Rene Sandler has been an attorney in the State of Maryland since 1994.

Ms. Sandler regularly handles high profile criminal cases and cases of public interest.

Her zealous advocacy on behalf of her clients and the skills she demonstrates aggressively defending the rights of others has been regularly featured on national and local television, and in newspapers and magazines.

Ms. Sandler's cases have been featured on Sixty Minutes, Geraldo, CNN, Nancy Grace, Fox and Friends, and MSNBC among others. Ms. Sandler has appeared as a regular television legal analyst on NBC 4 in Washington, D.C. providing legal commentary on cases such as Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson’s doctor), Casey Anthony, and the Execution of the D.C. Sniper, John Mohammed, which took place in Montgomery County, MD where Ms. Sandler practices.

Ms. Sandler and attorney Gloria Allred recently teamed up in the case of Brian Betts, representing the family of Brian Betts, the D.C. school principal who was targeted and murdered in his home in Montgomery County. Ms. Sandler provided invaluable legal analysis for NBC4 and WTOP radio on the recent local case known as the Lululemon murder.

Ms. Sandler is also a popular national and local radio show guest and has appeared on nationally syndicated talk radio shows sharing her views on current legal issues as well as her own cases including G. Gordon Liddy, Lars Larsen, Steve Malzberg Show, and frequent appearances on Curtis Sliwa and The Mancow Show, local Washington D.C. stations WMAL and WTOP, and other radio talk shows throughout the country.

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