doug has worked with organizations of various sizes and scopes, to best maximize their abilities to provide impact in their respective communities.

Before joining Street Sense as its executive director in 2011, Doug worked as vice president of the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund, an organization that provided resources and mentorship to under-served D.C. public high school seniors.

This program assisted students transition into college and post-secondary education opportunities along with internships and connections back to the community of Washington.

At Street Sense, Doug looks to continue building on the relationships the organization has throughout the region within the business community. In addition, Doug looks to “re-imagine” to scope of impact of Street Sense, by creating new partners and opportunities to expand on the successes that the organization provides to the community, and especially to the vendors who are the front line ambassadors of the paper and mission.

Doug grew up in New Hampshire, though his family roots are in Pennsylvania. He’s an avid New England sports fan, loves music, anything Syracuse University, and is an absolute proud Washington, D.C. resident since 1996.

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