Ted SmuklerTed Smuckler directs Interfaith Worker Justice's Public Policy department.

In that role, he has helped direct campaigns on wage theft, the Employee Free Choice Act, and immigration issues, and authored several IWJ resources, including reports on worker abuse in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and the lack of enforcement by the US Department of Labor, For You Were Once a Stranger (IWJ's manual on immigration for the faith community) and the IWJ 2008 Voter Guide.

Prior to moving to IWJ, Ted worked for seven years as the Director of Research for two large labor unions, and was the author of several major reports for a hospital organizing campaign in Chicago.

He also brings more than 20 years of community organizing experience in the Chicago metropolitan area, working on issues such as affordable housing, school reform and parental leadership involvement, public safety and treatment for addicts. Ted studied social science research methods while in a Ph.D. program in organizational psychology.

He also had a brief career as a teacher of 7th and 8th graders in a Chicago public school and at an alternative school for Latino high school drop-outs.

(Extracted from the Interfaith Justice website)

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